The Secret Maritime Jurisdiction Exposed- Part 2

It’s all you dealing it yeah, you don’t deal in here. There is no money Johnny gross is in the court. That’s you before we go any further. I need to who you are Crocker right here, thank you. Clerk. Are you the C QV trustee who is appointed this coach as an administrator and trustee that you can trust constructive trust case number 4 5 8 – 2010 – the r01 203 mr.. Attorney gave it out your motion for competency evaluation is And I’m appalled at what I see happening in this country today We are told that america is the land of Laws a nation built on laws and point of fact. Nothing could be further from the truth America is run by people who are law less We have no law in America and understand that The law is whatever the powers that be and power happen to say it is today Whatever they say it is that’s what the law is today They may change tomorrow Four of the people or the corporate united states it’s in favor of the banks It’s certainly not in favor of the people what happens when you have a child is Your child is given a social security number they estimate How many taxes your child is going to pay over his or her lifetime? And they went they take that birth certificate, and they issue it on the capital markets, and they earn money on it Let me tell you why you’re here You’re here because you know something what you know you can’t explain, but you feel it You’ve felt it your entire life. If there’s something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is, but it’s there like a splinter Driving It is this Do you know what I’m talking about matrix Do you want to know what it is The Matrix is everywhere It is all around us Even now in this very moment you can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television You can feel it when you go to Church when you pay your tax It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes I’m here by special appearance to challenge in your addiction and furthermore I don’t understand the nature and cause of these proceedings so I would like to ask a couple questions like this properly be able to handle this matter I Didn’t answer that volatile understand the charges on I have the right to understand the nature and cause of these proceedings I don’t yet understand the nature and cause of proceeding so I have that right sir The sixth amendment The key to the fraud hinges on understanding the sixth article of the amendment of the Constitution of the United States the discussion begins with the Texas follows in all criminal prosecutions the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial by an impartial jury of the state and District wherein the crime shall have been committed Which district shall have been previously ascertained by law and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation? To be confronted with the witnesses against him to have compulsory process for obtaining Witnesses in his favor and have the assistance of counsel for his defense The keywords is the emphasized portions are all and shall all implies that there’s more than one criminal jurisdiction Shell makes the enjoyment of the right to be informed Mandatory the information or indictment must state the nature and cause and plain language that it’s understood But they accused Many victims accused of offenses against the state or United States have found themselves in prison and all their assets forfeited for lack of understanding of the nature and cause of the accusation in The classic document common law Bateman by Don Quixote in the school of law juris doctorate He shed some light on how the nature of the action was hidden from the public The state legislature cannot best a court would authority that has not been delegated to it by the people via the constitution of the state They can I create a new nature of action out of thin air? Later on when the Constitution’s of the several states were amended to recognize and administrate Corporations a separate Court was established and the action was in the nature of administrative Live people could not be brought into administrative courts as the only matter at issue was a breach of corporate charter by an artificial person Somewhere along the line the announcement in the complaint of the nature of the action was lost The attorneys all got together and decided that it would be much simpler for them that there were only one form of action So today. There is no disclosure of the nature of the action Unless one demands to know the nature and cause of the accusation by using a demand for bill of particulars And today’s legal term is bill of particulars This is factual details submitted by a party upon a request that further explains Or clarifies the charges or allegations in a case Within the past couple of decades They moved into discovery which is After arraignment so the ability of one to challenge the jurisdiction and venue of the court was lost This is because entering a plea accepts the jurisdiction in this way only subject-matter jurisdiction was challengeable That they say this is a matter at law my defense against this jurisdiction is whether there is a live damaged party I do not ask if this is an equity jurisdiction because equity is not a criminal type of action They say this is a matter in hustings which is a true nature of action of all administrative law My defense against this jurisdiction is that I’m not an