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Trump’s border wall led to a government
shutdown And could lead to another one But is the best defense a good… fence? Hi, welcome to America Uncovered. I’m Chris Chappell. Here on America Uncovered, we try to look at issues from multiple sides. And most of the time, what happens is that we discover that it’s way more complex than we first thought. It’s kind of like when you go to Costco
to pick up some steaks but then end up at checkout holding a high-speed blender and a five-gallon tub of frozen cream puffs and also the realization that you’ve never
really understood all of the complex challenges facing America
today. Speaking of complex problems with no simple
solutions, illegal immigration. According to a recent Economist YouGov survey, 62% of Americans think that illegal immigration is a very serious or somewhat serious problem. 24% think it’s a minor problem, and only 7% think it’s not a problem. In recent months, the illegal immigration debate has mostly
turned into a debate about building a wall across the US-Mexico
border. In the same survey, Americans are split pretty
much down the middle about whether they favor or oppose a border wall to stop illegal immigration. Well today, that changes. Because we here at America Uncovered have solved the border wall crisis. The same crisis that caused the longest partial US government shutdown ever, and which could cause another government shutdown
in like a week. The solution to the border wall crisis is… Call the border wall a fence. Thanks for watching this episode of America
Uncovered, be sure to— what’s that, Shelley? Right, I need to explain the fence thing. Let’s talk first about what the border wall
currently is. The $5.7 billion dollars that President Trump
wanted to fund the wall would be used to “to replace 115 miles of border fence and build an additional 100 miles of new barriers.” There’s currently around 650 miles of fencing. And almost half of that fencing is designed
to only stop vehicles, and not people. Even with the additional 100 miles of border
wall that Trump wants, only a third of the border would have any
type of barriers. That’s a far cry from the idea of a solid concrete wall that stretches across
the entire border. And while Trump initially favored a concrete
border wall, like some of these prototypes… in recent months, after talking to the Border
Patrol, he’s changed it to a wall made of see-through
steel slats. Which sounds to me like a fence. Similar to this, this wall/fence currently on the border between San Diego California and Tijuana Mexico. So if we’re talking about building a large
steel fence, why was this so controversial that the government
had to be shut down? It’s because the border wall is no longer
a policy issue. It’s a symbol. To Republicans it’s a symbol of securing
the border, stopping illegal immigration, and supporting
Trump. To Democrats it’s a symbol of intolerance,
anti-immigration, and, well, supporting Trump. So Republicans chant “build the wall,”
and Democrats chant… well, let’s be honest, Democrats aren’t as good at coming up with
catchy slogans. But Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi did call the wall “an immorality.” “Don’t built the wall. The wall is an immorality.” Yeah it doesn’t work. This article from the Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank that is pro-legal
immigration and anti-border wall, shows that in several polls, the majority of Americans supported a border wall or fence before 2015. That includes even a slim majority of Democrats that favored “building a security fence.” What happened in 2015? Donald Trump. When he began running for president, the symbolism around the border wall changed. President Trump may genuinely want to build
a wall for border security. But building the wall is also a campaign promise
to his supporters. And Trump wants to be seen as delivering on
his promises, and not caving to the Democrats. Meanwhile, the Democrats just won a majority in the House of Representatives, and the border wall and government shutdown are the first issues they’ve faced. So they can’t cave to Trump, either. In fact, Democrats see Trump as such a huge
enemy that most Democratic politicians can’t support anything that Trump supports. Except for maybe being tough on China. The point is, the government shutdown happened because politicians
needed to score political points against politicians
from the other side. That’s not governance. That’s a football game. And not the fun kind of football. The other kind, where it takes 35 days to score a single goal. Just make the goal posts bigger already! So the border wall is also a symbol of how our system gets gridlocked when policy issues
become political footballs. Or soccer balls. Which means that to get anywhere, we need to desymbolize the border wall. Which is why the solution is to call it something
else. As this Cato Institute article shows, more people support a border fence than a
border wall. And Democrats have supported border fences
before, like in the Secure Fence Act of 2006, which 90 Democratic members of Congress voted
for, including Senators Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, and Barack Obama. Most of the current 650 miles of fencing at
the border was built after it was signed into law— and mostly under Obama. There was also a Senate vote on a comprehensive immigration reform bill
in 2013, which included doubling the amount of fencing
at the border. All 54 Democratic senators voted for the bill, but it was defeated by Senate Republicans. Now, of course, before we build any more of
the border wall/fence, there are issues that should be considered— like eminent domain, environmental impact, and how effective it would be in each area. And there would likely need to be funding for other border security beyond just a wall. According to lawmakers, “The administration’s border security
experts advised providing money for a mix of additional law enforcement agents, physical barriers and high-tech devices.” But we can’t discuss those actual issues if we’re really just fighting over a political
symbol. So can Congress stop arguing about building
a wall and start talking about whether good fences
make good neighbors? Well, there are some signs that a compromise
might be reached. Democratic negotiators have backed down from saying no money for a border wall to saying that there might be money for “enhanced fencing or other types of barriers.” Ok, fencing and barriers. That’s a good start. President Trump? “This is a smart, strategic, see-through
steel barrier— not just a simple concrete wall.” Ok, so it’s not just a wall— it’s a barrier! Which is obviously better. And that just goes to show, no matter how you feel about Trump, everyone can agree that he is great at branding. We’re talking about a man who managed to sell everything from a board game, to his own line of steaks. “You’ll absolutely love Trump Steaks.” Soon he’ll be getting his supporters to chant “build the barrier” while wearing hats that say “mend America’s
fences again.” So what do you think about calling the border
wall a border fence or a barrier? Let me know in the comments below. And on our next episode, a plan to stop future government shutdowns by calling them government hoedowns. No one wants to see Mitch McConnell in his square dancing outfit. And remember, America Uncovered is funded mainly through support from viewers
like you— since YouTube doesn’t place ads on controversial
videos. Like ones that talk about border fences. So please visit and support our show with a dollar or more
per episode— so we can keep making great content for you. Thanks for watching America Uncovered. I’m Chris Chappell. See you next time.

