The Megabuild Project – 40 – Coastal Cottage: The Last Shack We Need

hello everyone and welcome back to the
megabill we’re here at coastal cottage and there have been some changes since
last time so I’m gonna go through those really quick before we get started
here’s what that guard station ended up looking like after I got done fiddling
with it and adding crap to it it looks fairly Raeder ish and sort of a guess 30
and then I built this thing over the pit because I did not know how much fiddling
I’d have to do and I have been building in vanilla a lot lately more on that a
bit but I had to reactivate myself to building with mods I had forgotten or
had not realized just how difficult it is sometimes to get used to having all
that stuff again in different places when you’ve been building in a different
mode for a long time so this is what the provisioners gonna be since the burner
stops right about there this will be their provision or Hut and this didn’t
go back this wasn’t too bad it was way more fiddly than I’d like it would have
been really crappy to watch but they’re not gonna have much storage here just
down here will be the valuables I guess the safes down here and there’s a chest
down here ammo and guns and drugs and stuff like that and you know some cobble
together stairway up here with some supports everything’s fairly support
underneath and yeah so that’s the that’s the prisoner Shack so today we’re gonna
put we’re gonna be putting the last building up here and I’m gonna put it
over here since this is pretty much the last clear spot we have next to that
house I’m thinking what don’t want to put it up but over here don’t put over
there where is it gonna go and we’ll probably put a lump over there near them
near the settlement boundary sort of away from everything but kind of close
to the main building and as usual we’re going to steal another Bethesda building
today we’re gonna steal this one this one I’m sure you’ve all seen before this
is a kind of halfway between Walden Pond and Gorski cabin if you come by here
most the time when you see this thing for the first time the Ritter’s are
shooting dogs there’s a–there’s like a pack of dogs
off the hill so you hear the shooting before you see it but this one here is a
pretty straightforward building it’s in like six pieces and some random stuff
that you can only get really with mods but but again they used they use the one
wall for the door and we’ve got what two deep walls a
corner piece and then a floor a couple other walls a ladder stairway and that’s
it this is pretty much it but I wanted this one for the outside because it has
that top level like the the open the UH the watch coast I guess kind of thing
where they can keep an eye on the road going down from towards the Mikado’s I
guess is where that will go that’s that’s the orientation this thing but
you can see here I mean both the wall deep wall pieces of the same it’s all
there’s that pushed out wall behind me with the that they like to use the
Raiders like to use so much where is it yeah look at it No so I’m looking at the
walls going which ones are these okay that’s the one and of course that push
that wall but they got a bet on the floor and a shelf and that’s pretty much
all with a chem station and then up on the top we’ve got some other stuff a
chair and it’s held up by what looks like a support from a house I think just
yanked a a column off a house or a tore it up and just put it up here I don’t
have that piece so we’ll have to uh we’ll have to improvise and then the
floor you can see that half wall sort of laid down sideways but you know a
railing and then there’s that my favorite piece there another pushed out
wall some ornamentation of patio chair it not really much to this so I’m just
gonna use this thing as a base yeah there’s no support in that corner which
is totally weird to me I do need more support so anyway that’s what we’re
gonna steel and like I said there’s the door there’s that wall that wall piece
being used as a door I guess so to speak but this thing looks pretty good in its
environment it fits where it belongs because of all the brush and the trees
and stuff so anyway this is what we’re gonna steal so let’s go ahead and get
started with this bad boy alright so while this goes up while we put this
thing together and have kind of a difficult time with weird your parts of
it but it’s pretty straightforward this is about as easy as it gets here I think
but it suits right it fits the theme of this particular build so when it comes
to react lamenting to mods I have been building in vanilla pretty much
exclusively for the past week and a half two weeks because I’m finding that that
that contest thing in jelly roll thank you joy rolls thank you for quote
encouraging me to do it because I’m having quite a bit of fun with it
because it’s you know it’s been a like the the speed of billion vanilla is so
much faster than mods because you know you have less to deal with and since all
the tools work the same way that I’ve been doing for God what year year and a
half two years I know what’s possible I don’t have to fiddle as much with it you
know because I know if I want to do something I know how that’s accomplished
and I know where those pieces are I know how to patch things that won’t work and
it like that anyway so I have been working on this thing and it is
currently about well it’s structurally done it’s it’s 99% structurally done and
I’ve been lately I’ve been furnishing it you know giving giving the building’s
character and giving them reasons and going through all my junk and trying to
find things and you know dump it stuff on the ground looking at it to give me
ideas of what I want a certain building to be a structure to be so yeah that’s
what’s going on there I’m really looking forward to showing you guys this thing I
really think you get to get a kick out of it
I don’t think anyone’s gonna be surprised where I chose to build if
