Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho I love to swim. Would you still date me if I ate like them? You’re squealing! I don’t want to do it. Hey guys, welcome back. I’m Maddie and I’m Jordan, and we are Tangerine Travels. So
recently we asked what we should do next and you guys picked going to the Guadalajara Zoo. And that is where we are now. So today I think is going to be a day
filled with monkeying around, getting batty, and some more animal puns. More
animal puns for sure. Stick around. We were lucky enough to stumble upon a
Groupon for this place, so we got the Paquete Diamante or the Diamond Package, which basically includes all of the options I think that you can get. It
ended up being 200 pesos a piece instead of the 285. Correct. So that
includes the Sky Zoo, the train, the aquarium, and one other thing at least. I think it’s all the options. It’s the biggest
package, so recommend doing that so you can save 85 pesos. If you’re bringing your
car here it’s 55 pesos to park. Or if you took an Uber like us, from about the
middle of town, it costs 120 pesos for us to get here. Ooh man! They’re grooming each other. We are close to these! If I wanted to, I could reach my hand up and touch its tail. Hi. I for one
have never been in a zoo where they let you be this close to monkeys like this.
And they’re just sitting right here. Look at this guy. He’s just, he’s just chilling out. They
walk across this pole. There’s a spider right by your hand. Literally, look at this giant spider. You reached your hand right up there. Can tell they use their long tails
for balance, they hang it right over the edge. This Lemur enclosure is so cool.
They’re like just a couple feet away from you and they literally walk on this
pole right above your head. Their tails hanging down. Oh there he goes. No, come back, señor. He’s joining this cuddle puddle over here. These guys are much more playful
than those lemurs, they’re just jumping around. They’re so tiny! They’re also
using their long tails for balance. He just fell. Gotta say out of all the Zoos I’ve ever been to, I’ve never been to one that lets you be this up close with all the monkeys.
And they’re each in their own cage. You get to walk through. And right now it looks
like we’re walking through, and not in the cage with the different monkeys, but
walking past them. We’re at the gorilla enclosure right now. Gorillas are
probably my favorite animal because you can see their faces and their facial
expressions look just like humans. If they’re annoyed or happy. It’s pretty
cool there’s an albino bear. Albino? Nope. Tip number one, if you, like us, are
planning to eat at the zoo, and also planning to come right when they open.
not a lot is gonna be open. Not a lot of the food stands. The one that we just went to
you said that they open at 11:00. The zoo opens at 10:00. This is pretty cool, they
have these tubes where the monkeys can go over top of where you’re walking here
on this path. These little guys. Those are the cute ones that are very playful. He’s looking
right at you. Hola! You probably have to speak Spanish. Dulce? You have nothing. Here we have the hippos. If there is one animal I would never want to encounter in the
wild it’s this one. Jordan. What’s coming up next to us? Its tail is so long. Don’t you! Oh. Oh my
gosh! That’s, that’s a bad idea. The hippopotamus doesn’t care about it or? We’re getting a little bite to eat, and
Jordan, you got a combo. It has a cheeseburger, fries, and a Pepsi, and it was
91 pesos. And here we have nachos where the cheese comes out of a machine, and that’s
how you know it’s fresh. And these are 43 pesos. You don’t see this everywhere
but they have fortified these nachos with plastic chemicals to make sure
you’re getting a balanced diet. So we are now on the Sky Zoo. They asked us to leave water bottles and backpacks with them, and we got a little card, so we can
pick it up from the locker afterwards. This looks like a pretty good view so
far and it is included in our Paquete Diamante. Man, those are some active monkeys right now. Are these monkeys? These are animals? What kind of animals are these? It’s a wolf! Looks just like Laska. Sleeping, all day.
Oh look its ear perked up! Laska? Do you know her? Laska! [Howl] This Sky Zoo
is a really long ride. It goes over almost the entire zoo, and if you don’t
have the diamond package or another package that includes it, it’s 50 pesos
per person. Then we’ve got the train going over here, also part of the paquete diamonte. Plants that look like elephants. When you visit the Guadalajara Zoo, be sure to ride this. You get to see so much of the zoo from a different angle. For 50
pesos a person, I think it’s more than worth it even if the package you get to
enter the zoo doesn’t include it. We’re done with the Sky Zoo now and we’re
gonna start walking around on foot so we can get closer view the animals, just
like this guy, a crocodile. Thank you guys for watching our video up to this point.
We’ve only seen a fraction of the zoo so far, but if you’re enjoying this video,
please give it a thumbs up, and if you haven’t already, please subscribe to our
channel. Don’t forget to GONG THAT BELL so you get notified about videos just like this in
Mexico. Oh dear! This enclosure, they have so many animals, there’s deer, iguana
turkeys. But what I iguana know is, squirrels, how are they all getting along so well? Pretty cool. What I iguana know. [Laughter] They’ve got babies in here. Look at the little babies. Awwe. When you guys get mad do you say
“Oh Ram-it.” Reindeer. Look at the babies! Oh my gosh it’s little Bambi. [Laughter] You alerted them all. This tree didn’t
know what direction to grow in. Yeah, it looks awfully confused. So the snake and reptile enclosure, that
was pretty cool. On the inside it’s air-conditioned. And I think there’s
probably like two dozen or so different species of reptiles, snakes, big, and small,
and all scary. Guess what day it is? HUMP DAY!! It actually is though, because it’s Wednesday. Jordan. Would you still date me if I ate like
them? I plead the 5th. It’s crazy how high they have to make these walls, and how far away the
slope is from, them to keep them (the lions) from escaping. These are white African lions. Look at this silly lion. Meow. We’ve been walking around here for several hours now, this place is huge. We’re pretty glad we came. What do you think of it? Yeah, I’m glad people
recommended this, thank you guys! Cuz this place is really cool. And I’ve been
to zoos before but I feel like each zoo is so much different than the
last. This one really is bigger, and nicer, and greener, with more plants, than a lot
that I’ve seen, especially in Arizona, I mean it’s a desert so it’s kind of hard
