The Lost World: Jurassic Park – What’s the Difference?

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom, is
sequeling up our cineplexes this weekend. And since Jurassic Park was
one of the very first “what’s the differences” we did,
it’s time to move into sequel territory ourselves.
>>The second of two Jurassic Park novels by, Michael Crichton. The Lost World was written and published
in 1995, after the first film came out. In fact, it was Spielberg himself who
lobbied Crichton to write another one. So that they could have more material for a film sequel.
>>Help me, Michael Crichton, help me.
>>So what does it look like, when you write a sequel to a book, specifically
to inform a sequel to a movie. That already changed a bunch of
stuff from the original book. That film was based on, then make the film
sequel version of that book sequel?>>Probably a Big god damn mess?>>Probably, I’m Clint Cage.
>>And I’m Casey Redmond.
>>So go check out our old Jurassic Park episode, for a quick primer
on the first book and movie. And with no restraint on spoilers,
it’s time to ask, what’s the difference? (Music) Let’s start by answering
the question asked, whenever anybody decides to make a sequel,
why the hell are we doing this? The answer, for the money.
>>For the science.>>Really, because I kind of thought that.>>Yeah no. I guess kind of.
>>Because you know that science rules.>>Well, we’re kind of both right. Both book and movie, feature two
different groups going to MGM’s. Other dinosaur filled island, Isla Sorna. One that’s in it for academia and one that’s trying to stack that paper.
>>In the book, on team science, we find Doctor Ian Malcom.
>>Totally not dead, as the first novel sort of implied. But totally hobbled by the bum leg, left over from his adventures
in the first book. He’s giving lectures on his
new theories about extinction, they seemingly denying
the existence of dinosaurs. And being hounded by the super-rich,
super-arrogant scientist name Richard Levine.
>>Levine is the heir to a doll making fortune and he’s convinced a lost world is on the
verge of being discovered in Costa Rica. Dinosaurs are turning
up on the mainland and the Costa Rican government is doing
a hell of a job, covering it up. The first third or so of the book,
covers months of investigation leading to the discovery of Jurassic Park’s
secret 2nd island, site B. Ultimately, Levine chips away at Malcolm
and they begin planning an expedition to the island,
Malcolm is actually stoked about this. He sees this as an incredible
opportunity to study the animals and thinks he can prove some of
his theories about extinction.>>But when Levine jumps the gun and heads down early by himself, of course,
he gets attacked by dinosaurs. And stranded on the island, forcing
the rest of the expedition to hustle down there and rescue his ass.
>>The movie opens with a super rich British family, yachting their way
through the South American coast. Their little girl goes off to explore,
but instead finds a bunch of copies and gets attacked. This was actually,
how the first novel opened. So, John Hammond, who totally didn’t die in the first
movie like he did in the first book. Is now scrambling to keep control of Injun
by sending Team Science down to Isla Sorna to study the animals. Hoping to sway public support, by showing
the flourishing dinosaurs peacefully living on their own.
>>Malcolm, of course thinks, this is dumb. Which is a key difference between book and
movie Malcolm. While book Malcolm has denied
the dinosaur thing for years and is gung ho to study them again. Movie Malcom was vocal about his
experience in Jurassic Park. To the point where his
credibility has been shattered, he’s just that crazy dinosaur guy. (Sound)
>>It isn’t until Malcom learns that team science’s resident paleontological
behavior theorist. Slash his girlfriend Sarah Harding
is already on the island that he agrees to go. But only, if he gets to say
this on his way out the door.>>Its not a research expedition anymore, its a rescue operation and its leaving right now.
>>And so team science is forced to hustle
down there to rescue Sarah. So who else is going? Along with Malcolm and Sarah,
team science has Eddy Carr, designer of all the rad fuel equipment. Nick Van Owen,
a roguish cameraman and activist. And of course Kelly, Ian’s stow away teenage daughter.
