The Best English Lessons LIVE on YouTube – Wednesday 10pm UK time – 20th June 2018

is it really Wednesday already again? I
don’t believe it doot-doot
I really can’t believe that it’s Wednesday again these weeks are flying
by so quickly what is happening? where is 2018 going? it
is going by so quickly I can’t believe how quickly this year is going by
I really can’t it it seems like it was only a couple of weeks ago that we were
celebrating the new year and here we are already halfway through June hi
everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you okay
I hope so are you happy I really really hope so here we go again
oh my goodness we are back live can i first of all make a very important
announcement I don’t normally make important announcements but I thought I
would start off with one tonight just to be different can I just say that tonight
we will be on for about one hour I’m not feeling very well my hay fever today is
being terrible in fact around about 50 minutes ago just 50 minutes ago I was
sneezing my head off in fact I was thinking to myself should I actually go
ahead and do the live stream but of course I am such a trooper whatever
comes my way be it good or bad I will always persevere so here I am I have my
lovely box of tissues here just in case I start sneezing so they are on standby
just in case I hope you are well have you had a good week first of all let’s
have a look at what I have on my feet what am i wearing on my feet today oh
let’s have a look oh I’m wearing my jeans and my orange red and blue socks
can you see them there they are look and a lot of people ask mr. Duncan what
is that strange red sorry yellow line on the carpet what is that strange yellow
line on the carpet well that is just so I know where to stand yes it’s true that
piece of tape shows me where I have to stand in front of the camera so I will
be right in the middle of the view so that’s the reason why that piece of
yellow tape is on the floor for those who are wondering I hope you are well
today my garden is looking amazing at the moment let’s have a look outside
some absolute glorious sights at the moment you can see that the the de leus
are coming along very nicely indeed look at that
it’s incredible apparently mr. Steve told me that he’s been giving this Dalia
some some extra plant food to give it a little bit more energy and I must admit
it looks amazing this year it looks much better than last year let’s have a
closer look shall we let’s get a little closer oh yes very nice
a very attractive flower and this year the flowers on this particular day Leah
are absolutely huge I’m not sure what mr. Steve has been feeding to this
particular plant I think it might be steroids I have a strange feeling that
this particular Dahlia might be on steroids let’s get even closer shall we
oh wow look at that such a vivid image I hope you are enjoying it and there it is
look at that taken in the garden tonight and it would appear that red is the
theme at the moment in the garden because also there are some lovely red
roses in the garden as well now I’m sure some people are going to
say that they are pink but they are actually red so they might appear to be
pink but they are definitely red roses in the garden and the view tonight from
the house is absolutely gorgeous we had a beautiful sunset tonight and there you
can see lady Willington and Sid the snake looking into the distance at
tonight’s sunset and it was a lovely one at the moment that the sky outside is
bright red it is absolutely glorious outside at the moment I wish I wish we
could all share it together but sadly we can’t so that is it
that’s that out of the way how are you are you okay are you feeling better than
I am feeling at the moment I must admit I’m not feeling great tonight my nose is
blocked up my head is aching and my eyes are very sore so let’s have a look at
the live chat or else I will be told off mr. Duncan you must show us the live
chat here it is the live chat is on who was first tonight let’s have a look who
was first Pedro oh well done Pedro you were first again although I think last
week it was Julie I think Julie was first last week Francisco is here hello
to you also Anna is here hello Anna hello Andrew tsukete Pedro is there
again Seva hello Siva Siva Ram guru hello to you is
it your first time here if it is please let me know nice intro mr. Duncan thank
you very much Belarus CEO is here hi everybody I’m glad to be here once again
improving my English or improving my listening
skills my English listening skills thank you very much you are welcome no problem
from coral Buddha or Cordoba in Argentina it’s 6 p.m. here today it’s
been lovely and sunny an autumn day in Argentina
it is now bo-bunch bunch bonsoir mr. Duncan from Nicole how are you this
evening and your lovely spiders ah I might show you another video that I
filmed last night of one of the spiders eating something but I suppose I should
warn you it is quite horrible to look at but also quite fascinating at the same
time so here we are with a great class Thank You Pedro
hello mr. Duncan from Catherine hello Catherine Catherine fogs and can I say
thank you very much to Catherine for your lovely contribution thank you very
much on my PayPal account can I say a big thank you to you for your donation I
really do appreciate it mr. Duncan is wearing zebra socks beautiful mr.