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Reader Comments

  1. Mike

    My idea was unmarked minefields, but I will admit Chris's idea is a bit better. This is why I love China Uncensored!
    What's that Shelly? This is America Uncovered?
    I still love it.

  2. Mia Petersen

    If there're no jobs for illegal immigrants, illegal immigrants won't come. So make big heavy fines on those, who hire illegal immigrants so hard that it don't pay to hire illegal immigrants and the "problem" will go away by itself.

  3. PhillipMargrave

    Point 1: Only communists build walls around their countries. Point 2: They’ll just tunnel under a fence/wall like they already tunnel under the border.

  4. B.T. Sanson

    Has anyone else noticed that for all the "openness" that the Dems are squawking about wanting, not one of them has said a peep about removing the TSA from airports? The lack of saying anything about removing TSA says this is all political hype on their part.

  5. Chaosmage42

    2 issues, one is that the major issue is he wanted billions to build a wall and didn't want to give an inch and his breaking of promises makes trump incapable of working out a compromise. second he didn't sell steaks and board games, he tried to, the products failed miserably. The steaks where reportedly terrible and low grade, the game was badly designed and didn't make a lot of sense and not fun to play according to play testers. So i wouldn't put him as a great brand master mind but as a person who will slap his name on any product to make a quick buck.

    Also a fence is fine but we can't expect it to be a simple solution as it takes more than one thing to fix any problem like this that has multiple issues combined together into one huge problem. immigration isn't one thing but dozens all wrapped under one banner. We need constant work and improvement off government agencies and proper oversight to make sure people don't abuse the power they are given.

  6. Rough Woof

    LoL build a fence? Hell no! Build a wall 30 ft tall! Or like the ones they have in Israel! Now that's one hell of a wall and fence and barrier! LOL

  7. No use for lazy people None.

    Just CUT any and ALL Gov't handouts to anyone that is NOT a Citizen and Clarify the 14th Amendment. It was written NOT for Illegals to dump a kid and get all the Benefits, it was Originally Written to give Citizenship to African American Slaves. It should say "for the child be automatically become a U.S. citizen upon birth, BOTH BIOLOGICAL PARENTS MUST BE IN THIS COUNTRY LEGALLY FOR ONE YEAR BEFORE THE CHILD'S BIRTH FOR IT TO BE A CITIZEN AT BIRTH. Yeah, It's that simple and won't cost us much money. In fact, it will SAVE us Billions in the future.