artificial person unless I am a federal citizen But that is quite another matter entirely Unless they can show from the records in the Secretary of State’s office that have charted as such If they say that this is an a multi matter by defense against this Jurisdiction is whether the offense was committed on federal territory over which the state is retained concurrent jurisdiction Although I’ve still not found by the state exercise is an a multi jurisdiction in light of 28 United States Code Subsection 13 33 if they say this is a military matter My defense against this jurisdiction is that number one? I’m not a member of their military I am however a member of the militia of the several states But they do not operate as such anymore and number two the nation is not under martial law, or is it? Given the fact that there are currently 14 notices from the presidents of a declaration of national emergency published in the Federal Register We may very well be in a state of martial law the one from March 6 1933 is still in effect today However, they’re not going to admit the nature of the action as this will admit there one of jurisdiction on the record for all to See so they moved to dismiss the charges and time While I will never succeed in bringing down the current regime in this manner and these other folks see what I’m doing and so I’m decided along the way that they want to learn this procedure I Contend that if only 10% of the people enforced the right to know the nature and cause of the accusation That we could most certainly shut down the incessant stream of revenue being fleeced from the people by these administrative courts As far as the compelling government interest doctrine This is clearly manner founded in law Marshall rule the military authority is in the process of returning control to the civil authorities, but has not yet completed the process I Simply do not understand the nature and cause of the accusation Regard to the elements of personal jurisdiction venue and the nature of the action into the prosecution properly alleges it and therefore unable to enter a plea to the charge Until I have had an opportunity to raise a meaningful defense against these elements. I cannot rebut an unstated presumption The courts operate on solid judicial notice the presumption all the time it is time for this to end The Supreme Court has held there are no common law of fences against the United States Only those acts which Congress has forbidden with penalties for disobedience of its command or crimes actions to recover penalties imposed by act of Congress Generally, but not invariably have been held not to be criminal prosecutions oceanic Navigation Company versus stratum Heppner versus United States the United States versus Regan Contempt proceedings, which at one time not consented to be criminal prosecutions or no longer within that category compared in re Deb’s 158 u.s. 564 1895 with Blume versus, Illinois What is the nature of the accusation If common law crimes against the United States do not exist what kinds of crimes do exist against the United States article 3 section 2 provides for four different jurisdictions law equity Admiralty and maritime by process of elimination We can automatically rule out law by virtue of the above Supreme Court holdings equity is defined as Justice administered according to fairness that’s contrasted with the strictly formulated rules of common law the term equity denotes the spirit in habit of fairness justice And right dealings should which regulate the intercourse of men with men to blackball six additions equity deals with fictions like corporations Since it is common knowledge that law and equity have been combined and are virtually indistinguishable from each other and that anyone who has witnessed criminal proceedings in the courts easily recognizes that these criminal or quasi criminal Accusations almost usually contrary to the spirit and habit of fairness and justice and right dealing of men with men Therefore this cause of action can I be in equity? Admiralty is defined in boobie Aires 1856 edition asks the name of a jurisdiction, which takes cognizance of suits or actions Which arise in consequence of acts done upon or relating to the sea or in other words of all? transactions and proceedings relative to Commerce and navigation and to damages or injuries upon the feet Black Sticks edition observed that the terms Admiralty and maritime are virtually synonymous movie airs 1856 edition defines maritime caused as one Maritime causes of those arising from maritime contract for the maid at sea or on land that is Such as relate to the commerce business or navigation of Jesus as charter parties of freight nents marine loans application contracts for maritime service and building preparing supplying and navigating ships contracts and quasi contracts respecting averages contributions and jettisons its contracts relating to maritime insurance and those between owners of ships to their maritime causes also for torts and injuries committed at sea 3 in general the courts of amyl t have a concurrent jurisdiction with courts of law Of all maritime causes and in some cases they have exclusive jurisdiction as long ago as 1851 the Supreme Court recognized that the Congress has the power to extend the jurisdiction of Admiralty and maritime Causes to the land under the Commerce Clause and deprive the people to the right of a