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hey what’s up guys I’m back let’s go
ahead and talk about The Boy and the Beast so this is an action adventure and
fantasy anime film directed by Mamoru Hosoda for those that i don’t know he is
one of the more renowned directors that is working in anime today while his first
two films were movies of the series Digimon and One Piece he’s become even
more well known for his more recent works in The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
Summer Wars and Wolf Children this was his most recent feature film which came
out in 2015 however his latest film just debuted at the Cannes Film Festival it
is called Mirai of the Future this will be the third film under his company
Studio Chizu I’m very excited for this one to come out as actually the
first film that’s going to be distributed by GKIDS in the theaters so
for those of us in the U.S. look for it around fall 2018 it’s worth noting that
none of his films have received Academy Award nominations so far however since GKIDS is handling the distribution I have high hopes and expectations that Mirai of
the Future will be nominated this year I guess we’ll have to wait and see so the
film starts off about a nine-year-old boy named Ren who is dealing with family
separation issues we’re also introduced to Kumatetsu who’s from the Beast
Kingdom who is looking for a disciple that will hopefully help inspire him to
become the next successor of their world at some point these two will cross paths
and I don’t want to say anything else about the story now first of all the
voice work in this film I think is very well done I’ve been very impressed by
all the English dubs I’ve seen from Mamoru Hosoda’s films I’d say it’s
recommended but for those of you who are purists you can certainly check it out
with the Japanese dub in subtitles the film is also written by Hosoda and
features music from Takagi Masakatsu who has been a more recent collaborator with
him in his latest three films he provides a stunning array of tracks here
some very subtle ones some more epic and fun and as well as
some more dramatic and emotional the animation is absolutely gorgeous and I
really enjoy Hosoda’s unique style that he brings especially within the
line work this film does include some small bits of CGI in the opening as well
as a little bit later on in the film but it blends really well I found this story to
be very surprising and it packs a heavy amount especially as things go on we see
a good amount of time transition as these characters get older particularly
with Ren but watch out for some of those other side characters as it becomes
pretty important later on this film is emotionally resonant with several
dramatic elements that were unexpected and welcomed throughout overall this film
is highly recommended especially if you’re a fan of Mamoru Hosoda’s work but
even if you’ve never seen them or you aren’t even that into anime this film is
a perfect one for newcomers I’d say kids at least 10 could check it
out and adults will absolutely adore it I personally recommend watching it on
the blu-ray from the Mamoru Hosoda Collection from Funimation or you can
check it out in the standard one however if you’re on the fence you could also
rent a stream of the film from Prime Video or Vudu as well as other online
retailers The Boy and the Beast succeeds with its director’s master-craft
animation and storytelling providing a thoroughly entertaining film for kids
and adults alike with important themes intricately woven and beautifully
expressed and that’s why this film is a diligent pick so guys have you ever seen
The Boy and the Beast what is your favorite film from a Mamoru Hosoda and
is there a personal favorite anime film that you like I’d love to hear anything
that you recommend for me as well let’s talk about it down below I know it’s
been a while but I’m looking forward to making more videos for you guys this
month so stay tuned for that as always my name is Dylan and if you enjoyed this
review subscribe to my channel while the video ends and send me a thumbs up
before you go thanks for watching and stay diligent

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