>>In the book it’s Jack Thorne that designed all the rad field equipment. And Eddie Carr, described as a stocky
young man in his 20 is his foreman. They both make the traveling squad,
along with Sarah Harding. She’s not quite Julianne Moore in
the book, described as short, muscular and compact with short black hair. Book Sarah, specializes in predators and
is off studying them in Africa. When the call comes in to hustle
to the island and rescue Levine.>>They’ve also got not just one, but two young stowaways. Kelly and Arby, are two students who had
struck a friendship with Dr. Levine. Becoming his research assistants and
little errand kids. Learning that he had
disappeared on the island, they are determined to help get him back.
>>Gee, I hope they’re useful. It’d be a drag, if all they were good for
was timely gymnastics.>>Yeah, I mean they’re pretty sharp kids. One of them is in the computer,
so you know, yeah. Probably better than the gymnastics. (Noise) But, how about Team Money? In the movie it’s lead by
Hannah’s nephew Peter Ludlow, who’s taking charge of Injun, determined
to salvage Injun’s most bonkers assets. Ludlow sends an enormous expedition to the
island to capture as many live animals as possible. To bring them back to
an almost finished zoo, they apparently already own in San Diego.
>>They’ve got this hilarious dinosaur nerd stereotype in a cowboy hat,
this awesome big game hunter stereotype, Roland Timbo. And a host of other colorful mercenary
types that aren’t in the book at all, because in the book,
team money is just three guys. Lewis Dodgson, a corporate saboteur
with Injun’s rival who appears in both the first book and the movie.
>>Dodgson. Dodgson, we’ve got Dodgson here.
>>His plan is to steal the fertilized eggs from site b. He’s not exactly a nice guy in the movie,
but he’s a real worm in the books. He even tries to kill Sarah Harding, by throwing her overboard
on the way to the island. But tagging along with him are his
right hand man Howard King, a researcher who does not feel
good about working with Dodgson. And Professor Baselton, a celebrity biologist who’s
been the face of anti-dino PR. Going on TV and denying everything anybody
says about dinosaurs possibly existing. Once they get to the island, Team Science sets out to find
the people they came there for. In the movie,
they find Sarah pretty quickly, while the book takes almost as
little time to find Levine. Book Team Science, spends a lot
more time discussing their finding. Because again, all of them are super gun
hoe to study up, while they’re down there. But once they’re on the island, there’s
really only one thing that’s similar. The mom and
pop T-Rexe’s attacking the trailer. Although, the set up
is a little different.>>In the movie, Sarah and Nick release all the captured dinosaurs,
ruining InGen’s camp. (Sound)
>>On their way back, they find a baby T-rex that big
game tough guy Roland Tembo, was using to lure a T-rex
into his rifle sights. Sarah and Nick rescue the baby and bring it back to the trailer
to mend its broken leg. In the book, Team Money accidentally steps
on the baby T-rex when they’re stealing eggs, leaving it helpless
with a broken leg. But when Team Science finds it, the baby
manages to chomp down on Eddy’s boot, refusing to let go.
>>Sarah and Ian actually tell Eddy to shoot the thing,
because it will be dead soon anyway. Look at him, it’s totally fuck. It isn’t until later, it’s revealed that
Eddy didn’t have the heart to do it. So, he brought the baby back
to the trailer instead. You idiot! Once mom and Dad T-Rex show up and
start wrecking shop. The trailer over the cliff sequence is
probably the high watermark of the film. Ian, Sarah and Nick get tossed around,
rolled over and end up dangling on a rope. They only make it out alive, thanks to the help of Eddie Carr,
who gets needlessly ripped in half. Like, the dude did not deserve
to die this brutally and man, does no one shed a tear for him. Ultimately, it’s InGen’s now-crippled
expedition team that helps them back onto solid ground.
>>The book attack, finds just Ian and Sarah in the trailer. Ian gets crunched up pretty bad and is completely helpless again, while Sarah
gets him out with the help of Jack Thorne. And while nobody gets eaten, bizarre, Ian spent the rest of the book in