trial by jury The following holding by the High Court pretty much says it all this power of Admiralty jurisdiction Is as extensive upon land as upon water the Constitution makes no distinction in that respect? And if the Admiralty jurisdiction and matters of contract and torts Which the courts of the United States may lawfully? Exercised on the high seas can be extended to the lakes under the power to regulate commerce It can with the same proprieties that upon the same construction Be extended to contracts and torts on lands when the commerce is between different states and it may embrace Also as vehicles and persons engaged in carrying it on It would be in the power of Congress to confer Admiralty jurisdiction Upon its courts over the cars engaged in transporting passengers or merchandise from one state to another And over the persons engaged in conducting them at the ninth of the parties to trial by jury Now the judicial power in came through the battles in maritime Jurisdictions has never been proposed to extend the contracts made on land and to be executed on land But it’s been the power of regulating Commerce can be made the foundation of jurisdiction in its courts And the new and extended Admiralty jurisdiction beyond is heretofore known and admitted lemon if he created on water under that authority It’s the same reason would justify the same exercise of power on land The very next year in 1852 a Supreme Court warned that this Admiralty or maritime threat to Liberty Was encroaching on the land and wharfing itself in an air-breathing creature just as a harmless tadpole Transforms itself into a frog and this is a really ugly frog if you had never seen a tadpole Gradually go through this miraculous process. You might never believe that such a transformation could occur Changing a harmless water breathing creature into an air-breathing predator Next to Revenue taxes itself the latest extension of the jurisdiction of the amel T are great grievance The American courts of Admiralty seem to be forming by degrees into a system said it’s overturn our Constitution to deprive us of our best inheritance the laws of the land Would be taught in England a dangerous innovation to the trial of any matter on land was given to the Admiralty Jackson versus magnolias as the Congress expanded this Admiralty and maritime jurisdiction The answer is a definite and emphatic yes One only need to examine the codification of Title 18 in the United States Code section 7 The broad language of Title 27 Code of Federal Regulations part 72 point 1 1 Makes almost all crimes with an idea of federal or state crimes commercial crimes and the propeller Genesee chief Supra who was revealed that Admiralty courts have jurisdiction over interstate commerce So would follow the crimes listed in 27 CFR 72 point 1 1 are Cognizable in an admiralty or maritime Court and such a commercial courts the relevant part of the text is as follows commercial crimes any of the following types of crimes federal or state offenses against the Revenue laws burglary counterfeiting forgery kidnapping larceny robbery illegal sale or possession of deadly weapons prostitution including soliciting procuring pandering white sleeving keeping house of ill Fame and like offense Extortion swindling and confidence games and attempting to commit conspiring to commit or compounding any of the foregoing crimes Addiction to narcotic drugs and use of marijuana will be treated as if such were commercial crime In the ebbs worth an EPS worth lecture of 1994 infra Procter wins wall States Congress has been repeatedly hailed by the court They have the power to extend the Admiralty and maritime jurisdiction by statute and Congress has repeatedly exercised that power But many of the victims accused of maritime crimes don’t realize is that Admiralty and maritime jurisdictions were merged with the law and equity jurisdictions in 1966 he Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Notes, two supplementary rules for certain Amal T and maritime claims all four causes of actions are nature’s of the cause which were once separate a distinct are now rolled into one set of rules and indistinguishable from one another in our modern courts the Rules of Civil Procedure FRCP rule one provides that the rules govern the procedure in the United States district courts in all suits of a civil nature For the cognizable as cases at law or in equity or in a multi with the exception stated in rule 81 Rule 2 provides that there should be one form of action to be known as civil action Federal Rules of Civil Procedure rule 9 H provides in part if the claim is cognizable only in admiralty It is an emoji or maritime claim for those purposes whether so identified or not Federal Rules of Civil Procedure rule 38 a provides that these rules should not be construed to create a right to a trial by jury of the issues in an admiralty or maritime claim within the meaning of rule 9 H Well now want the rules revealing Maybe this explains what the judge can amend or reverse a jury verdict or even jail the jurors for Contempt that they don’t do what the judge tells them to do it has happened The jury is just there for window dressing to make the sheet think that there is a trial by jury Law equity Admiralty and maritime The ones separate and distinct jurisdictions are now neatly rolled into one set of rules Tried in the same courtroom with the same judge on the same