Steeves daihlia yes the Dahlia is looking amazing at the moment I think
mr. Steve is feeling very proud of his de Lea because it’s looking amazing
hello from Argentina you van or you envy is here
mohammed al Novelli hello my teacher i want to talk with you well we are all
together now all around the world people are tuning in to follow my live English
lessons don’t forget you can catch me every Sunday at 2 p.m. UK time and of
course every Wednesday at 10 p.m. UK time and just like Katherine Thank
You Katherine once again you can donate it PayPal and there is the address now
going across your screen David is here hello David from Tenerife great job as
usual keep up with the good work I will try my best
I will try as hard as I can to keep going especially tonight because I’m not
feeling very well I am once again suffering with hay fever yes it’s true I
have hay fever at the moment and it’s causing lots of problems and of course
we all know what the problem is it’s pollen
that’s damn pollen that pollen gets everywhere and at the moment the pollen
is everywhere floating around and I must admit it’s really making me suffer at
the moment I’m suffering quite badly with hay fever apparently according to
the news apparently it is the worst hay fever season since 2006 can you believe
it so yes all those years ago that was the last time we had such a bad pollen
season so this this year is proving to be very bad so apparently the last time
it was as bad as this was way back in 2006 so that explains quite a lot that
explains why I am suffering with my hay fever
that’s so much yes that is a picture of the pollen close up that’s what pollen
looks like very close up the live chat is very busy let’s have a look if it is
your first time please say it’s my first time please say it is my first time doo-doo-doo let’s have a look at the
live chat yes it is the first time for Siva Siva guru says you are right this
is the first time for me thanks for asking
I’m happy and I hope I will learn some good English skills
I hope so as well hello from Tenerife thank you David
thank you Abbas also Irene your garden is nice and also nice socks
thank you very much nice to see your added s hat again also it’s good to see
you thank you Delft that’s very kind of you
rosemarie says hi mr. Duncan I’m happy to be with you with English learning and
I’m admiring your lovely garden I wish I could have one like it well the only
problem with having a nice garden is it takes a lot of work to keep it looking
nice fortunately I don’t do any of the work mr. Steve does most of the work in
the garden talking of mr. Steve he will be here in a few moments get cold in
here just me I think it’s just you mr. Steve definitely so there is mr. Steve
he’ll be with us later on on the live chat and of course you are more than
welcome to get involved as well tonight we’re going to look at some new English
words that have just been added to the Oxford English Dictionary we’ll be
taking a look at those I will only be on until 11 o’clock so tonight’s live
stream will be a little shorter than usual so I’m tonight suffering I’m
suffering from hay fever I’m South suffering with the hay fever
I’m suffering because of the hay fever that is what he
making me feel unwell tonight have you any decorative trees in the garden mr.
Duncan yes quite a few I must show you some of the trees that I have in the
garden one day I will actually take you around the garden one day and I will
show you some of the trees now last year Steve planted many new trees so he
planted lots of new trees that are now growing and they are getting very tall
how can this live-chat help me for my IELTS well there are many things you
need to do to prepare for your IELTS so not just listening but also writing
reading and speaking so if your IELTS exam is on the 30th of June then you
should already be prepared to be honest so to be honest you should already be
prepared so don’t leave it to the last minute don’t leave it until it’s too
late Ahmed says what is your opinion about
the World Cup my personal opinion well I don’t follow football but of course the
news at the moment is all about the World Cup for example I know that
Morocco was knocked out of the World Cup today and also tonight Iran were playing
Spain I think correct me if I’m wrong so I think I ran and Spain are playing
tonight and as I understand it the match so far has been very controversial
because there was a goal that Iran scored and it was disallowed the referee
said no that goal is not allowed because one of the players
touched the ball with his hand so yes that’s what is happening with the World
Cup and of course the other night England won their match so England are
going through to the next stage of the World Cup but yes
Iran are playing Spain at the moment apparently I am right I am correct egg
you t’v says hi mr. Duncan you should try chicken soup
for the fever now what I have is is not fever like a cold it is a fever that is
just an allergy allergy so if you have an allergy it means your body is
sensitive to certain things you are sensitive to certain things so what I
have isn’t flu it isn’t a virus it is actually caused by pollen going into my
nose and I get it every year during the summer months and it’s a real pain it
really is are there any little damsons growing on your damson tree asks Nicole
yes there are some tiny green damsons coming out and it will take about two
months for them to turn into full-grown damsels I can’t wait I’m wondering if
mr. Steve is going to make some more Jam this year Anna Anna asks are you a
supporter of the England team well I don’t follow football to be honest I
don’t follow it I hear about it on the news for example tonight I heard about
Morocco being knocked out and also I heard about Iran and Spain
and of course I heard about the England match everyone here getting very excited
about that and I think also did did Russia win one of their matches as well
so I think people in Russia were getting very excited as well so yes very well to
speak English with others I don’t know what that means it is very good to speak
English with other people yes I think so Sivir is asking how old are you are you
asking me how old I am that’s a very personal question you should never ask
anyone their age especially in English man we get very sensitive about those
things would you like to see mr. Steve mr. Steve is in the studio at the moment
and I think I think it would be a good thing to have mr. Steve appear right now
here he comes the did to do he is here back by popular
demand from his parole officer yes mr. Steve is on daily release from the
local prison and it’s very nice that is here with us today yes of course
it is mr. Steve hello and no I haven’t been released from prison I haven’t
committed any crimes well none that have been detected so far it’s nice to see
you in one piece after last Sunday what happened on Sunday you know the spiders
the spiders do you want to see some more footage of the spiders I have something
here and this is something I recorded yesterday I suppose I should warn people