a morphine induced fever dream. Reduced to mumbling and
being carried places. After the trailer attack, Team Science and Team Money were reluctantly join
forces to make it off the island. But boom, this guy dies,
then bam, so his dinosaur nerd. Then bam, bam lots of other
guys get eaten by raptors. And by the time the helicopters arrive,
Ian and Sarah and timely Gymnast Kelly have survived
along with nick and no one. But, so has Ludlow, Tembo and the male
T-Rex that he took down with a high power tranq rifle, all caged up and
headed to the mainland. But before we go back to movie mainland,
we’re staying on book island, where T-Money just can’t get those eggs. Dodgson’s plan involves a device
that emits a high pitched frequency. Which drives the parents away from the
nest, while they sneak in and grab an egg. But when the device shorts out on them in
the T-Rex nest, Busselton gets eaten and Papa T-Rex chases away Dodgson and King. King gets eaten by raptors pretty quickly,
but Dodgson is actually able to hunker down in a shed for a while.
>>Meanwhile, team science has their own adventures with the raptors, when the
dinosaurs attack them in the high hide. Eddie gets knocked down to the ground and
eaten. Arby, meanwhile, gets himself stuck in
an anti-predator cage at ground level. While the raptors use
it like a hamster ball, kicking it back to their nest, one of them
gets the key literally stuck in its teeth. So Thorn and
Levine take off with the cage, while Sara and
Kelly take off on a motorcycle to bring down the raptor with the key.
>>Wow, that’s sounds pretty exciting.
>>It is. Way more exciting in timely gymnastics. (Sound)
>>Ultimately, team science holds up in
the old workers compound. Sarah finds Team Money’s gas-powered
jeep and tries to get it. Only to have Dodgson and
a T-Rex show up at the same time. In a wicked, cold-blooded move
that Dodgson totally had coming. Sarah pushes him out from under the jeep,
letting the T-Rex nobble him up. Nobble him? The dinosaur brings
the asshole back to the nest, where the baby T-Rexe’s
can learn how to kill. Meanwhile, team science survives
another encounter with raptors and finds their way to a boat,
where they make it off the island. That’s a still doped up Ian, Sarah,
Thorn, Levine, Arby, and Kelly. But in the movie,
Team Money is just getting started. Once back on the main land, Ludlow is all set to introduce
MGM’s most amazing thing ever. When instead, the T-Rex straight up
King Kong’s his way through San Diego. Sarah and Ian have to use the baby T-Rex once again
to lure the big guy back onto the ship. Where Ludlow, like Dodgson from the book,
is used for baby T-Rex hunting practice. The film wraps up with some sentimental
thoughts from John Hammond about preserving the island. And a peaceful Norman Rockwell image of a
family of T-Rexe’s living happily side by side with Stegosauruses and Pterodactyls. So it would seem that
Team Science has won.>>The book meanwhile, offers no such conclusion. Malcolm even discovers that the whole
trip down there was useless. You see, it turns out that InGen
fed some of the dinosaurs a bad batch of sheep need. That spread a degenerative condition,
drastically shortening their lifespan and dooming them to extinction, again. So even the prospects of studying
the Lost World became moot. Team science doesn’t get their data and
team money, they’re corpses. So, I guess team dinosaur wins this one. Point is, the book is about salvaging
what’s left from the original Jurassic Park. Team science looking to learn about
extinction through this pristine lost world. And team money just looking
to pick InGen bones clean.>>The movie, on the other hand, picks up the same themes
as the original film. Awe in the face of the creation of
dinosaurs and the complete arrogance in thinking we can control it.
>>Ooh, that’s how all we starts. But then later there’s running and then screaming.
>>That’s it for The Lost World. Let us know what you think about Falling
Kingdom and if you’re going to Tiran to see it this weekend.
>>Ooh, dude, put that away. It’s not even a pun.
>>Yeah, okay, sorry. Just be sure to subscribe to CineFix for
more, What’s the Difference.>>That was fucking stupid.>>It was the first thing that popped into my head, I didn’t workshop it.