docket and with nothing to distinguish the different jurisdictions from one another It’s a criminal accusations that plague Americans to date are not in the jurisdiction of common law or equity They must be an Amal to your maritime jurisdictions and though Admiralty and maritime jurisdictions are virtually indistinguishable The years definition of a maritime cause as those arising from maritime Contracts whether made at sea or on land fits the bill for the sake of illustration So let’s take time to consider the condition of military personnel when a young man enlist in the Armed Forces He signs an enlistment contract that binds him to the law of the Code of Military Justice Its Code of Military Justice Cannot apply to civilian folks who are not contracted under the Code of Military Justice The accused is guilty until proven innocent if the accused wishes to defend himself He is put into the position of trying to prove a negative a virtual impossibility In other words he’s put into the position of proving that he did not do something The military court or court-martial for these military cases of tribes She’s a legislative criminal Corp established under the legislative power of the Congress to regulate the Armed Forces Their jurisdiction is entirely penal An action upon a penal statute is defined as an action for the recovery of a penalty given by statute in a broad sense the term has been made to include all actions in which there may be a recovery of exemplary or vindictive damages an action in which the judgment against the defendants is in the nature of a fine was intended as a punishment and Disciplinary the word penal is inherently as much broader term than criminals since it pertains to any punishment or penalty Relates to acts which are not necessarily delineated. It’s criminals Military personnel are subject to court-martial penalties because they’re under a maritime contract Did you ever notice that Texas has a code of chronal procedures but not one criminal law that’s right There is no criminal code and not one criminal law in Texas But there’s a penal code that is just chock-full of offenses and more being added every time the legislature convenes And if you have done battle in the Texas Court system, but have noticed that the courts Don’t follow the code of chronal procedure very well, if you make enough noise They will give it a little bit of lip service, but the judge is mostly ignore it the courts have held Power punishment is vested in the legislature not in the Judicial Department It is the legislature not the court which is define a crime and ordain its punishments US vs.. McLean The legislature may declare the doing of certain acts shall constitute the offense of sodomy and may ignore if it sees fit the common law elements of the offense Slusser versus state Under Texas law no act or mission is a crime and that’s made so by statutes Dawson versus Vance Black’s Law six edition defines a penal action as the civil action which a wrongdoer is subject to a fine or penalty Payable to the aggrieved party the word penal is inherently a much broader term than criminal sense It’s pertains to any punishment or penalty and relates to acts which are not necessarily delineated as criminal Action is essentially penal if amounts ought to be recovered. It’s arbitrarily exactly for some act or mission of the defendant The legislature may create an offense and in same enactments provide exceptions to its application Sweden’s first estate in summary and according to the tourist the Legislature defines praying Saint create a crime so I’ll ignoring the common law elements of a crime And mandate the punishment for the crime it creates There is no crime unless it is created by the legislature All of this certainly flies in the face of the common law rule that there must be an injured party for crime to exist These creations of the legislature are most certainly maritime crimes and How would Freeman’s the UCC connection he explains why the courts are hiding the Admiralty jurisdiction? From the general public he states that the reason they cannot call it Admiralty jurisdiction Is that your defense would be quite different in admiralty jurisdiction? from the defense under the common law an Admiralty there is no Court, which has jurisdiction Unless there is a valid International contract and dispute if you know it is Admiralty jurisdiction And you have admitted on the record that you’re in admiralty court you could demand that the international maritime Contract to which you are supposedly a party and which you supposedly had breached be placed in evidence No court has a multi maritime jurisdiction Unless there is a valid international maritime contract that has been breached So you say just innocently like a lamb well I didn’t know that I got involved with an international maritime contract so in good faith I deny that such a contract exists if this Court is taking jurisdiction in admiralty then pursuant to section three – five oh one of your UCC under presentment the Prosecutor will have no difficulty placing the alleged contract into evidence So that I may examine and possibly challenge the validity of the contract But they would have to do is place the national debt in the evidence They would have to admit that the international bankers owned the whole nation and that we are their slaves You You hand us you know your predecessors have much more respect

