The Great Wall of India

– [Narrator] Judging by the grandness and length of this wall,
you could be forgiven for thinking that it’s in China, but this is the Great Wall of India. (upbeat music) The Kumbhalgarh Wall is
located in Rajasthan, roughly a 10-hour drive from New Delhi. Its remoteness has caused
this stunning location to be relatively unknown, even to locals. The wall is made of
thousands of stone bricks with artistic flourishes on top. It has seven gateways and took
over a century to construct. It was a place of refuge
in times of danger. The wall snakes through
valleys and along mountaintops. After the Great Wall of China, it is the second longest
continuous wall in the world. It is 22 miles in length and surrounds the fort of over 300 ancient temples that were believed to have been
built in the fifteenth century. In 2013 it was declared a
UNESCO World Heritage Site. A majority of the wall sits high, serving as a lookout and
giving incredible views of the surrounding
mountains and farmlands, unlike anywhere else in India. (upbeat music)

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Reader Comments

  1. Atlas Obscura

    Honestly, we still think this might be one of the best-kept secrets in India. Love these aerial views too, they really help you understand how massive this wall is.

  2. akash singh

    I am from Jodhpur (the blue city of Rajasthan) and this great wall and fort (Castle) is just some 180km from here and i have been to there…. Such an awesome place to visit.

  3. Untrained Artist

    I never knew about it, being in India, coz India is vast country with many civilizations and dynasties had ruled it for centuries. Every tiny village has a history. I live in a small village, still there are marks and proofs of a king's visit, unknown to anyone but natives.

  4. Vishal V. Navekar

    We Indians were used to copy Russian Soviet architecture, now we copy Americans, .
    Still there are exceptions like Vidhansaudha of Bengaluru,
    Its not about money, it's about aesthetics, we have lost it for sure.

  5. HEY! StObAOA

    I saw this wall… It's so big… I literally wanted to see this wall from close but at least I saw it with my eyes…guys you guys should also see it… The sight is beautiful as well as astonishing 😁😁💕💕

  6. Barry Smith

    In saw the wall from a distance whilst rdoing a motorbike ride through Rajastan earlier this year. Thank you for the information,.

  7. Марио Гашпаровић

    I didnt know about this wall until a week ago, its so strange… If I was that wall, Ill be very ungry…

  8. sarcastic Admin

    what the heck, it didnt take over a century to construct. It took like only 28 years( 3 years more than the taj mahal) .
    And sadly, 2 year after the royal tamily settled in , the fort came under a seige for 9 months by the combined army of Akbar and hindu rulers

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