that what you are about to see is very very scary we are going to get very
close to the spider and this is something I filmed yesterday Oh
take a look at this Steve there it is it’s feeding what’s it feeding on it’s
feeding on a small fly that was in its little case so you’ve been feeding these
spiders with innocent poor flies and other insects I’m not sure if they’re
poor I don’t know how much money they’ve got but there were a couple of flies
that were on the case and one of them went inside because I was trying to put
some water inside and the flight the fly went inside and the spider at the fly I
think you put them in mr. Duncan no I think you deliberately put them in
what’s it doing it’s eating that’s that’s what it looks like that’s what it
looks like when it eats oh well let’s I think we ought to go away from that
Mister Donut that’s a bit scary can you see its eyes those two little
tiny dots above it’s white sort of Stephanie Riya
it’s that’s its body that’s not very nice mr. Duncan did you enjoy that no
your nose why because you’ve got hay fever I know I have hay fever but my
nose is okay at the moment it’s not too bad but on it hey they call it hay fever
but it’s not actually a fever no because a fever if you have a fever it means
you’ve got a temperature a high temperature hmm I don’t know why they
call it hay fever I think it’s because the the symptoms are as if you have
fever so the symptoms are as if you have a fever but you don’t have a fever so
I’m a hundred percent healthy so what’s happening is my body is very sensitive
to certain things and when the pollen goes up my nose and it’s been the worst
pollen levels of pollen in this country for about eight years since 2006 2006
yes oh well 12 years then yes anybody else suffer from hay fever mr. Duncan’s
always talking about it you know you know my biggest complaint is that no one
else seems to ever suffer from hay fever I’m the only person I don’t know anyone
else we don’t do we don’t know anyone else that suffers with hay fever or from
hay fever I do you know someone my brother-in-law he gets it oh yes of
course yes your brother-in-law does and I have met I have met a lot of people
this year who it looks like they’ve got colds but in fact they’re saying I
haven’t got a cold it’s hay fever and they don’t normally get it because I’ve
been the highest levels of pollen for 12 years yes I went into a shop the other
day and there was somebody serving young man serving and he was sniveling and
gall blocked it look sounded like he got a very bad cold and the woman in front
of me at all are you all right you don’t seem very well he said oh it’s just hay
fever he said I don’t normally get it but this year it’s been very bad it’s
dreadful so even even you’ve been getting the the occasional sneeze yes I
have I’ve been going outside and having sneezing fits even Steve has been
getting hay fever and he ever suffers from hay fever I don’t has
been very bad this year I don’t know whether it’s just people in the UK that
get it it must be yes pollen attack that is correct yes it comes and goes doesn’t
it hay fever some people get it and then it they don’t get it for a few years
because I think it’s all to do with levels of pollen and different plants
pollinating at different times so there you go yes
hay fever the screen seems to be sort of just dropping no I’m just going through
I’m just hello to everybody who said hello to me hello Rosa hello Catherine
hello Belarusian tgn tea Jen yes thank you thank you for your lovely greeting
Sergio says the spider looks like a monster it does look like a monster
it’s amazing that now that is what you call getting up close and personal
spiders can jump Jeff you’re right yes we’ve got to be careful that mr.
Duncan doesn’t get too confident and open the lid and one day jumps out and
we’ve got to find it yes everyone’s talking about the football they were
talking a lot in the press about the football fans British football fans
clashing with the Russian ball fighting yes well this is something many years
ago don’t forget the the British or English football supporters used to have
a very bad reputation didn’t they they’d fight for fighting and and the people
that did this were called hooligans football hooligan hooligans that’s a
great word again I remember growing up and if a child or a teenager was was
quite badly behaved older people would always describe them as a hooligan you
you hooligan yes somebody who rode their bike on a pavement for example or was
rude to people or did things you wouldn’t expect in polite society
you might not believe this Steve but I was a hooligan
you were never a Hogan as a child I used to do some naughty things when I was a
kid one thing that that my friends and and I used to do we used to go into
people’s gardens and steal their apples from the tree there how is it look at
that a confession but that’s not a hooligan hooligan is somebody who who
runs a mock a teenager who who causes disruption they might vandalize things
might terrorize old people by riding their bikes on a pavement or yes but
that’s what we did people up we were hooligans we were we were going over
people’s fences and in damaging their apple trees by taking the apples off
that that that’s stealing and they they they they tasted awful that’s the
strange thing about it we took the apples but they didn’t they didn’t taste
nice so so we normally ended up just throwing them at each other English says
am I going to root for Brazil well if I’ve rooted for Brazil I’d like to but
if I did that people would describe me as being what’s the word I’m looking for
mr. Duncan there if I’m not rooting for England they would describe me as a bit
of a traitor yes or unpatriotic unpatriotic hmm if I was to go around
telling people that I wanted Brazil to win I would be described as a bit of a
traitor hmm and I might be beaten up in the street yes so what you should do is
go to where all the English fans are and wave a Russian flag yes or a Brazilian
flag if a fir if England get thrown out of the World Cup
then I will root for Brazil because once they’re out of the World Cup
I can then confidently say I want another country to win but right now I
wouldn’t dare tell anybody I wouldn’t want and in fact I would want
England to win because you know I’m English British why wouldn’t I want
England to win but if England get thrown out I promise you I will be shouting for
Brazil to I think there are a lot of angry
Iranians tonight why because they were disallowed a goal so they were there
playing Spain tonight and they scored a goal there was lots going on around
where the goal is all the goal posts are and apparently one of the Iranian
players touched the ball very very briefly and that’s it
handball handball so because someone touched the ball the goal was disallowed
and I think some people are a little bit angry about that well those are the
rules if you touch the ball it’s disallowed it simple as simple as that I
was going to say yes England football hooligans as mr. Duncan said had a very