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  1. Al Johnson

    Great information as always- You continue to outdo yourself! I'll be watching this over and over… Do you give permission to share this? I'm sure it's buried in the information…but what do we do? Habeas Corpus for those locked in probation for unwittingly get unwillingly taking a plea?God bless

  2. C

    Awesome love it B. You always come with that reinforcement shit! I'm currently battling these parasites over a speeding ticket… judge had the nerve 2say it was criminal… my paperwork goes in on the elements of a crime/no corpus delicti…. anyone can I use the International quote at the end of the video?

  3. Dawn

    Great info- thank you! I'm just sorry the empire was so successful at dumbing me down and that I have to engage professional pirate gangster in battle on their turf to get free of them because I am so lacking in understanding of law.
    What they did to the poor and the working class (when there was a working class) is terrible and most of us may not prevail and they will steal everything from us simply because of our lack of understanding of their game- which they caused.
    And this was video was better than great- you do a great job. I just hate playing games with these stupid rich catholic deceivers.

  4. REV 811

    Absolute Rubbish….. No, not your information as I have studied it and fortunately so. I used it in I have never seen a Judge cringe, look down, and reach for a breath like I sucker punched his arrogant ass. He issued a bench warrant and decreed no bail. I got yanked out of the overcrowded courtroom by a Federal ICE Officer and put down the hall in a holding cell. That courtroom went dead silent. I spent another week and a half hearing nothing. This was in Henderson Nevada where the City jail doubles as an ICE facility. It's classified as a medium facility with population of 504. It is actually a maximum facility with way more than 504. They pile people 3 to a cell throughout the facility when they have a good weekend….. I was notified that the Judge wanted to see me and when I went to court, he was sitting on the floor. The Public defender approached me as a friend of the court and offered me two felony charges reduced to 1 No Contest misdemeanor and I wanted out so bad that I agreed. Hindsight and with my updated knowledge, I would have demanded dismissal with compensation for time served. Oh well, I am 100° positive that people need to know their rights against the Fraudsters.

  5. Mark Brian Hodges-Haynes

    Using the FRN issue, would only apply IF WE HAVE AN ACTUAL CHOICE of Currency. Since the Treasury issues no Gold and Silver dollars to be circulated for debts Public and Private. We have no obligation or liability. If there was Full a disclosure notice printed on the FRN, or if we were required to be taught in our schools. Then voluntary CONSENT use of FRN's would make us liable to Commerce jurisdiction of the Legislature.

  6. Platypus Sting

    Placental fluids are ejected sometimes hours before the arrival of a newborn child and and have nothing to do with the arrival of a human baby . The so called birth canal is not a canal but a tube or tunnel conveniently labeled canal. No (water) at time of birth no canal, Birthing rights not required Admiralty law is not applicable to humans in my opinion. Change is all about the birth process and the terminology used to describe it and enslave us..

  7. Julian Soto

    Where would dwi "statutory" crimes fall into? How could I get it dismissed? Or should I take a reduced deal? I'm from Texas. The current offer is 1 year probation, court fee $500+ suspended license 2 years and a breathalyzer device ( unspecified time frame.) DISTRESS! PLEASE HELP! SOS! I have a public defender whom I asked about admiralty law who then recommend I be evaluated, last time in court I asked the court to identify itself and asked about the trust. I also said I would accept for consideration and value for full closure of account (all in a monotone voice). Judge also wanted me evaluated and said if I didn't get the device my bond would be revoked. I spoke with the public def. today and she told me next time in court not to talk at all because I was yelling obscene things and would still recommend an evaluation.

  8. : ahuuah.

    Honor …….. are you familiar with the "Court of Marshalcy/ Marshalsea"…… " the King's Court"….. this is where your true power IS. ….. learning never cease …….Court of Marshalcy. History: a court that moved about with the king and had jurisdiction over certain cases arising within twelve miles of the king’s residence, an area known as the verge. …. My Respect and Honor.

  9. Lonao

    Usa IS land of law (just like most countries are). Congress have power to change laws and congress is voted by people. Does this come as surprise to you guys?

  10. Cognitive Dissonance Camp

    This series is ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5 star and I want to say thank you for taking the time to publish this. I hope there is a part III + IV
    I will be posting this in its own camp and expanding on it in a watch party. Great work!

  11. jammin Bucy

    oh and ignorrance. of their secret laws … is no excuse. ha ha . we need a F N REVOLUTION . right now . we need a civil war again st the criminal jew govenment

  12. Mary Montague

    In the Commerce Clause states courts of the United States. The United States is nothing more than a mere ficticious corporation, and has no jurisdiction anywhere other than federal territories.

  13. James Hardin

    Further evidencing what the videos are claiming, to wit:
    DUNS Numbers of the US Corporate Government and Most of Its Major Agencies

    corporate take over: are you a shareholder, have you taken an oath
    of allegiance?

    The question is who are the share holders of all of these
    corporations? Do you have any shares? Have you taken an oath
    of allegiance to the US Corporation? maybe you better read the
    attached file, Very carefully!


