The enduring charm of a white picket fence get a modern makeover

Steve Burke: Okay, character fences. This is a sliding gate, remote controlled. It’s not hooked up to the power yet. It can be a fair width, The council actually like where
it’s not part of the 1200, because we don’t have to
worry about truncation. Visual truncation. So this is actually timber, it’s been painted up in the shop, so almost looks like aluminium. So character, it’s got
the scrolls on the top. Profile picket fence, you can put a letterbox in the front here. Front gate. So it really suits the style of house. And over there we’ve got
the gate on the side, which is 1800 high, bit of privacy. So we could look at the front, it gets it back to the character of what if would have been originally, with the white picket fence. Once it’s all landscaped,
roses come back to life, keep the tree in the middle there and the flowering tree over there. There you go.

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