bad reputation particularly in these sort of nineteen eighties 1990s
especially the eighties especially the eighties but then one day they came
across Russian football fans and they discovered who was really the hard cases
in terms of I think we met our matches met our match which is a phrase you say
when you when you when you’ve met somebody who’s is your equal if not
better mmm there was a famous clash a few years ago
between Russian fans and British fans and I think British football hooligans
used to think they were hard tough hmm and then they met the Russian football
fans and they discovered what hard was really about yes so so when we say a
person is hard it means they are maybe tough or aggressive they can they can
defend themselves very easily so so that the the English hooligans had a fight
with the Russian hooligans not not today not not recently because apparently this
year it’s not too bad but in the past it’s happened yes so we used to have a
very very bad reputation we did our look it says in Iran it’s that they are
allowed to touch the football but of course in international football
the rules state that you must not touch the ball so if you’re practicing at home
touching the ball you know you’re going to come a cropper which means that
you’re going to come unstuck to find out that it’s wrong yeah if you start to do
an international football shame really why England not GP yes I don’t know why
it’s well because it’s England Sergio because there’s a there’s an
English team a Scottish team and a Welsh team yeah so there are three separate
and probably an Irish one as well so there isn’t a GB team because there’s a
team Great Britain yes there isn’t one there isn’t a Great Britain team because
Great Britain is made of a Scotland Northern Ireland and Wales and they all
have their separate football teams so there’s England Scotland to be
playing I expect this Wales play I do Wales have a football team I think they
do but they’re probably not in the World Cup yeah I don’t know I don’t know you
know I’ve never you know I’ve heard of Welsh rugby a lot of Welsh people play
rugby but I’ve you know I I’m going to seem very ignorant here but I’ve never
heard of a Welsh football team I’ve heard of a Scottish football team and an
English football team I’ve never heard of never heard of Welsh football I think
there is one but because wells rails really don’t treat football seriously
because rugby is their their main game they don’t probably ever I don’t know
how how it works you have to qualify don’t you to be in the World Cup yes
yeah they probably don’t qualify yes okay then so that so they’re not they’re
probably not taking part yes I did make a video lesson in Turkey you are right
Inglis mr. Duncan today I watched a video of yours in Turkey yes I did I
made a video lesson in Turkey talking all about going on holiday and that is
available on my youtube channel it is somebody’s ask there I can’t read the
name looks like MN prh
is that Cyrillic yesterday that is that is a bit of Cyrillic who are the best
footballers then well probably on in terms of number of matches one I would
probably say it was England I mean I don’t think Scotland have ever won the
World Cup yes they might have done I don’t know I’m probably wrong I don’t
know much about football no I’m not I’m not sure if mr. Steve is qualified to
talk about who are the best football teams are including Mia I wouldn’t know
where to begin but I tell you who I’m rooting for
I’m rooting for Iran what you traitor just just to be I’m gonna beat you up
now mr. Duncan just to be provocative just to provoke a little bit of anger
because that apparently that’s what you have to do now on YouTube apparently
YouTube loves it when everyone gets angry about something
I’m rooting for Iran so go around I’ve said it I think you’re probably
going to get somebody knocking on the door and the British Secret Service is
gonna come and wheel your way I lock you up they might think that you’re some
kind of spy or traitor I don’t you do you do realize I don’t
think there are other Iranian spies there are the British ones yes you know
the mi5 or mi6 will come after you The Secret Service Secret Service and
say mr. Duncan you’re not very patriotic just because you you invented football
does that mean you have special exception from the general rules I don’t
think so no no I don’t think so not not that I’m aware do do you have any Irish
roots mr. Duncan and mr. Steve I do not and I don’t think you do either do you
Steve no I’ve got some Scottish roots okay apparently okay Steve some Scottish
roots Steve Steve has a little bit of Scottish
blood a lot of mine is French blood because my grandfather great-grandfather
was French so there is some a little bit of
French in me my great-grandfather looked a bit Chinese people used to say he was
he is your grandfather Chinese and he did look a bit Chinese so I’m wondering
whether I’ve got you know some Chinese genes
lurking around in my body there’s no answers that Iran has lost one nil oh oh
dear who are they playing anyway but they were playing Spain Spain right okay
so it would have been a draw but the goal was disallowed well I mean if it
was disallowed then all the action replays will be able to show whether
that was a correct decision by the referee or not but I think I think
nowadays the referee they were used to make mistakes in the past didn’t they
but now I think they’re sort of wired in to the the studio summarise when there’s
a replay they can tell them straight oh yes well they use computers know that
it’s all very high-tech they use computers and replays and they can
actually sort of pinpoint where the ball actually is at any moment in time so yes
in Argentina there are Barra bravas like the people have died in stadiums during
or after a game that’s why I hate football so I think that’s probably very
similar to two hooligans fighting each other they’re fighting fighting each
other in people yes people do but this happens isn’t it when when there’s a
certain type of person who goes to a football match well the weather
well-behaved people there’s a small group of people that go to football
matches who tour around the world don’t they know they are like professional
sort of hooligans hmm deliberately causing problems that’s it they just
want to cause trouble they just cause trouble and that’s that’s what they want
to do the minority isn’t it even the crowd just want to go there and
see a football match and have a good a good time out it’s a bit like everyone
on the planet really the human race relatively speaking is pretty peaceful
so that’s how I look it in anyway testosterone sorry the the male hormone
testosterone oh okay which makes er which makes people aggressive I don’t
have much of that and it’s tribal isn’t it it’s like it’s like different
countries or different religions fighting each other it’s the same with
football it’s exactly the same process going on the smell feelings any
opposites that’s right any opposite so one person supports one team one
supports the other and then they disagree of course you could also say