    Hard Evidence of Corporate Takeover at All Levels of Government in
    America, as Well as of the United Nations – DUNS NUMBERS FOR EACH

    Hard Evidence of Corporate Takeover at All Levels of
    Government in America, as Well as of the United Nations

    Dunn & Bradstreet (D&B) DUNS code number are assigned to corporations
    in America to track their credit ratings. Below you will find the
    DUNS numbers for the aggregate US government and each of its major
    agencies, those of the aggregate governments of each US state along
    with that of its largest city, and those of the aggregate United
    Nations and some of its major agencies. These corporate code numbers
    can be verified by using the following link to the D&B website and
    typing in the required information:

    In checking DUNS code numbers for governments, you will find
    that they have many subsidiaries and shell corporations to lessen
    financial accountability. You will find that some of them are listed
    as being in a geographical location other than in their territorial
    authority, making their operations even more suspicious. The City
    of Chicago corporation, for example, is located in Washington, DC,
    the State of Montana Corporation is located in Chicago, Illinois
    and the State of Maine corporation – listed with seemingly sardonic
    humor as "State-O-Maine Inc." – is located in New York City, New
    York. You will often also see executive, legislative and judicial
    offices themselves listed as corporations.

    ttttttttttttttttttttcorporations. You will also see in the aggregate valuations of
    their assets that provides is vastly greater than what
    is listed in these private government corporations' fraudulent but
    well-publicized budget documents that seek to justify draconian but
    fraudulent budget cuts and their related tax-based extortion rackets.

    This confirms that many hundred trillions of dollars of the people's
    money listed in the semi-secret government comprehensive annual
    financial reports (CAFRs) as government institutional investments are
    being siphoned off by the global banking cartel and those sinister
    forces behind it.

    They are doing this via that obscure subsidiary of the private,
    for-profit Federal Reserve System known as the Depository Trust
    Clearing Center (DTCC), dba Cede Inc. (Again, note the sardonic
    humor.) This semi-secret entity fraudulently confiscates these
    investment funds as an executor after they have been registered
    by brokers, relegating investors to mere beneficiaries whose
    funds can then be lawfully – at least according to presently and
    commonly used Universal Commercial Code (UCC)-based statutory law,
    not constitutional or common law — confiscated at the will of
    said executor.

    The implications of this are staggering: not only has this corporate
    subversion of government happened in America and with the United
    Nations headquartered here, but it has happened in almost all of
    the nations of the world by means of similar corporate subversion
    enacted under different names. This definitely explains why
    governments at all levels in almost all nations no longer protect
    the public interest, but only special interests – specifically,
    the interests of their fellow predatory for-profit corporations
    whose actions are now destroying this planet and all life upon it.

    This explains why the people of the world are soon going to
    see sweeping constitutionally-based legal and law enforcement
    actions in all of the nations of the world against those who,
    unrepentantly abusing these ill-gotten gains, have perpetrated
    crimes against nature and humanity. This also explains the honest
    transitional governments and financial systems that are going to
    be installed as the callous, corrupt human systems of the past
    collapse. The new transparent governmental and financial models
    now being tested in the nation of Iceland, as well as the likewise
    poorly publicized/contextualized mass resignations of government,
    banking and corporate officials now occurring worldwide are heralds
    of these imminent planetary events.

    DUNS Numbers of the US Corporate Government and Most of Its Major Agencies

    United States Government-052714196
    US Department of Defense (DOD)-030421397
    US Department of the Treasury-026661067
    US Department of Justice (DOJ)-011669674
    US Department of State-026276622
    US Department of Health & Human Services (HHS)-Office of the
    US Department of Education-944419592
    US Department of Energy-932010320
    US Department of Homeland Security-932394187
    US Department of the Interior-020949010

    US Department of Labor-029536183
    US Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD)-Office of the
    US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)-931691211
    US Transportation Security Administration (TSA)-050297655
    US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)-056622429
    Bureau of Customs & Border Protection (CBP)-796730922
    Federal Bureau of Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE)-130221646
    US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-057944910
    National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA)-003259074
    National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)-079933920
    US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)-364281923
    Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)-037751583
    Federal Communications Commission (FCC)-020309969
    US Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC)-003475175
    US Public Health Service (USPHS)-039294216
    National Institutes of Health (NIH)-061232000
    US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)-927645465
    US Food & Drug Administration (FDA)-138182175
    US Internal Revenue Service (IRS)-040539587
    Federal Reserve Board of Governors (Fed)-001959410
    Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)-878865674
    National Security Agency (NSA)-617395215
    US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)-167247027
    Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms & Tobacco (BAFT)-132282310
    Federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM)-926038563
    Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)-926038407

