The LARGE Minecraft Piston House!

Hello everyone, this is Mumbo and welcome back to another Minecraft video! And in this one we’re going to be take a look at the piston house. Now, for anyone who’s been on my channel for a little while, you may remember the first piston house I ever posted. It went down incredibly well. A lot of people really enjoyed it. And then I uploaded another piston house that went down even better. In fact, it’s one of my most viewed videos on my channel. Then I’ve uploaded another piston house and then a few more piston houses Unfortunately the concept began to get just a tiny bit boring Now don’t get it wrong People are still really enjoying the videos But I was struggling to think of redstone contraptions to fill the houses with which meant I unfortunately had to stop the series Now just under a year has past since the previous piston house And I am filled with redstone contraption ideas So I’ve created this latest one right here Which I think is pretty epic Now I think a fairly obvious place to start in this video Is with the exterior of the house. And I just wanna mention that this was actually designed by me Which may seem really quite surprising Because, as you guys know, I’m not the best builder in the history of Minecraft Generally speaking I tend to struggle with that sort of thing And I definitely struggle with houses, especially ultra-modern houses like this one But, I decided to set aside a few hours on my weekend And actually get to work on some purely decorative building And, I think I’ve done a half-decent job I mean, it’s not too ugly, it doesn’t make me want to vomit, which is always a positive thing We’re using plenty of spruce wood, quartz, we got some stone bricks Some really big windows that allow you to see right the way through the house which is a very nice feature indeed and if we take a look around the back, I
feel like it all fits together quite nicely. I mean it’s not awful; let me know down
in the comments section if you do think it’s awful, but anyway the most important
thing about this build isn’t the crazy exterior, it’s actually the crazy interior
with all the redstone contraptions that we have going on in the inside Now you may have noticed we’ve got a rather
large perimeter fence going around the outside of the property but there is no
obvious entrance of this thing there’s no big fence gates or any gigantic doors
or anything like that it is quite simply a couple of fences
here with some sticky pistons underneath and that is because when we hit this button right
here these fences actually drop down into
the ground so we can pop on through now you may be sat there thinking how on
earth does this block power anything It’s floating above the ground but that is
because this piston right here is actually being constantly updated by
this redstone which means that when this button powers that block the piston
will detect it due to the BUD powering principle and it will actually extend
causing a redstone signal to go through to these Pistons. I know it’s incredibly
long winded but I personally think it looks really quite cool. Anyway up here
we have got ourselves some invisible pressure place, we can walk over those
and the doors will open and that will take us through into the cloakroom. Now
as you can see these two armor stands they’ve already got some coats on them
so all we have to do is swap them out we’ll get ourselves a fresh armor stand and we can
place our coats on top of him nice and easy. As far as the entrance is
concerned that’s pretty much everything other than this rather wonderful
painting back here so let’s just pop through into the kitchen and as you can
see we’ve got a few more redstone builds going on including this rather
interesting looking thing that I’ll be getting onto in the next couple seconds. So first off we’ve got this oven right here we’ve got a few side areas so we
can prepare all of the food that we never going to make because this is Minecraft we also have a sink a few brewing stands
so we can make some drinks and most importantly we’ve got ourselves a
working freezer that is filled with raw fish I’m sure I’m going to be preparing
that later on and someone has been doing plenty of fishing right here I mean that is hours upon hours of work, so I think that deserves some credit anyway if you pop through into this area
you can see we’ve got ourselves a working television set – we hit the button
that turns off the TV and we hit the button once again and that turned it back on
and then off to my left we have got my working redstone digital pet. Yes I know it’s
completely ridiculous this right here is a virtual Mumbo it’s
the closest thing you can possibly get to a real life Mumbo in the form of
redstone, redstone lamps, and various different redstone circuits that we’ll be taking a look at in the next couple seconds He has a happiness meter right now he’s
pretty happy but he will eventually get unhappy due to the way the system works. The way