that there are differences in politics as well so people will fight over
politics I think it’s where is it at the moment I think it’s in there’s one
country at the moment where I think it’s I want to say Nicaragua where last week
pensioners elderly people took to the streets to protest and now apparently it
started a huge wave of protests across the country and it started out with with
the elderly the pensioners because apparently there are some reforms taking
place and and the pensioners didn’t like it the elderly people didn’t like it and
they started protesting and now the younger people have joined in as well so
I think that’s I want to say Nicaragua if I am wrong I do apologize and toughen
nikkyo Nicaragua it’s not easy to say Spain or England who wins this year well
of course me being Carlos my alter ego I lost some tears in the show that I was
in I thought we were trying to forget about that I should root for Spain I
thought I thought we were trying to forget about that well in England if
England don’t win if England get thrown out I will because I’ve already been
asked I will then root for Brazil and in Brazil get thrown out
reverse pain so yes apparently there have been there have been two months of
protests in Nicaragua yes sir so there I was yes there was a big report about it
last night so now younger people are now joining in and yes that there have been
this is true yes I did see this on the news there have been many many deaths as
well and it’s really really quite a serious thing so it just shows how one
protest can turn into something much larger over a period of time and it was
quite dramatic the the pictures coming from that particular country very very
dramatic that have you shown another picture of my daily event today we did
look at the dailies yes thank you very much we got very cold we got very close
to the daily ER it’s really done well this year I think it’s mr. Steve you
gave it some extra plant food I’ve been feeding it mmm feeding it yes and it’s
twice as big as last year it’s incredible a friend of mine says that
when that when the tuber gets too big you can split it in half with a with a
spade and then you have two plans oh I see so you can so when it gets more
established you can actually produce two plants mm-hmm that’s amazing apparently
I don’t fancy cutting it in half with a spade but apparently you can do that I
like that that’s pretty cool I like that very much it’s live English for those
wondering we are talking about the English language and today the Oxford
English Dictionary published some new words that they are adding this month to
the Dictionary of the English language that they publish and I thought it would
be fun to take a look at some of the words very briefly very quickly we are
only here for a short time tonight because I’m not feeling very well for
mr. dunk or mr. Duncan poor me so here we go some words that have been an added
to the Oxford English Dictionary and we will also be showing on screen the
actual word as well so there it is the first one now the
is a word that might be familiar to people anyway for example in a game of
cards the ACE is I think it’s the highest the highest denomination isn’t
it in a pack of cards is it the ACE or the ace of spades
well I think it out does all the others but anyway this is nothing to do with
that so it’s not a saz in good something very good so if something is a cease it
can also mean good so that is I think that is actually a British expression
but here is another one that’s just been added ace as a noun an asexual person a
person who does not experience sexual feelings or desires as an adjective
asexual is without sexual feelings or desires also of or relating to an
asexual people or asexuality can you believe that now this is something I’ve
never really heard much about but of course with words changing and of course
people are becoming more aware of sexuality let’s not beat around the bush
is it were literally in some cases so I can’t believe it just said that so that
is a new word so ace is being used as an abbreviation for asexual I suppose yes
because we’re talking about all sorts of different sexualities aren’t there now
yes it’s it’s it would appear that gender has become a very big issue with
many people trying to gain right rights for for their particular gender or their
position on yes everyone you know people talk about homosexuality heterosexuality
bisexuality so now the people that don’t want to have sex are what they’re to be
recognized as well so asexual is nothing so no shows that short for asexual then
so yes it’s it’s being used as a sort of
abbreviation greevey a ssin yeah oh I see transgender he but also yes you see
that’s the human condition he’s not just one thing we’re many things he’s wrapped
into into one we’ve gotta speed it on a bit Steve
here’s another one the day Leah doesn’t have a smell no it’s absent less yes
we’re talking about new words that have been added here’s one I bet you’ve never
heard of this Steve the Bechdel is it better I’ll test or Bechdel test
it’s the Beck Beck Beck L test Beck not Bechdel test no no the D is silent ah
Beck of test a little test this is an interesting word because it refers to
something that it’s very topical at the moment the Bechdel test an informal
method of evaluating whether or not a film or other fictional work portrays
women in a way that marginalizes them or which exhibits sexism or gender
stereotyping so yes apparently for this to actually work so if you watch a movie
or read a book and you want to see if the put that particular thing passes the
test there are three criteria that must be satisfied there must be at least two
named women the women must talk to each other and they must talk about something
other than a man and apparently if those things aren’t met then they don’t meet
the test they don’t meet the criteria does that mean they won’t win an Oscar I
don’t know what it actually means what I think it actually means is people will
just avoid the film or the novel so be careful what we say here we always have
to be careful what we say it’s everything now every word that you say
could have big consequences where everything is being
tested is it to see whether that women are being in some way treated unfair I
think people who analyze these things if they analyze them that they are they are
looking to make sure that women are being portrayed in movies and in in
books or stories fairly what about what about men in film who are always
portrayed as as just sort of gung-ho macho men maybe there maybe that’s wrong
as well well the problem with that of course is the the argument is that that
would always be the dominant one that would be a positive thing really yes it
could be another one and this is one that we know we nuns watch we know this
one binge watch this this is recently recently been added to the Oxford
English Dictionary if you binge watch you watch multiple
episodes of a television program in rapid succession so one after the other
typically by means of DVDs or digital streaming we stayed up until 4:00 a.m.