    DUNS Numbers of Each US Corporate State and Its Largest City

    State of Alabama-004027553 City of Birmingham-074239450
    State of Alaska-078198983 City of Fairbanks-079261830
    State of Arizona-068300170 City of Phoenix-030002236
    State of Arkansas-619312569 City of Little Rock-065303794
    State of California-071549000 City of Los Angeles-159166271
    State of Colorado-076438621 City of Denver-066985480
    State of Connecticut-016167285 City of Bridgeport-156280596
    State of Delaware-037802962 City of Wilmington-067393900
    District of Columbia-949056860 City of Washington-073010550
    State of Florida-004078374 City of Miami-965299576
    State of Georgia-069230183 City of Atlanta-065372500
    State of Hawaii-077676997 City of Honolulu-828979612
    State of Idaho-071875734 City of Boise-070017017
    State of Illinois-065232498 City of Chicago-556057206
    State of Indiana-071789435 City of Indianapolis-964647155
    State of Iowa-828089701 City of Davenport-963855494
    State of Kansas-827975009 City of Wichita-069862755
    State of Kentucky-828008883 City of Louisville-943445093
    State of Louisiana-0612389911 City of New Orleans-033692404
    State of Maine-061207536 City of Portland, Maine-071747802
    State of Maryland-847612442 City of Baltimore-052340973
    State of Massachussetts-138090548 City of Boston-007277284
    State of Michigan-054698428 City of Detroit-021733631
    State of Minnesota-050375465 City of Minneapolis-009901959
    State of Mississippi-008210692 City of Jackson-020864955
    State of Missouri-616963596 City of Kansas (City)-832496868
    State of Montana-945782027 City of Billings-068925759
    State of Nebraska-041472307 City of Omaha-926604690
    State of Nevada-123259447 City of Las Vegas-019342317
    State of New Hampshire-066760232 City of Manchester-045009073
    State of New Jersey-067373258 City of Newark-019092531
    State of New Mexico-007111818 City of Albuquerque-129962346
    State of New York-041002973 City of New York-021741036
    State of North Carolina-830979667 City of Charlotte-809275006
    State of North Dakota-098564300 City of Bismarck-080245640
    State of Ohio-034309166 City of Columbus-010611869
    State of Oklahoma-050411726 City of Oklahoma (City)-073131542
    State of Oregon-932534998 City of Portland (Oregon)-054971197
    State of Pennsylvania-933882784 City of Philadelphia-929068737
    State of Rhode Island-008421763 City of Providence-069853752
    State of South Carolina-067006072 City of Columbia-878281562
    State of Tennessee-04143882 City of Memphis-051386258
    State of Texas-002537595 City of Houston-967421590
    State of Utah-009094301 City of Salt Lake City-017096780
    State of Vermont-066760240 City of Burlington-037442977
    State of Virginia-047850373 City of Virginia Beach-074736299
    State of Washington-079248936 City of Seattle-009483561
    State of West Virginia-828092515

  14. James Hardin

    Further evidence of the WAR:
    Jonathon Williams recorded in his book “Legions of Satan” (1781), that Cornwallis revealed to Washington after the surrender that:
    “a holy war will now begin on America, and when it is ended America will be supposedly the citadel of freedom, but her millions will unknowingly be loyal subjects to the crown. … in less than two hundred years the whole nation will be working for divine world government. That government that they believe to be divine will be the British Empire.”

  15. James Hardin

    Further evidence of BRITAINS HOLY WAR on America:

    “The 76th CONGRESS, THIRD SESSION – Steps Toward British Union, a World State, and International Strife-Part I– IX (1940)” totaling 28 pages;
    (See:;_Thank_you_files/Drifting%20Together%20All%20Parts%281%29.pdf )

  16. LawMan24

    Since you wished to continue our conversation here, I will oblige.

    When you first bring up the 6th Amendment, you initially emphasized the section on the right to a jury trial, and implied that every criminal action guarantees a jury trial, based on a strict interpretation of the Amendment. However, that is not true. SCOTUS explored this in Callan v. Wilson, 127 U.S. 540, 8 S. Ct. 1301, 32 L.Ed. 223 (1888), looking into the history of criminal actions considered "petty offenses" from before the ratification of the Constitution, and found that it was not the intent of the framers to extend the right to trial to "petty offenses." See also District of Columbia v. Clawans, 300 U.S. 617, 57 S. Ct. 660, 81 L.Ed. 843 (1937) ("At the time of the adoption of the Constitution there were numerous offenses, commonly described as "petty," which were tried summarily without a jury, by justices of the peace in England, and by police magistrates or corresponding judicial officers in the Colonies, and punished by commitment to jail, a workhouse, or a house of correction."). In Duncan v. Louisiana, 391 U.S. 145, 88 S. Ct. 1444, 20 L.Ed.2d 491 (1968), the Court held that the 6th Amendment guarantee does not apply petty offenses charged by the State. It also reiterated the bright-line rule that crimes in which the maximum punishment is 6 months or less in jail is considered a "petty offense."