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Reader Comments

  1. wolfman571

    I honestly liked the second book more than the first. I can't really explain why, but I felt much more engaged while reading the second book.

  2. The Black Lodger

    And people say The Shining book & film are almost 2 different works…. As someone who's read both The Lost World & Shining novels, The Shining film adaptation is LIKE a very accurate adaptation of its novel compared to The Lost World movie vs the novel. XD

  3. Jurassic Lion

    You didnt mention the Carnotaurus’ that can become in visible with camouflage. Thats one of the highlights of the books. Its why fans were so pumped that the Indominus rex was part Carnotaurus and was able to camouflage.

  4. Colonel Cosby

    I love the Lost World movie and dont get all the hate people give it but only thing I would have changed was the ending cus I would have loved to see the original planned ending where its just them escaping the island there was apparently a scene where pterodactyls attack the rescue helicopters and I'm sure everyone would have been down with longer raptor chase/escape scenes as the ending then hell have the last 15 min or whatever be the t rex stuff on main land I just thought the raptor stuff at end of movie was super short lived

  5. Joey JoJo Joestar Junior Shabadoo

    The only Crichton novel I didn't like. Kind of ham-handed and making Dodson such a cartoony super villain was just plain bad.

  6. Michael Switzer

    I know I read the books when I was a kid because I loved the movies they where the only two books I ever read outside of school work but I don't remember any of this

  7. Dana Bowman

    One of my favorite parts of the book was when the t rex sits on the car they're in and rubs his junk all over it! XD hahah totally wasn't what I was expecting! But later makes sense when they talked about the rexes having the territory during the day and the carnotaurous at night. 🙂

  8. migee cee


  9. ImpyWorm

    What's the difference? Easy. Book had good protagonists with reasonable goals and the film had villain protagonists that are responsible for every single death that occurs in said film.

  10. Todd Dawson-Cooper

    The movie may have been a bit of a mess, deviating a bit too far from the source material, stapling on a Conan Doyle homage at the end, and so, so many scenes that would add much-needed exposition either cut from the script or left on the cutting room floor after filming (so far, there's only been two of the many deleted scenes we've ever seen officially released — they can be seen on the DVD or in certain TV versions of the film) that really do wonders at introducing Roland, Ajay and Ludlow) that it really threw off the pacing of the film in many areas and left most of the characters motivations unclear, which is really the biggest flaw this film has, some things are set up and never paid off, or happen without the setup scene leaving the audience confused.

    That said, it's still a far better sequel to JP than anything that came after (///, JW and FK) and you can still feel the life that Spielberg and Williams manage to breathe into the film, from the introduction sequence with the Compsognathus pulled straight from Crichton's first novel, to the Stegosaurus scene, and the Velociraptors in the long grass. It's a very different film tonally, that was a given, and it was absolutely where the film needed to go in my opinion — but it still retains that Jurassic Park aesthetic, which is more than I can say for any of the JP sequels following (even Jurassic World which is almost a straight rip-off of JP, still feels more in line with an MCU-flick or Transformers movie than a true Jurassic Park sequel).

  11. cheezemonkeyeater

    If I recall, in the book, Dodgeson was also involved in multiple acts of corporate sabotage that had gotten dozens of people injured and had even been caught doing an experiment similar to the Tuskegee syphilis project, which meant no respectable company would work with him – and even Biosyn wouldn't officially hire him, instead paying him off the books to do espionage and sabotage to Biosyn's rival companies.