to have greenery there, but it’s a very nice zoo. Hello! [Making animal calls] I don’t know what they respond to! I can’t believe how close they let you get to these guys. Oh my gosh! You wanna play a game? What’s that?
Duck, duck, goose! Who’s gonna move first? Hi! Meow. Meow. Wow! Meow. These ropes going from these giant poles
up here are for orangoutangs to go by. And it said how many meters across? 150
meters. And these are really really high up. It seems like they can go from their
enclosure to these things and then swing across and see more of the zoo if they
want to. Don’t forget to squirrel-scribe [subscribe joke] Hello! Alright, so we’re coming up to the buffalo, and if I’m being totally honest the only thing that I really like about
them, is the sauce they make. These are so pretty, nay beautiful. I think these guys should stop making asses of themselves [donkey noises] It’s
one thing to go to the zoo in English, in the US. You’re learning all sorts of new
words, and new animal names, and all the different things of the food they eat,
and where they live in the different parts of the world. But that multiplies by
like a hundred here in Mexico. We’re going to the Safari. What kind of an accent is that? I think it’s an African accent. No, it’s not. Should I start doing my British accent? We just got on the safari ride. They gave us some food so we can feed the animals. Oh my gosh! Come here! [Laughter] Oh my gosh! Awe! [Laughter] It’s tongue is so rough! Oh my gosh! [Laughter] What did you think of the safari? That was one of
the four things included in the diamond package, it was pretty cool! I actually
thought it was going to suck that we were in the very back row, but we could
see out the back, there was no one behind us, so no one in the way of seeing once
we went past an animal, and although I couldn’t understand
90% of what the guy was saying in Spanish because he was talking so fast. And that was like part of his act I
think too. He was trying to be funny. I was entertained by the other people being
entertained at this guy that was entertaining us. I would definitely do
that again, would you? Well we did this sky zoo and the safari, and I’d want to do
both of those again. Yeah this one reminded me more of like an amusement
park ride, versus just an activity that you would do, because of how they made
the ground. At one point we’re driving through a lake that has hippos in it. So that was
really cool, I enjoyed that a lot! ROAR! That bear is huge! If this is the actual
size I’m terrified, gosh, I don’t even know what I would do if I ran into that
in the wild. Pretty cool enclosure I’m BEARy glad we
stopped in. They’re OSO pretty. Oso is “Bear” in Spanish. That was a BEARy good pun. I tried my BEARst. So if there’s one piece of advice I can
give, and this was passed to us, we’re passing it on. Wear the most comfortable
walking shoes you have because this is definitely a day of walking. So we got into the penguin exhibit and it is really icy in here which actually can
feel super good! You ready? We think these fish like suck you or bite stuff off your hands or something. We’re not really quite sure, all the way
down. Does it hurt or just tickle? They won’t come over to me. No, do it, put your hand down.You’re squealing! I don’t want to do it. No, put your hand down there, it
doesn’t hurt at all. [Laughter] It does. It feels like they’re sucking on you. It just tickles. What about on the other side? [Laughter] Oh my gosh! It’s fine until
they really start getting in there. Jordan wants to be shocked, a simulated
shock of an electric eel. I’m scared. [Laughter] But wait, does this say it’s gonna be
three volts but an electric eel is 600 volts? Three volts is nothing. Did something happen? No, nothing happened. Do I have to press? Do you just have to leave it on there and it randomly
does it? Just try. One more time. [Maddie touches Jordan imitating a shock sound] [Laughter] Jerk! Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. What do we do? We swim, swim, swim. I love to swim. When you want to swim, you want to swim. This is a ring of fire from Finding Nemo. Nemo. Marlin. Okay, for sharks these are kind of adorable.
It would not be adorable if I was in the water with them. So we got here at
just about the time that it opened which is 10 a.m. and it’s now 4:15. This
definitely is an all-day activity. I thought this was really cool, I’ve been
to zoos in San Diego, Georgia, and in Phoenix. This might be my favorite
actually! What did you think? I’ve been too many all over the US, and yeah, this one’s
probably right up there with the best of them. What would you say as far as value? We each paid 200 with the Groupon price to have access to everything basically. Very
good. If you paid the basic admission price and didn’t get to do the extra
activities, which is what most of my visits, in the past, yeah exactly.
The zoo in Phoenix, I pay 35 bucks to get in and that doesn’t include anything. I
thought is a very good value especially for having all the things included. We
didn’t get go on the train but that’s another way that you can explore around
the park. We did everything on foot today even though that was included. I would
say the only thing that I feel like was not the greatest value was the food.
Which, those nachos this morning not sure how my stomach feels about those. You’re nachsure?
I’m notcho. Yeah but even still you can get a large bottle of water for 20 pesos,
a smaller meal for 40 pesos, a big meal for a hundred. All in all, I thought this was a
really cool experience. I would come back again. Coming early was a good idea for
us to be able to have the whole day to see everything and because it was a lot
cooler in the morning. But it was also nice to break up the day with a
different exhibits inside. We would have liked to show you up close, some of the
animals a little bit more, but due to the different types of enclosures with
fences, and glass, and things like that not all of the footage was worthwhile
enough to include. So we would just say come see it for yourself, this place was
awesome, we definitely recommend it! Yeah, for sure!
Thanks for watching our little zoo adventure! Hopefully we showed you guys
the best parts of this. If you did enjoy this video, give it a thumbs up, and
subscribe to our channel to see more videos that we put out about Mexico and
right now we are in Guadalajara for about the next two months.
Be sure to GONG THAT BELL to be notified every time we put out a new
video about all of our shenanigans in Mexico! So how does the Guadalajara zoo compare to the ones you’ve been to? Comment below, let us know. Also, what
other fun activities should we do? The Guadalajara zoo, we obviously really
like this, so anything similar we would be totally interested in trying out.
Leave those things down in the comments below and we will see you in the next

