Sustainability in the Juice Sector – Juice CSR Platform

The CSR platform is a unique possibility to get to enlarge the scope to the whole supply chain so far we’ve been dealing with in the AIJN with the bottling companies and the raw material producers We try to reach out to the farmer to convince him to produce more sustainable if he also wants to have a future in fruit growing. One of the most important issues is improving sustainability in the farm level sustainability is part of citrus life the growers they have to think in the next generations The cultural background for them is to look long term and this also relates to how they manage the farms What we want to focus on in the coming years is to set up working groups country crop working groups that will look at particular supply chains and particular hot spots from environmental social economic perspective and try to bring companies together to find solutions We should not pollute the water we should not pollute the air we should maintain the soil and we should treat our workers properly and they should have enough money to live with their families especially if possible on their own land. Only one company cannot change the whole way which is agriculture is managed so we need to bring more initiatives together to make this stronger and also to pass the message to consumers so that there are more sustainable sourced products available to the market Sustainability is here to stay is here to change because what we consider sustainable today probably is not going to be what we will be considering sustainable tomorrow so it is all part of our business of our changing strategies of our willingness to have a business in future

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