The Rope – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

– There’s too much weight! I-I have to cut the rope!
I’m sorry! – Wait!
Let me do it! – Whoa! What the fuck, dude? – There’s too much weight!
It has to be done! I’m sorry! What makes you think HE
can hold YOU?! – Trust me! He can!
He’s been working out! Tell him I’ve been
working out! – Well, if anything,
can’t we cut the piano off? – Hmm. Yeah, that might actually
be a good place to start. Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Slow down! Slow the fuck down! I didn’t come all the way to
perform the 1st Sonata on the summit of this mountain
just to fall off and die! Are you fucking kidding me? I’m sorry!
There’s no other way! I’m so sorry! The piano is just too heavy. – Your mother’s too heavy! – Hey! – You take that back! – Make me! I take it back! Guys! I’m slipping! Ha-ha! Nice! – Thank you. Seriously though!
We’re all gonna die! Hold on! We’re gonna
figure this out! – If I may, uh, if you’re still
deciding that whole where to cut the rope thing, um,
pretty sure the guy below me is a pedofile. – I’m a teacher, not a pedofile! This is a field trip! I told you guys like nine times. – Wait, there’s kids down there? We can’t kill kids. – Not just that,
they’re retarded kids! – Oh, God! – This is bad! This is really bad! – Hey, uh, can’t we just cut off
the Panda Bear? – I should think not! That’s an endangered species! – Oh, okay.
What does everyone else think? – Drop him. – Ditto. – Kill the Panda. – Cool. Here you go. – Whoops. Well! This is it! It’s been an honor
climbing with you guys! I’ll see you all
in another life! Ah! There’s the knife.

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