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Do your hear the ticking ? the ticking. Hello. You’re Louis, I presume. You’re safe Things are quite different here. The house is a very old place. There’s a clock in the walls. Do your hear the ticking? [Echoing] Ticking We don’t know what it does, except something horrible. So, you told Louis everything? Well, not everything. Have a look around. You’re perfectly safe. That’s safe? As long as it’s fed.

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  1. sandra graves

    Ugh. Why does Jack Black have to crap on everything? Something positive. Shallow Hal was great. Everything else is just the same frenetic dorky ass dude bro bullshit over and over and over and over…..

  2. Jeremiah Ramsey

    Oh how I've longed to see John Bellairs' novels brought to life on the big screen. I still love reading his entire collection- and the ones by Brad Strickland. Looking forward to this movie. If only some of Edward Gorey's artwork could make it in!

  3. Ricky Jackson

    I remember reading this book in 6th grade. It was ok I guess, nothing great. Since the book is usually better than the movie…

  4. LairMistress

    Interesting kind of fantasy/horror/comedy-looking thing.  And I like Jack Black, so I might see this one just for him… 🙂

  5. Thatamateuryoutuber 21

    Jack Black + Fireballs from fists × secrets ÷ what seems to be time travel and teleportation = My Type Of Movie 🎥 🎥 🎥

  6. David Linn

    they got the title from an actual house in america that has a clock in it's interior wall that's been going off at a certain hour for years and years.

  7. Aiber Lane

    I was about to say this trailer didn't give everything away. Then came the last minute that did exactly that. C'mon people, leave a little mystery!

  8. Faith Tucker

    Creative and whimsical visuals, a magic-based environment, vintage setting, Jack Black?!

  9. FireCracker3240

    This is just the kind of thing Jack Black is perfect in. I loved him in Goosebumps, Jumanji.. and now this film is in the same vein. This is his niche now. He sure has come a long way since "Nacho Libre" and "Saving Silverman". I'm quite proud, actually.

  10. Maggie Trupido

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  11. Richelle Langridge

    this movie actually looks scary goosebumps 2 was great though although there were two scenes where you can see the CGI quite clearly

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