binge watching Game of Thrones so you might just watch one episode but of
course nowadays people like to binge watch so they actually watch many many
episodes one after the other quite often until the very early hours
of the morning so there it is binge watch and we we used to binge watch
things didn’t we Breaking Bad when Breaking Bad was a big TV show and
everyone was watching it we would binge watch so we would watch many many
episodes one after the other quite quite often on Netflix what was
the other one we were watching the expand the expanse a science-fiction
programs watched Kent can you believe they’ve actually axed
that show shame has been lined it’s been axed so
there is a third season of the X expanse but if it hasn’t been shown on I don’t
think it’s available on Netflix yet but apparently it’s already been shown on TV
in the USA binge watching when we were growing up and anybody of a similar age
to us or even probably not more than that anything more than 10 years ago you
have to wait a week before you could see the next episode if you had a program a
program that you were you liked very much yes following the series you’d have
to wait a whole week to watch the next episode yes but now they must they make
them all together and you can watch them all you can buy the whole series all at
once and just sit down and watch two three four or five of them but that
that’s normally after they’ve been broadcast on TV yes so quite often on
television you still have to wait a week so when the show is when the program is
shown on TV you still have to wait another week to see the next episode but
it just depends but binge watching is now the way in which people consume or
woody or videos and movies things they watch many things one after the other so
you binge watch or have you binge watched any programmes we’d like to know
are there any fad them here are there any programs that you have been yest
watched sue catus binge watched lots of programs oh the rich is the alien
Sherlock Elementary Downton Abbey Patrick Melrose Outlander can I just say
I I’ve know it no idea virtually no idea what any of those programs are I’ve
never heard of them I’ve heard of Downton Abbey that’s that’s but that’s
only because it’s British but I haven’t heard of Sherlock you must have heard of
Sherlock Sherlock oh yes that’s a British TV show as well but Outlander he
must have heard of that one Outlander No yes it’s yes Outlander yes
I even I’ve heard of Outlander yes but I I don’t know I don’t know Outlander
there we don’t use Netflix anymore Andrew
stopped having that we stopped Netflix we don’t have it anymore the reason is
because it’s quite expensive and also you don’t really watch everything that
they put on there so you end up paying a lot of money each month for maybe one or
two programs look at that sue can’t like Seinfeld and Curb Your
Enthusiasm is another maze it’s amazing Seinfeld is our favorite all-time comedy
well that oh it’s very close to the Larry sand I’ll tell you soon cat if you
watch Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm you have got to watch Larry Sat what’s
it called the Larry Sanders Show the Larry Sanders Show you must watch it I
think that will come top of your list after you’ve watched it but we love
Seinfeld we love Seinfeld but we out of the two Seinfeld or Larry Sanders show
they were made at the same sort of time yes
so Seinfeld his comedy is observational so he takes things from life and turns
them into something amusing so things that we do all the time in life and then
he talks about them observational humor he observes human behavior and makes
jokes from it where is that Larry Sanders show is about it’s about a
talk-show host yes and and the and the comedy that comes from that Nicole yes I
think you are right I think you can I don’t know it’s my I don’t know much
about de leus but it’s my friend that gave me the day dear and he said that I
can cut them and and then turn them into new plants which sounds strange to me
because if you have something a plant with a bulb like for example a daffodil
if you cut the bulb but that doesn’t grow it dies as I think so I’m going to
find out more about that and and then maybe next year I’ll have two plants
because I don’t think this day leo is going to fit into any pots I don’t think
I’ve got a big enough pot next year are you being served says Jeff
yes that is very funny one foot in the grave
mrs. bucket Oh mrs. bouquet yes a very funny program I’ve got some
friends that love that program keeping up appearances I think it could be
called mrs. bucket where you are but I think I think the program you mean is
keeping up appearances absolutely fabulous yes very funny
program there’s a lot of people there who like to watch very similar programs
and we do Outlander don’t know that program at all haven’t seen it program
called the riches with Eddie it’s hard I think that’s probably a very good
program to watch because anything with Eddie is hard and it is very funny so
thank you for those suggestions there mr. Duncan’s wandered off I’m not quite
sure why I think he’s probably blowing his nose I was actually going to what is
going on here what is Steve done to the live chat nothing at all
I believe is now you had a problem that doesn’t look good to me what have you
done Steve it sort of was doing something funny so I try to fix it oh my
god what have you done Steve you should not touch anything ever ever oh my I
don’t know what Steve’s done there the mighty bush I think that the mighty
boosh I think is the program Oh Sergio is referred the mighty boosh yes we did
used to watch that I’m just wondering what has which is very funny show indeed
put the live chat back together one foot in the grave one foot in the grave whoa that was a
