Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles need Fence Armor

{Music} Even the Ninja Turtles can’t protect this fence from forces of nature and certainly not from the forces of a weedwacker So I brought in operation build team member Al Martins who invented something called Fence Armor Thanks for being here. Good to be here. Alright so when people usually build a fence they put it up, and that’s that. They don’t think about any of the other steps right? Well often times that’s the case and it can be with ornamental fences or vinyl fences were they are already pre-coated Right. A lot of people who put in a wood fence wood stain or paint but in many cases they would just leave it pressure treated thinking it is going to be ok, you are right. Well cause when you build that pressure treated wood you think that should protect you for years. Well certainly. But when you put your fence up and there is grass around it, and you want it to look good you are going to use a weed wacker. Well the downside is that it’s going to damage the bottom of the posts right and it’s the posts that hold up the fence Once the posts fail the fence falls down. So how much shorter of a lifespan of your fence be if you are destroying it with a weed wacker? Ya, 5 to 10 years. 5 to 10 years less. So you imagine the number of trees that you are saving by using Fence Armor. Or just the environment in general, and they get to look beautiful. We have all different kinds of color so it matches your fence. So let’s stop imagining Fence Armor and let’s see it in action. Great! Alright come on. All the product starts with US Steel, galvanized steel, and it is designed so it can go on an existing fence so that two pieces would come together like this. And you can scale it depending on the wood liken an accordion, they fit back and forth. So you can fit any kind and any size post that you have. The other thing you notice is we have a little relief here that relief is so that when the wood expands with moisture and heat It’ll flow with it, the same thing with vinyl. So you have really thought of everything. Well we have certainly tried. Alright Al, I got to say this looks like wood. It does we spared no expense I can see that. We went from galvanized steel to a special process, actually that we do in Florida that makes the coating look like wood. It is a powder coating process that is embedded in the galvanized steel. So this will last 10 to 20 years just by itself, and you still have the galvanized steel underneath. And if I am feeling extra patriotic, go this route. And again that is a special coating that is embedded in the galvanized steel with the process so certainly you can use it typically you wouldn’t put it, in this case on the bottom of your fence, but you can put your logo on it, a golf course for example. So you can actually have a custom design for your business, for your home, for your country. There you go. Do you want to show me in action on the actual fence? Love to. Alright let’s do it {Music} So this saves you time landscaping, looks great, extends the life of your fence, and it is cost effective. You have got it! It’s the best defense for your fence. Brilliant, that poetry touches my heart. I am glad to hear it. Thanks so much for being here Why don’t we go back inside and see how our makeover is progressing shall we? {Music}

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