TABS – Roxy Goes MAD, fights first campaign + sandbox, Dad challenged. Part2 [KM+Gaming S01E40]

Dark sorcerers are going mad here! What happened to you? Welcome back to Kid Matters Plus TV Today we’re going to do Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. I keep on losing at this one because…Look! Three cannon-pults Still some of their money… and now I have to go real mad. Real mad and I am trying to win. It’s not my fault. ok so… Start! This is a lot. See! They have cannon-pults! There’s nothing I can do with blue. See, and now they win. wait Yep, they win. All because of the cannon-pults. Look how much they are, and look how much money I have. Can only do… …like three. One thing I can do for revenge… Something that doesn’t cost that much. What doesn’t cost that much? I know… …one thing that doesn’t cost that much. Yep, you’re right. these guys. How are they…going to win? I don’t know. Let’s see Should have… Now I have to go for the sandbox…yep Sandbox So you don’t have to use that much… But if you use a lot of space. It’s really not that much. Ooo, red’s going mad. They got Ninja star masters this [these] Ninjas Ninjas. Ninjas. Who are these guys? I don’t know, but… they look… …a little ugly. Not saying…but this is mad. These are mad guys it’s really cool because they far out those. These just…look at them! In their pride! Think some are going to get stabbed. And… They’re going to spend more than red. And… They got revenge! Because look! They always go for the Dark Sorcerers Why!? So did they. There’s nothing that you can do with the dark sorcerers Nothing! Nothing with the dark sorcerers Start! See how this battle goes Lot of madness, yep. Just look at all that. W The dark sorcerers are going mad here What happened to you? Oh…right Red victory! Dad… …is going to be against me. Thanks for the recording this… …but you have to go on blue and I’m on red. okay so I’m going real… mad here. Dad: How much money do you want to spend? Why don’t you start there. Dad: $10,000…$6,000? Well… One big guy That’s it. So, one big guy… some fences. Hmmm How about some of these guys because they always win the victory. Hmmm…and some of these. Dad: Okay, that’s enough. Okay, now it’s your turn, Dad. So dad’s going to…you’re blue right dad? You’re blue? Ooo, he’s going for those. How am I going to win? Well, I got this whole army! Rikes! [right/yikes?] I should have gone for bows and arrows. Or the dark sorcerers. because they’re real powerful. Next battle is going to be real fun. because it’s like a lot of fun. …going to be a lot. Okay, the round is going to start. That’s enough dad. Dad: I haven’t spent as much as you yet. and one more. Dad: Where’s the remove? Dad you spent as much… Dad: I know, I know. I’m removing the guy. There, I spent as much as you. Okay, so start the round! okay here we go What the heck? There’s, like, this big guy…never gets take down. And look at these guys! they…they just have a derpy face So do these guys, but you can’t really see. It’s really hard. aw…there now I’m out. Blue victory!? We’ll do one more round and that will be the end of the video. Dad: Why don’t you do this: Leave the blue side as it is and then try and build a different army to defeat it. This is real powerful! Dad: No, you have to spend the same amount of money. You have to spend 5,000 Okay, so… How about some of these guys? Dad: That’s way too much money. Those guys are 3,000 piece I don’t like spending as same money Dad: I know because…it’s called balance, hon. Dad: This is how much you’ve spent? And this is how much you have to spend. Dad: You can get a whole bunch of those guys. I love, how this game works. And I’m going real mad because…blue
victory. think that’s going to be enough for my team Dad: No, you haven’t spent, you still have 4,000 dollars you can spend. Dad: You want to get one of the more powerful dudes that you talked about? Yeah How about these guys? Nah, they spend to much Dad: No, go ahead, you can. Hmmm Dad: You can get a whole bunch of those. How about some bow and arrows? In a line! That’s enough a line. Get some of these guys Because they’re going Mad here. He’s going mad. So, I’m trying to get to 5 1 3 0 Dad: Five thousand Yeah And I’m going for powerful ones. Dad: Why don’t you try some muskets in Napoleon? Where is muskets? Dad: In Napoleon. So, muskets. Dad: And just do a whole bunch of those guys. Dad: Whoa. Dad: I was just…slow down because you’re at 4,000 now. Think I am going to add some more How about some of these guys? Hmmm Dad: Can you do, like, two more? Dad: And one more. Dad: Close enough. Okay. Okay Dad: Start it up. Start Okay, the round is going to end soon Look! Look at all the read team. Look at the blue team. Don’t know if the blue team’s going to victory again. I hate when the blue…victory. I hate the blue victory. Dad: You fear for the blue victory. Yeah Dad: You got some musket guys, so it’s muskets against archers. Dad: But it’s the ballistas that are causing a problem. Dad: Oh, so close. Dad: Good job, Roxy. You got a lot closer that time, okay. Thanks for watching! Please subscribe to this video. See you next time! Dad: bye. BYE! Bye-bye all engines running

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