funny program I’m trying what I was trying to do I was trying to find the
Larry Sanders Show DVD but I can’t find it anywhere
can’t you know I can’t find out I don’t know where it is it’s very strange I’m
fine today Pedro yes I’m feeling quite well my voice is a bit
not quite sure why that is it’s probably the the dry air jeff has watched are you
being served that’s also very funny or it is yes that’s an old TV show from the
90s program the 1970’s and early 1980s if you like are you being served you
were like carry on films yes let’s not go Terry I wasn’t actually
intending to do all of this to be honest desperate housewife friends we used to
watch friends a lot we that was the first program that we really watched
together mr. steve is a technical hooligan he is
what does that mean I think it means that you destroyed my life chat oh I see
now I don’t think I did Fawlty Towers oh yes you can’t go wrong
with Fawlty Towers every time you watch it hilarious what about James Corden do
you like him Oh huh I think it’s safe to say that I will speak for mr. Duncan
here that mr. Duncan is not a fan of James Corden I think that’s all we
should say on the subject he is not a fan I think he’s one of those comedians
you either love him or hate him but but yes wait somebody just asked me where do
I buy my shirts Pedro actually I buy this is a very old
shirt I normally do my gardening in this shirt
and… it’s nice to see you’ve dressed up tonight Steve you’re wearing the
shirt that you do the gardening in great not sure if Pedro is is is complimenting
me or suggesting that maybe I should have some new clothes I tend to buy
virtually all my clothes from one shop don’t I mr. Duncan because I find that
what I hate shopping for clothes anyway I hate it and so I found one shop where
if I go in there I go to this one shop everything fits me there you know how
you go to some shops and they’re there clothes just don’t seem to fit you
properly so I go to GAP or THE GAP if you’re in America and I
wait for the sales because it’s always expensive closing gap but if you wait
they always have like 40% off nobody ever buys closing is this turning into a
commercial for gap no but I go in there and literally because I can be in and
out very I just know the size I say oh like that shirt I don’t even have to try
it on I just buy it I know it’ll fit that’s how I like to go clothes shop by
the way if anyone from YouTube is watching we are not being sponsored by
GAP okay but feel free to ask us if you wish to yes I’m sure the chief executive
of GAP is watching at the moment I’m sure just the GAP is expensive it just
wait you know every month they have a huge sale yeah there was with a gap shop
do you remember mr. Duncan a shop the GAP shop opened in involve a Hampton
here where we used to live in Wolverhampton it’s quite you know not a
particularly rich town rough it’s a bit rough so GAP is a sort of a high-end
clothes shop really it opened it only lasted two years because nobody bought
anything at the full price they always waited for the sales so they didn’t make
any profits at all sorry that it was I didn’t make any profits at petrol Lysias
now we haven’t seen that right I’m writing that down yes do you write it
down the other week you wrote it down the other week can we search this on on
YouTube petrol issuses is a show about vintage cars in two years time I will
have a vintage car because my car is eight years old now and in two years
time when a car is ten years old it’s described as a classic car in the UK so
it’s old enough to qualify as classic car status and you get reduced insurance
premiums so that’s I’m going to hang onto it now right what hang on to what
the car oh yes well of course I am because I’m still driving it yeah no no
I just my only I don’t have it I’m not really
into brands pedro I just sort of like clothes from GAP
because they fit me and I can get them when they’re in the sale so do you like
this top then Pedro or not that’s what I’d like to know whether you actually
like my style of clothes all these wonderful new words here written down
and I dunno what happens in a live a lesson where people are interacting we
can go off in many different direction Jamelia likes your polo shirt thank you
very much it’s very old I do the gardening in this of course I want it I
want to stand out stripes you certainly stand out that’s there’s no doubt about
that I mind you having said that a friend of
mine what’s that a friend of mine at work yeah were sorry he’s got a friend
that works for this clothing company what what’s the one of those I bought
some clothes didn’t I recently that that sort of they’re really sort of high-end
clothes not Paul Smith Paul Smith it doesn’t sound like a very glamorous name
this Paul Smith is a very expensive brand now I would never ever buy
anything you don’t like their jackets are about 200 pounds each a shirt is
something like 60 pounds I would never pay that for a shirt but because he
knows this friend that works it for him what did I say it was called again Paul
Smith he gets all the the stuff that’s going out out of stock and yet like you
can buy a shirt for £10 he comes to our meetings with a load of clothes and
their brand new reduced down to about 10 percent of their original value so yes
that’s how I buy my clothes so basically you buy you buy clothes that have been
thrown on the floor Oh Thank You Pedro I shall try and wear
a different one every every week just for you Pedro oh right it’s quite old this shirt I’m
getting compliments oh how Steve is very easily easily
pleased oh yes actually I was pointing it’s
pointing I was pointing to the clock because can you see there is a little
spider on top of the clock you see there all the time it’s being there
spider Oh watching us did you see on Sunday when when the spider was on mr.
