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  1. Liah Yoo

    RESPECTING THE SKIN BARRIER is the number one priority in my routine. The more you understand how your skin naturally functions, the less you become obsessed with products, but rather you add products as a supplement to work with your skin 🙂 Let me know if these skin basics is interesting to watch?! <3 YOUR SKIN IS AWESOME!!! 💕

  2. Alexia Mariel Tan

    Can we layer hydrating (no active ingredients) products? Like hydrating toner and essences? I’m taking isotretinoin so i’ve been hydrating and also adding centella ampoule to calm my scars.

  3. sabrina juseyo

    hello, liah yoo! i'd like to ask an important question 😭

    once the skin barrier has recovered, do we go back to our skincare routine or still continue with cleanser & moisturiser? or do we go back with our skincare routine and slot in the krave cleanser and avene moisturiser replacing our usual cleanser and moisturiser?

  4. Haise Sasaki

    How to repair skin barrier when you have fungal acne? I bought Ceradan repair cream but it have fatty acid in it which should be avoided since I have Fungal Acne.

  5. Shirley Xiao

    I used to have a very sensitive skin and acne prone skin, I tried so many different methods to no avail, after I found out about skin barrier from ur videos, I back to basic and only used minimal moisturizer and change my face soap to low ph, and my skin has never been better.. now I rarely get pimples outside of hormonal one thanks to you and the others who raise awareness about how important our skin barrier is instead of only throwing products to us.. Thank you so much, Lia.. u saved my skin..

  6. Joan A

    My skin is going crazy after quitting a Curology mix of tretinoin, clindamycin, and azaelic acid. It was clear with this combo, then has been crazy for almost a month after with tons of little red bumps on my forehead. Wtf. Skin was healthy before… What is this and how to I fix it?

  7. Miriam Rosas

    You’re the best skin care youtuber I swear, and that’s because your base is science. Most of other youtubers just talk and talk about skin care products without really knowing how they are acting on their skin.

  8. Tahira Chowdhury

    is the buffet serum solution a good one for this ? What's good product recomendation for restoring skin barrier?

  9. sandra morales

    A very good review on which oils repair the skin barrier: (Vaughn ARet al. 2018. Natural Oils for Skin-Barrier Repair: Ancient Compounds Now Backed by Modern Science).

  10. Lily W

    Me: looks at video, looks at products, realises I'm doing everything worng, chucks out product, looks as video, looks at products, chucks another outrageous product, looks at video… Blah blah I have been enlightened now though

  11. Jason Lewis

    Hi Liah. CAn you recommend some products to help fix skin barrier? Right now i'm using bag balm which is kinda like cervaue ointment…however, even with that, my skin still looks flaky and patchy when i apply foundation makeup. Btw, i'm an actor on tv so makeup is necessarily.

  12. Buyi Mncube

    I'm at that point😭😭😭 I've added Eester louder serum my skin went Awol
    I have pimples everywhere, it's so dry and painful
    I don't know what to do
    How can fix this

  13. Shruthi S R

    I just stopped retinol at night. I instead use a little bit of raw Shea butter as a night cream- my skin feels plump and baby butt soft after 😊

  14. aurel

    Subscribed! Thank you so much. I have severe hyperpigmentation around my mouth and under my eyes. so I used serums with alpha arbutin and lactic acid, I thought my skin was gonna get better but nope. It damaged it. The area got REALLY flaky and sensitive, my skin type is dry btw. EVERY skincare product I've used resulted in my skin feeling like it's burning it's been like this for 3 – 4 months, I've bought natural face oils to put it around there cause I thought it was the best solution cause of the sensitiveness but 0 results, i think it became drier than before. It all makes sense now.. I just bought Innisfree skin barrier cream with ceramide today. I really hope my skin will heal

  15. jen teo

    BHA and Benzoyl Peroxide can help the skin especially for acne prone people, if used correctly… a gentle cleanser isnt active and if you have acne, its probably going to need an active ingredient to kill what may be bacteria

  16. reb tz

    is using a face brush everyday bad for my skin? I suffer with a lot of little bumps on my chin, and read that using a face brush helped, but could it be too harsh?

  17. 9ilounii an

    Hey liah …i have a question it's been a year and half since i damaged m'y skin duo a harsh soap 😢. Do you think it can be fix or is it too late…please answer I'm suffering 😢😢😢

  18. Ganda Me

    It is true that moisturizer with oil free can cause acne? Coz im using celeteque hydration moisturizer (oil free-non comodogenic)
    If moisturizer with oil free can cause acne. What do u recommend best moisturizer for combination/oily skin?
    Pls pla notice my question

  19. Victoria Peay

    Benzoyl peroxide absolutely demolished my skin barrier… 😭😭 but it’s the only thing that’s ever helped with my acne… 😢

  20. magneta

    Is it normal to get a lot of acne when trying to repair the skin barrier? I've been only washing my face at night and using cerave hydrating cleanser at night. I know I'm not supposed to exfoliate but how do I keep dead skin cells from getting into my pores?

  21. A Rs

    Hey liah! I'm 20 yrs old. I live in India. Very tropical. Sun is quite awful. Despite wearing sunscreen.. I observe my face to be much darker than my natural complexion. I also get tanned very easily and quickly. Does this have anything to do with a damaged skin barrier?