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  1. Phoenix Borealis

    That's a huuuuuuge zoo! <3 I work at the Saint Louis Zoo. We're about 90 acres, so not nearly as big as this, but we are AZA accredited, have free street parking and never charge an admission fee. Plus many of our most popular attractions are free in the first hour! We're well worth the visit for a real taste of St. Louis! My favorite thing about us is that we can educate inner city youth about animals and conservation. With as great of a value as this zoo is, I bet it does a lot of great education too!

  2. ETC Flyers

    I was hoping to see a mockingjay but it was not to be. I can see spending a long day at this zoo. I has it all – except for the mockingjay of course.

  3. StarMountainz99 TM

    Hopefully all zoos around the world take a page from the Guadalajara zoo's book and make themselves beautiful in the future! Amazing to see the beautiful conditions of this zoo for its inhabitants. Big props to them! Keep it up!

  4. Mireya Viramontes

    Omg! You guys, I just had a blast from the past! When my kids were little and we used to take them to the zoo in Gdl. It looks so much different now
    Thank you for showing me how it looks now. I love that you liked my city. 😉

  5. EntrepreneurQueen Diaz

    Thank you for sharing, We are traveling to Guadalajara & Michoacán next week. We will definitely make this a TO-DO on our list. We are traveling with our youngest 5 year old son. He will love it. 🌹

  6. chicken nugget Mimi

    Not hating🙊 but l hate the gdl zoo is huge and hot expensive and l don't like to see animals in cages ,especially the polar bears🥺

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