Taylor Swift Jokes With Fans Through “Five Holes in the Fence” Photo | Billboard News

The countdown for Taylor Swift’s new album, ‘Lover,’ is on! She shared a photo of herself like this peering through something with five diamond-shaped holes. Okay, we have a little more than five here, we don’t really have the Taylor Swift budget, alright? While some might think it’s yet another mysterious teaser ahead of the release, hardcore Swifties know the real meaning behind it. “Okay NOW there are five holes in the fence,” Swift captioned the Instagram and Twitter photo. So is it a secret message? Does she own five properties with five high fences to keep out paparazzi? Does she high five a lot? Okay, the post is really just an inside joke with her fans. Earlier this year, Swift shared three images that seemed to be a countdown to something, but they never amounted to any big reveal. On one day, she shared an image of seven palm trees. The next day, there was a picture of her sitting on a sixth step. And the following day, she shared the same photo of herself looking through the five-holed fence. Soon after, the five holes in the fence became a joke/meme with her fans, many of whom recreated the shot on social media. So now, with only five days until the release of ‘Lover,’ Swift is having a little fun revisiting the whole five hole fence photo thing. 2019, what a time to be alive. Meanwhile, Swift recently unveiled the 18-song tracklist for ‘Lover,’ which features guest appearances by Brendon Urie and the Dixie Chicks. That same day, she also released the album’s romantic title track, which some believe is dedicated to her partner Joe Alwyn. Some might even say her ‘Lover.’ ‘Lover’ the album is out Friday Aug. 23rd. For Billboard News, I’m Paul Costabile

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