that we increase his happiness is by throwing him diamonds, redstone, stone slabs,
roast chicken, and TNT – those are the five items in Minecraft that really do make Mumbo a happy
thing. Now if you take a look at all the redstone behind it you can see we’ve got
plenty of things going on down here we’ve got an item sort of which detects all of those different types of items, that then sends a redstone signal
through into this line right here which goes into this comparator clock that comparator clock then runs
through into this dropper right here which will send the items from this dropper into this dropper which will increase the happiness because we’ve got
a comparison running out from this which takes a redstone signal strength from it
and the more items inside this dropper the stronger the signal strength which
means that it will be happy, it will show a happy face on the screen however we also have this hopper clock
over here which periodically powers this dropper right here sending items from that dropper into this
dropper which decreases the redstone signal
strength, and if the signal strength gets too low, then unfortunately it will show
unhappy face which means the Mumbo is in fact sad That’s how it works. Now I get it, that
was a very confusing and complicated redstone creation explanation, and I
will totally understand if you totally didn’t understand. And if you don’t
understand redstone at all, well I apologize because that probably all sounded like white noise. So if you do want to take a closer look
at this world and perhaps have a look through all the redstone systems then
there will be a world download down in the description that you can check out for
yourselves, or alternatively if there are plenty of comments I will consider doing
a tutorial for this thing because it’s pretty sweet and I’d love to see it popping up in a
few more builds in the future anyway we are now going to pop upstairs
and take a look at what’s going on up there were going to use our
translocation piston elevator which will suck us through the floor and here we
are now there’s nothing too exciting going on up here we’ve got ourselves
this redstone lamp and also this double bed right here but this redstone lamp is
really quite interesting when the light is on you can’t sleep as soon as the light
turns off like, to the second, as soon as that light turns off, that bed becomes
active it’s actually done using comparators, one comparator sort of takes signal strength away from the other comparator and it makes it extremely
accurate which I think is pretty amazing finally onto the last room of the house
and that is the bathroom now due to poor house design it’s right in front of this
gigantic window ok, and that is the toilet right there can you imagine being
sat there doing your business and knowing that anyone could just stare in I don’t know if that’s really for me,
personally, but hey-ho we also have a sink right here and also
a shower in this corner that works wonderfully in fact it works
almost too well; it’s a very very strong shower we have plenty of water falling down
right there you get drenched instantly that’s it. Anyway that is everything done
we hit this button opens up the door we can hit this button right here that
drops down level and then we can pop back through and take a look at what’s
going on in the garage. I will just warn you: don’t get too excited for this
one. We flip the lever, and the garage door opens we don’t really have too much
going on, we’ve got a car it’s a – it’s a lovely car, it’s run of the
mill, you know your average car it’s nothing too exciting it’s not exactly a
McLaren P1 or anything like that I would say it’s like a Ford Fiesta; it’s
good, not thrilling, but it’s definitely a good car so that’s that, the garage is now done, flick the lever garage door closes up, absolutely
wonderful this piston house is all done and dusted
I hope you enjoyed this little piston house tour experience I personally
had a blast building this thing and let me know down in the comments section if
you want to see more of these piston houses because I’ll be more than happy
to crack on with them, but unfortunately that is all I’ve got time for today, I hope you
enjoyed this video. If you did please hit that like button, and if you really loved
it and make sure to subscribe, but thanks for watching guys, this has been Mumbo, and I’m out, I’ll see you later.

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  2. Jarhead.official

    Make a house that kind of builds itself so like each part so the walls the floor the roof e.t.c is connected to pistons and then build

  3. mikey gaming tv

    I made a redstone UNDERWATER BASE well right on top of water and a contraption that drops you to the water and im planning on making a contraption that launches you up to the second story

  4. Muridane

    on the garage door, how do you pull two vertical blocks down to ground level? if you already have a tutorial of that, please let me know. thanks

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