  8. Egg Man

    Trump: wants to build a to boost his re election
    Democrats: wants to build a barrier, but currently refuses too because trump is just trying to boost his re-election

  9. Jonathan Doehrty

    If we would just impose severe penalties on anyone that hires or provides housing to illegal immigrants, we wouldn't even need to build a wall. Plus, stopping illegal immigration is pointless if we continue to flood our nation with massive numbers of legal third world immigrants, which is something that Trump wants to increase dramatically.

  10. Sherri Poplawski


  11. Colayna Sakuragi

    Wall or fence. It's all the same shit. The point being, that there's always gonna be a way under, over and through it. It's what happens on the other side that matters. Dear I say it, social credit… It's easy to get in. But hard to stay, with an implimentaton of a Chinese-ish sistem it would be easyer to keep track of criminals and emigration. Just make American social credit less dictatorial. And more for public safety…

  12. Arashi Mokuzai

    I am sorry i have made my idea public, But who is willing to bet if trump finds out he can declare America a developing nation to secure belt and road funding, He won't care what china takes in exchange, you want the whitehouse? how about some of our latest Ohio class subs?

  13. Roma AS

    The US should award those high-tech legal immigration with more green cards than those uneducated illegal immigration that pull the legs of US… The stupid policy is returning high-tech talents back to their countries such as india and china, instead contribute to US…

  14. Jordi de Fouw

    Man don't say Trump can sell anything. His steaks where a failure and he couldn't even make a casino profitable, as his father had to come in there and pay thousands of dollar only to leave immediately. He inherited more than 400.000.000 from his father. Check out NY times article on that, everyone seems to forget it

  15. Nick Moody

    Why didnt you mention the fact that most illegal immigrants actually come by plane and simply stay in the US? Why didnt you mention the fact that the US is the #1 buyer of illegal drugs from Mexico which is the primary reason why there is Cartel violence in mexico and immigration across the border?

    Are you guys being objective about your subject matters or are you just pushing Soft Fox News?

  16. Patrick Kranzpiller

    I think the real statistics, that should be covered, are the effectiveness of a wall instead of polls on people's opinion on a wall or a fence. Sure, branding is a real thing, but we need something that works and is effective, rather than a symbol to give people a fake feeling of security.

  17. Tyler Chubb

    anyone remember (learned) what George Washington said?? Particularly about having parties?….
    if not lemme re-educate you XD "political parties will tear the country apart"

  18. ☠MrHairyNutz☠

    Building a wall on the border was no rallying cry during bush jr., Bush senior, Reagan – but what was is Small government, balanced budget & protecting the constitution yet none of that is what we got instead we get the opposite from Republicans nowadays we essentially have two democrat parties that think the government can save them not realizing government IS THE PROBLEM.

  19. Ivabeen Hacked

    It’s a little late to rebrand and the MSM I had dug in in branding it to be a bad thing. Dems strong opposition to the wall is suspicious 😒

  20. Ivabeen Hacked

    Until we acknowledge many are profiting from the drug trade and track them down, this political BS will continue forever. It doesn’t matter what you call it.

  21. nightlightabcd

    One of the solutions to the border wall is for Trump to go to Mexico and get the money for his wall like he said he would, many, many times! Then he can show ir un-redacted tax returns! The ne can show the un-redacted Mueller Report! Then he can show his un-redacted school grades! Then we can start addressing all the lies he tells every day!

  22. nightlightabcd

    Speaking of President Trump and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi!! Trump got $5 Million from Israel and Nancy Pelosi got $514,449 from Israel. There are many more on the take from Israel, which is treason. They are literally taking money from a foreign government and representing that government in the US government! Thus is treason!!
    Please click on the link and read!!
    How Much Pro-Israel Money Politicians Attacking Ilhan Omar Received
    Matt Orfalea
    Published on Mar 30, 2019
    Source: Center for Responsive Politics

  23. Alex Maiden-Ross

    You could call it a fence… Or you could not build it, as it's been proven that a border wal- fence won't stop illegal immigration. Most illegal immigrants come via aeroplane or boat; not something a wal- fence is going to stop.

  24. Gunsmoke

    It is better late than never. now we only have maybe 30 million illegals living in the U.S. , I say I.C.E. gets a much bigger budget to thoroughly clean house by rounding up EVERY single criminal that's hoping they will sneak by somehow. we need to make room for the ones that show some respect for this sovereign nation and do things the right way!!!

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