  22. M&Ms_mac

    Are cholesterol, fatty acids, and ceramides listed in skincare ingredients as it is? Or are there other terms that can mean these same things?

    always love learning something from your videos ☺️ 💕💕💕 thank you

  23. It’s Shithead

    people be doing too much to their skin like 10,000 serums and peels just leave your skin alone and cut out dairy no wonder people in the 90s had better skin

  24. Nicholas Grefe

    This video helped a ton. I've been making the majority of these mistakes for years, never understanding why my skin wasnt getting better. I wrongly labeled my skin condition as dry instead of dehydrated not knowing there was a difference, but this video is so informative. Thank you

  25. Candii Rabbit

    I never knew and thought about this. I guess my skin's sensitivity and being prone to acne could be caused or worsened by the fact that I probably damaged my skin's barrier by using too many acne products. Wow. I guess I should get right on repairing it now. Thank you so much! Your videos are so helpful.

  26. Areeba *-*

    I use kojic acid soap on my face because i have some dark spots on my face i have dry skin and makes it even more dry. Should i continue with that with good moisturization? Someone please reply.

  27. Sisct

    I don't have sensitive, dry, flaky, oily itchy or any kind of skin problem mentioned in your video.. but can i still using skin barrier cream from etude house as my moisturizer? Will it give me any opposite effect since i have normal skin..

  28. это канал

    Hiking in the mountains for a week. Washing in cold streams with water only. Going back home. Seeing thousands of pimples on the face. Ok, da barrier preserved.

  29. Hollie Roscoe

    What do you mean if the barrier is really really damaged to avoid natural products? My barrier is effed. I have rosacea and used way too much Finacea the last 3 months. I had a huge flare with many other factors, and now I’m trying to repair the damage I’ve done. It’s so incredibly dehydrated but at times greasy because I have to put so much on it to get it to not hurt. I use cereve moisturizing cream and tamanu oil. It definitely feels way better. I’m still using dermatologist creams but the progress I’m seeing is so up and down. How long will it take?!

  30. Alynn Is

    I'm fighting with acne which i never ever had before and this video is very useful. Thanks a lot Liah❤️
    Can you give example of the natural ingredient so i can avoid it? I have summer breakout😭

  31. la-ballade

    I use to have really bad acne caused by dry skin. now I'm not doing anything to my skin at the moment except use squalane + sunflower oil as a moisterizer and sometimes aha bha toner from cosrx, sometimes do OCM with sunflower oil… i get alot of blackheads and some deep pimples and but my skin always feels tight becomes red and irritated after a while. What am I doing wrong? I just bought the snail mucin from cosrx hoping it'll help with moister

  32. Andre Alexander

    My skin barrier is non-existent 🙁 but i'm going yo try this for 2 weeks and come back to give feedback. Thanks for the video 🙂

  33. Mayra Meraz

    So true!!! You’re speaking facts!! I’ve realized the real issue to my skin problems went down to damaged skin barrier! I didn’t realized mine was damaged from so many products I’ve tried to keep my skin in good health. I had combination acne prone skin… and I did everything to even trying natural ingredients skincare and even that didn’t help me! But after doing my research and learning about the skin barrier and how much it makes a difference on your skin… I went from a 4 step regimen to a two step… literally!!
    I only wash my face with a cleanser and apply Cerave cream which has ceramides! (Ceramides helps restore skin barrier) my skin has improved so much in about two weeks!!! My face looks so much smoother and feels softer! Even the little bumps faded ! And my cheeks are less red ! My face has never looked better. I’m still learning on this and I recommend reading Renée Rouleau website. She has her own skin care line and gives so much good advice on proper skin care. And she mentions everything you just said! Anyway, thanks for the video! Very helpful! And facts! ❤️

  34. bAnaNa miLk

    I legit jumped when she said our skin might be saying it doesn’t what that shit anymore because her voice is so calming and she looks so innocent

  35. Kushionz

    I’ve damaged my skin barrier so much (not by the sun but with skin care products) to the point where it looks like a red line sun burn on my upper cheek nose areas,
    I got sunscreen lotion and everytime I put it on I can feel a tingle/ burn on my upper cheeks, should I stop using it?

    Also I’m 15 idk if this is useful or not but I’ve heard that age makes a difference

  36. Ng eunjee

    Anybody here can answer me, i need your opinion….

    I have acne prone on my jawline & my cheek sometimes but i also have dehydrated oily skin ( oily outside when i touch it but so dry inside i can feel it when i open my mouth like im wearing a clay mask all the time)….

    So the question is, what should i repair first? My skin barrier or my acne prone.

  37. 호호호호호

    벤조일 공감이요. 벤조일 연고 조금만 썼는데도 피부 각질 다 떨어져나가서 여드름 더 나고 피부 다 타고 빨개지고 까매지고 엄청 고생했어요.

  38. Kay

    I've heard people saying use of natural skincare is good, but Liah says not to use them. Is there a reason? 🙂 I'm looking to use Manuka Honey and Aloe Vera Gel.

  39. Rat Lord

    One question, can home remedies like honey mixes and things like that be used as a cleanser or should I still use a cleanser whilst doing the remedies?

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