you’ve been watching this channel at all lately let’s just say the one the one
settlement I have built out the most that is when I chose for this one
because I mean like I said a lot of them before I said before there’s a lot of
them that have problems that are not solvable in
vanilla and that is that can be well okay that’s not entirely true I can’t
solve I look at them I can’t think of solutions for the issues that they have
and some of them are just bugs you know I mean like any any settlement with with
the bug beds I just you can’t use it you know cuz it’s like you’re stuck that’s
it it’s done so that’s coming up I’m going it’s gonna be very difficult to
not release it once I’m done with it because it’s what April it’s in April
light to 29th today or something like that
and the deadlines the turn in the posting date I guess is June 1st so it’s
looking like probably more than a weekend here is where the filling
probably was talking about it’s like ok I don’t know why that thing is not
snapping sideways like it will not snap sideways so I finally say you know what
to hell that I’m just gonna grease like it stick it in there because that’s the
that’s the way I know that’ll work I mean that’s just gonna work just a
matter how to do it so yeah that’s what’s going on with that in the
settlement and survival build that thing the Dalton farm build that’s just gonna
need finishing touches and that’s going to take some time because I haven’t
really furnished or given character to many of the buildings other than just
drop in a couple of beds in a dresser and until I remember it’s supposed to be
a bedroom or whatever I I thought about I don’t know if it would be interesting
watching decorating it and furnishing it that doesn’t seem interesting to me but
if y’all are interested in that kind of thing I mean let me know in the comments
and I can record it I mean I don’t know I don’t think I wouldn’t find it
interesting to watch but but I’m not watching my meat well of course I’m
watching myself I had to watch myself but I don’t know if that’s the kind of
thing y’all would be interested in if you are I mean I’d be happy to do it I
just I don’t know how fun that would be to watch
so yeah that’s we’re in them we’re in the final or in the final lap I guess of
the settlements in survival Dalton farm build and then after that I
don’t even know what to help me to do I make it back tomorrow bone world I
haven’t loaded that guy up in a while and I kind of miss playing that dude so
we may see more of him as well and yeah so anyway so I’ve been playing a lot and
leveling the other guy he just finished the the contest guy just finished a
nuclear world because I had to get some other stuff out of there and I needed to
get everything done I can’t it is just so much fun killing
all those Raiders you know wiping them all out before you go after the bosses
and then just killing like six people and just get it done so that was fun and
I discovered something that I don’t know why I didn’t realize this why I never
occurred to me but if it hasn’t occurred to you and you’d like to play the
Brotherhood like I do whenever you turn in viable blood to Neriah right you
turning in Jesus here’s some caps thanks for there searching for it whatever and
then you have to check again it’s like hey do you have any more x12 loving
compound right and that’s like that’s like what why do I had to check every
single time right why didn’t she tell me well it turns out that she does and
here’s the clue here’s the secret when you turn in Bible blood samples right
she says oh my god thank you so much for the thing this would look great oh you
these are I’ll put these on ice right away bah bah bah bah blah and then she
says remember keep an eye on in the Commonwealth for blah blah blah right
she always says after you turn him in she does her little line and then she
says remember keep an eye out for this remember I’ll pay you for them whatever
the heck it is but when she has x-111 she does not say remember you could you
turn him in she says her line and then she walks away it’s okay when she does
that she has x-111 so if you did not know that like I did not know that after
two years of playing this friggin game now you know now you don’t have to check
with her anymore now you know if she doesn’t say that second line
she hasn’t and you can tell you could talk to her again she’ll ask you Samuel
how you do have blah blah blah you said you have taken levers just I guess I
just been do something well I guess I know you did because you didn’t tell me
to keep looking for more so there’s your clue there’s there’s there’s the game
tip of the day Wow the I wasn’t paying attention very rare
time so yeah this one here I dress it up a little bit took a little bit time to
furnish it and show you how this works because I mean when I built it like what
10 minutes it was like it was up like okay so now we’re gonna give a literally
character we’re gonna make it good for our quote Sadler’s when they come here
but the settlers in this thing the settlers are gonna be Raiders I think I
mean well of course they’re gonna be settlers they can’t possibly be Raiders
but I can make them look like Raiders right
and that little box that little duffel bag under the bed there has a bunch of
Raider armor and equipment that I’m just gonna give these guys so we’re gonna use
them as bait they’re decoys right they’re gonna convince the Raiders that
there are still Raiders living here rather than settlers doing whatever so
I’m gonna have to keep an eye out and do a have to do a little bit of hiding to
keep the plants hidden because you know Raiders don’t farm they hate farming and
now we’re gonna address this place up you know similarly similarly to the
other one in terms of it has a chem station it’ll have shelves down here it
has a chair upstairs but and some boxes but for the rest of it it has you know
the Bethesda influence and stuff so yeah and then I guess I don’t even know what