  12. Doug Reynolds

    [SPOILERS for "The Lost World" novel] You left out the climax (and arguably best part) of the book?! I'm of course talking about the stealthy photophobic chameleon dinosaurs whose nighttime hunting grounds become raptor territory in the daylight, causing our surviving characters to realize that thin bamboo walls and overhead lighting will not continue to protect them once the sun crests the ridge, all the while knowing they have a razor thin window of opportunity to escape only if they can miraculously get to the the other side of the island immediately… Seriously, the tensest scene in either book, with the coolest duel discoveries in the franchise, one of the raddest dino encounters, and a major plot line left out of the movie is just relegated to "They make their way to a boat"?? Boo!

  13. Noko Panda

    7:06 why do people think that the characters in these movies have to “deserve” their deaths? May I remind you that dinosaurs are ANIMALS! They don’t care whether you deserve to die or not. If you’re there, you’re on the menu.

  14. Pappa Joe

    The gas powered jeep was destroyed by maiasaurs she was underneath the electric car when the Rex came along. It was a very very good scene xD

  15. Robert Woodside

    I thought in the Jurassic park franchise all dinosaurs are female. If so, then where the hell did the Male T – Rex come from in the lost world ? and how did InGenn hunter crew find Doctor Malcolm's daughter Kelly in the Hide high ?? Those two big questions were never explained in the movie.

  16. Paul Douglas

    Ian, Sarah and Nick must have gnarly grip stregnth. Hanging off a cliff for several minutes, clinging to a soaking wet rope while heavy machine falls by them and explodes beneath. Then after 3 adults who had been hanging on to said wet rope for a significant amount of time, they still have the grip, forearm, and core strength to climb 20 feet up the cliff side. Impressive. They must have been proponets of CrossFit. 🤮

  17. Gigantis the Fire Monster

    Yeah … I think it’s safe to say that Spielberg did not like Michael Crichton’s commissioned sequel. He took like one scene and 3 characters.

  18. Daniel Lavayen

    A little mistake, Dodgson dies when Sarah gets to the Explorer, not the Jeep. By that time, the Jeep had already ran out of gas. I finished reading the book like 15 min ago. Great book! way better than the movie

  19. Benjamin W.

    Dodgson accidentally unplugs the device tripping in the Rex nest. It doesn’t short out. But awesome vid! And the carnos??

  20. Olirocket127

    And just to think, that Spino is still at Lost World (film 1) still living…..1 day….He will be the cause of human extinction….1 DAY…..

  21. rgerber

    I hate Vince Vaughan and also the black girl. I dont know why i just do.
    Whenever i see Vince Vaughan i just cant take him seriously

  22. *StarPinkie Flame*

    Make what's the difference of child's play movie from the old one and new one 2019

    And make what's the difference of Jurassic Park 3 novel and the movie

    More What's the difference of The Walking Dead TV series and the comic series

  23. colt45 4548

    You guys did not get the inside joke about the paleontologist in the cowboy hat. There were two prominent paleontologists at the the time Lost world was filming and they were having a feud over a theory about T-rex. One was Dr. Robert Baker who has duck dynasty beard and always wore a cowboy style hat. The other was Dr. Jack Horner who wore glass. The nature of their feud was whether or not T-rex was an active predator or a scavenger. Steven Spielberg allowed Dr Horner to dress up as his rival and make fun of him with an over the top performance. So a background, extremely minor character was actually a continuation of a Scientific feud.

  24. Kari Myhran

    First things first: Richard Levine was a frickin awesome character with great development and it was a mistake to not put him in the movie. My favorite part is when he’s following the tyrannosaur on his bicycle 😂😂

    I never liked the movie much as a kid and still now, and didn’t expect much from the book. However, I will say that The Lost World book is every bit as good as the Jurassic Park book . I reread each of them several times.

    Also, since it wasn’t mentioned, Sarah Harding (waay cooler and more badass) was Malcolm’s ex-girlfriend but they were good friends. I was worried about a rekindled romance but thankfully that never happened. Wasn’t until Jurassic World that they started shoving unnecessary romances in our faces.

  25. Geowyn Leda

    From what I can remember of reading the novel the only thing the same in both film and novel is Malcolm saying "This is gonna be bad." when the T-rexes attack the trailer.

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