Table Saw Repair – Replacing the Fence (DeWALT Part # 5140060-89)

Did you lose your rip fence or is it damaged
beyond repair? If so, you will need a new fence assembly. The fence assembly is a new, complete rip
fence for your saw. It comes completely assembled and is ready
for use. Installing your new rip fence assembly to
your saw is easy to do. I’m going to show you how.Hi, I’m Mark Sodja. Do it yourself repairs like these are easier
than you might think. From lawn machines to cordless drills, kitchen
mixers, outdoor drills are how-to videos walk you through each repair from start to finish. Doing it yourself means never having to do
it alone. Let’s get started.The rip fence is secured
to the saw with a simple clamping mechanism on the front and the back. We just release the lever on both sides. Now the fence will lift away from the saw. The push stick secures to the fence. I’ll remove the push stick so we can transfer
over to the new fence. Now I reinstall my push stick onto the new
fence. The end sits inside of this holder and the
handle snaps into this cap. The notches on the fence align with the bolt
on the rail. This is the same on both the front and the
back. Align the notch. Same thing on the back side and then tighten
the clamps both front and back.When replacing your rip fence, it’s a good time to take a
look at the cursor and make sure it’s adjusted accurately, so it shows the correct distance
between the blade and the fence. To do that, I’m going to bring the fence all
the way over until it contacts the blade. Now unlock the fence in place and now we can
adjust the cursor. Now that the fence is touching the blade we
know that it’s basically at zero, so I can loosen the cursor and adjust it, so the red
line is perfectly in line with the black line at zero. I’ll hold that right in place and tighten
the screws back down. Now our cursors aligned with the fence and
we’re ready to cut.Be sure to check back often for new videos and expert advice. If you found this video helpful, give us a
thumbs up and leave a comment.

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Reader Comments

  1. TheGrasspond

    Would have liked to watch but WTF makes you think that background noise is ok? I can't even wrap my head around what you are thinking when you put that "music" in there.

  2. canonmanmart

    Are you kidding me??? Anyone who needs a video to take one fence off a saw and put an identical fence on should not be messing with a table saw! Video was a complete waste of time.

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