to do what else is there oh yeah streaming still working on this
still working on this doing a lot of research trying to figure out how to do
it and it’s it’s coming along it’s coming along I’m gonna have to actually
probably take a weekend to learn how to do it you know to practice and check the
sound levels and check the configuration so that when I if when I actually do go
live I don’t sit there for the first episode of the first whatever and just
fiddle with settings I don’t want to have to do that I want it to be at least
reasonably close to reasonably close to being good at least listenable like you
know the balance is okay and my voice sounds okay I got a check with the noise
suppression settings and stuff like that and you know all that
fiddly diddly stuff but thankfully I should have the bandwidth for it so
that’ll be that’s one nice thing I don’t have to worry about oh yeah this looks
pretty good we got a little a couple other things up
here and looks and looking pretty complete in here all I needs is a cup a
little bit of decoration that’s pretty much done so now I’m looking down slope
and I’m like okay I want to build them a field that’s sort of not visible not
easily visible so maybe later I’ll go down slope I think I’m gonna wall that
off with a double height walls and you know junk walls and cars and whatever
the heck I can figure out but we’re gonna build the deck up top here so that
the boss guy I guess whoever the boss was could see this little yard I mean I
guess they would have used it back when they had it when the Raiders had it for
like I don’t know torturing people or you know target practice or you know cuz
they do use settlers for target practice a lot you see that in like Shamrock Tap
House and other places where else did you see it East Boston Prep they got
that one guy in the chair downstairs in the theater so that could be something
they would do outside here in this little courtyard and I’ll just plant
some crops out here maybe maybe you know cover it with that one of those Raider
awnings or whatever and here’s another switch over from from
the what is it from the Maude thing because these junk walls do not behave
the same in vanilla extensions as they do regularly now this fence does this
fence is fine but the fences with tires on them and the corner fence the corner
piece fences they don’t have hotspots anymore I guess maybe they snap now I
haven’t really checked them but or they’re snap a bull like they don’t snap
themselves but the the other V events as will snap to them so you’ll get to see
me struggle with this a little bit more but the little trick still works you
know take the fence up you know when it turns red release it and then take the
rug back and it doesn’t jump I’ve been having pretty good success with that
here and in vanilla so it does work in vanilla as well I’ve been using it
pretty extensively in my quilt contest to build
to get things to go where they’re I want them to go without having the ability to
do things like I can do with mean so yeah building defense here so that’s
what’s going on and yeah we’re just gonna put the fence up here and try and
get this done so after I will say after counting after COEs County crossing I
have county crossing on the brain after coastal cottage the mega build may go
dormant for a while I’m not feeling really inspired on anything so if you do
like the mega build series and you do want to see more let me know and I will
revisit this as I can but I’m starting to get a little bit wiped out on it
mostly because it’s just there’s so much of it there’s just so much and like
y’all I got you know like as mentioned before I do hop around a lot between
characters to keep things fresh to keep things interesting and different and
that’s why I don’t spend too long on builds because I get you know bored with
a with a settlement building area you know and so when I go to more of an old
I’m building little things here and there and I go to you know sometimes in
survival I’m building a Dalton I’m go ahead I’m in coastal cottage I go to the
contest thing I’m building somewhere else so and then I do want to start yet
another character but that’ll be for you know whenever I get the streaming thing
done that was gonna be interesting so I’m trying to try and make a scavenger
character with that one because the one thing that is never really explained I
guess in the regular game is every major vendor right every major vendor in every
town every every vendor really any trader I mean Trudy at drumlin they all
have shipments shipments name shipments of screws and gears a loom and a septic
okay so where is that stuff coming from okay who is breaking down
those items because they can only break those down at settlements right isn’t
that right I mean make itself desk fans Deb but yeah so anyway so let’s go ahead
and do our tour here yeah we got to the tour so this is what it looks like
it’s a little bit more sturdy looking than the other one still doesn’t have a
support on that back corner but they’ve got their boxes and they’ve got their
chem station and you know I moved the shelves in the bed around so I wanted a
full bed they’ve got some storage because you know there’s settlers
they’re not Raiders and there’s a down slope that I’ll probably plant as well
we go upstairs to the top here and we’ve got a reasonable amount of support just
not on that corner you know that member in the middle was pretty good but a
table you know put some beers and cigarettes up here put some cans on
there maybe put some prepared food or whatever some extra ammunition another
gun whatever we’ll decorate it somehow but that’s it that’s pretty much all
we’re gonna do for this one so I’m going to go ahead and sign out here and I want
to thank you all very much for subscribing and watching and I will see
you in the next one take care

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