Taccom Competition Magwell for the Ruger PC Carbines #388

[SFX] hello folks is Yamil Sued for Gun Stock
Reviews and we have one really cool competition product for the Ruger PC
carbine is from Taccom and they have this milled Delrin mag well this thing
is really cool helps your mag changes because it just makes just look at the
size of this thing and it’s really simple to install no tools necessary you
only tool this the palm of your hand you it goes both ways cube will go this way
or the other way it’s not a one way only and the only thing you do it has two
little clips on each side and if you just clip it on one side and smack it
with a palm of your hand really really hard and it will snap in it’ll remain
there they recommend that the once you put it on it’s pretty much gonna stay
there because it’s gonna you know damage a little bit of your finish on your
stock so put it on because if you’re a competition shooter you’ve got to need
this on all the time so it’s really really cool so one side smack it and
you’re done so this is the dual Taccom competition mag well for the Ruger
PC carbine check it out and stay tuned to Gun Stock Reviews so we can continue
on your rug or PC carving project we have many more accessories to put on it
so please stay tuned

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