Steve shoulder and we were screaming like girls
yes Myka if you go to gap they’ve got all these polo shirts because I like
shirts with collars on I don’t look right with a crewneck hmm I look better
with it I think I look better with a collar mr. Duncan so I look better with
it with a t-shirt with the round neck that doesn’t suit me
because I’ve got ask me look strange I’ve got a long elegant neck my neck is
like a giraffe for you to say so yes I have a lot of these types of shirts oh
thank you for the compliment oh I’m going to roll my head is swelling with
pride as long as that’s all it’s swelling where it will be okay what do
you think about Dolce and Gabbana yes if you like them why not yes it expensive I
don’t know we don’t follow style or trends do we I mean for example look at
me I’m wearing adidas this isn’t really high-end chic really we I spend very
little on clothes I I like to buy nice quality clothes and then keep them and
wear them for a long time I bet this t-shirt I bet this is six seven years
old I haven’t even ironed it I mean I hadn’t even a high in the collar to be
messy it looks very messy yes you’re more sporty tonight and I am more casual
yes I think so I think that would be fair to say
anyway it’s tempest 11 to be honest III think we will end it there because it’s
been a very long day you know some of these medicines mister do I have all my
hay fever medicine here I’ve been really suffering today I’ve been sneezing for
for most of the night so on Sunday we will come back and we
will look at some more of these new words because it’s quite interesting to
see new words added to the oxford english dictionary so we’ll we’ll have a
look at some more of those on sunday and also on sunday what is the strangest
thing that you’ve ever found when you’ve been walking around so maybe outside
you’re walking around and then you find something and you go well that’s strange
I didn’t expect to see that so on Sunday we’ll be talking about that also when is
when is the the right time to start talking about Christmas it does seem
very strange to be mentioning that word at this time of year but recently on
television there have been some advertisements and also on the internet
talking about Christmas can you believe it
I agree Pedro look after your clothes and Christmas no we don’t talk about
Christmas you know what I’m thinking I think I think we should have two
separate live streams I think Steve should be doing his own live stream
talking about clothes and and the fact that he never irons his shirts i buy non
iron shirts for work and also non I insured they work wash them hang them up
on a on a clothes hanger you don’t have to wine them yes those aren’t those are
your smart shirts for work aren’t they just my standard white shirts for work
you know where the tie I never ironed them because I buy non iron shirts and
they’re very good as long as you take them straight out of the washing machine
don’t spin them too much and put them on a hanger
put them on a clothes hanger hang them up all the creases will be gone and I
mean they don’t look quite as good as a fully iron shirt but they’re good enough
for work as you know I hate ironing you never iron anything well thank you yes
I’ve dwell as I just explained I hate ironing that’s why I don’t
there’s a subject to talk about on Sunday what do you iron what do people
is oh wow I’m sure people will be queuing I hope
YouTube has enough bandwidth okay and I just can I just warn the internet they
think that the wires the cables on the internet might melt on Sunday because of
all the people trying to watch as talked about what do you normally I in thank
you iron shirts do you iron underwear what do you I’m jeans some
people says Jeff do Christmas in July now if you count Eid as as well
Eid is just being celebrated now is it so that’s a kind of equivalent
celebration to Christmas so I think yes Muslims have been celebrating Eid which
is equivalent I would say to Christmas obviously it’s not Christmas but its
equivalent in terms of its significance in the religious festival no need to
look like that I’m not saying anything on that note not saying anything wrong
know it and say you were it was a steamer
jameelah uses a steamer we’ve seen those on ideal world Oh instead of an eye on a
steamer yes fantastic well that’s really getting interesting now we’re talking
about ironing steamers or the oh I’m really interested now Asti if you steam
your clothes you bring you bring something down on top of another thing
and it’s very hot and then all the steam comes out but but that’s very messy very
so I think you can earn things very quickly you don’t have to run and I know
you just pull the lid down back up and it’s there it is
I can’t believe that we will spending time talking about ironing Pedro washes
his hands by hand washes his clothes by iiiiii I suppose most people wash their
hands by hand how do you how do you get the water out of them Pedro how do you
get that how do you get the water out of your clothes you wring them but don’t
they get creased well you just hang them up afterwards maybe maybe outside what
this I’m leaning against Eva my legs are aching in my nose is hurting so I’m
leaning against Steve now this is how this is how bad things are tonight well
I’m going now right I might actually delete this
because it might be with the worst lifestream I’ve ever done I don’t think
so I think it’s been very interesting interesting subject oh look anything I
say Pedro agrees with Oh get a room it’s I think we’re going I think mr. Duncan’s
had enough I have had enough to be honest I’m not feeling very well so I’m
gonna put my feet up now and have some chocolate
Sergio doesn’t mind cotton clothes but I thought cotton clothes were the ones
that needed the most ironing because they tend to crease very much there we
go I’m going to say goodbye to everybody and you iron yourself your skin maybe
when you get older you have to iron your skin so you can I in it look so lovely
again yeah mm-hmm you can iron your wrinkles thanks not that we’ve got any
yes I said Nicole was right yes that is exactly what I just said
that’s amazing so yes Pedro says I I iron just my best shirts and all tidy
not everything good idea do you like skinny jeans yes I have a
pair of skinny jeans don’t I you do I don’t like
them I find them uncomfortable I have I have skinny jeans and they show off my
lovely slim legs lovely really apparently I won’t get them on because
I’ve got big calves anyway so I’ll go and then you can wrap up yes so bye bye
to everybody oh and special adios to Pedro and see
you all on Sunday okay see why there’s Steve Steve’s gone he’s been gone for
years if you want my opinion so I’m back on Sunday thanks a lot for joining me
tonight I wasn’t a hundred percent well because of my stupid hay fever but I’m
going now and I will see you on Sunday hopefully feeling much better than I do
today we’ll be looking at one or two things including new words will continue
that I hope it’s not too boring for you and also we’ll be talking about the
strangest thing that you’ve ever found and maybe we might have another look at
the spiders as well if you want to have a look at the spiders we might have
another look at them hmm then again maybe not so I’m going now it’s just
after 11:15 at night here in the UK don’t forget you can catch me every
Sunday from 2 p.m. UK time and every Wednesday from 10 p.m. UK time so there
you can see the times now on the screen and for those who want to get in touch
you can follow me on Facebook there it is look and also my email
address is there as well for those who are interested in following me on
Facebook you are more than welcome to do so thanks a lot for your company I’m
going now this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of English
saying thanks for watching me I’m back on Sunday
hopefully my hay fever will have disappeared by then and of course you
know what’s coming next you know what is coming next yes you do ta ta for now 😎

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