    As to the "Nature and Cause" portion, I've seen plenty of videos where people think the phrase means far more than it really does. In United States v. Cruikshank, 92 U.S. 542, 23 L.Ed. 588 (1875) the Court described what is meant by "nature and cause": "In criminal cases, prosecuted under the laws of the United States, the accused has the constitutional right "to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation." Amend. VI. In United States v. Mills, 7 Pet. 142, this was construed to mean, that the indictment must set forth the offence "with clearness and all necessary certainty, to apprise the accused of the crime with which he stands charged;" and in United States v. Cook, 17 Wall. 174, that "every ingredient of which the offence is composed must be accurately and clearly alleged." It is an elementary principle of criminal pleading, that where the definition of an offence, whether it be at common law or by statute, "includes generic terms, it is not sufficient that the indictment shall charge the offence in the same generic terms as in the definition; but it must state the species, — it must descend to particulars. 1 Arch. Cr. Pr. and Pl., 291."

    On your next point about forms of action, while you are talking about criminal matters, the video is showing the FRCP R. 2 on civil matters. Civil and criminal are two separate subjects. On the claim that "they" removed the ability to challenge jurisdiction and venue, that is patently false, as evidenced in Fed Rules Crim Proc R. 12(b)(2) ("A motion that the court lacks jurisdiction may be made at any time while the case is pending.") and R. 12(b)(3)(A)(i).

    Your next claim regarding Article III's descriptions of "jurisdictions," you completely misconstrue what SCOTUS meant regarding "there are no common law offenses against the United States." "Common law offense" means crimes that have been formulated and defined through judicial precedent. For example, the "common law" crime of burglary is the "breaking and entering of a dwelling house of another at nighttime for the purpose of committing a felony therein." All of those elements (dwelling house, at night time, etc.) were added and tweaked over decades through judicial precedent. What SCOTUS was saying is that those offenses don't exist at the federal level, since Federal Government was created merely 20 years prior. There's no common law to look towards. Therefore, criminal laws passed by Congress are those recognized under Article III, aka "Laws of the United States." So to pretend as though criminal laws passed by Congress aren't "Laws of the United States" as identified under Article III is absurd.

  17. Moe P

    1902 Dr.Davis Rich Dewey Professor of Economics and Statistics
    "The underlying idea in greenback philosophy… is that the issue of currency is a function of government, a sovereign right which ought not to be delegated to corporations."!topic/the-american-monetary-institute/m-9IY358k3Q
    (Scroll down to April 7)

    Even back then it was understood that the US is a corporation and not the sovereign. The people are the sovereign.

  18. David Parsons

    We will not give consent to the agencys tell them no contract unless they come with a Bond they are not part of the republic they're nothing but a foreign nation and miltery Court and we are not the name of the corporation Birth certificate that a agencys made up for themselves without my consent and now I'm her to have the judge trustee over the estate.

  19. Joseph Kelly

    I am an attorney and ironically educated at the best admiralty law school in the country, Tulane school of law. The idiocy espoused by this group is limitless. They take clauses from various different bodies of law, cherry picking what they like most, jumble of them together, and spit out this garbage that sounds intelligent, but is utter garbage. For example, they referred to the UCC in describing their rights as travelers and their cars as vessels, but the UCC is a body of commercial law that applies to commercial parties and commercial transactions, such as between two manufacturers, or between a wholesaler and manufacture. In no way, shape or form, does the UCC apply to individuals driving on the streets. And the UCC has absolutely nothing to do with traffic violations or criminal court. When Travellers get pulled over for traffic violations, they asked what is the crime? Who is the victim? The crime is the violation of the traffic law and the victim is the state. Admiralty/Maritime apply strictly to incidents occurring on navigable waterways. This jurisdiction is a subject matter jurisdiction. In every court case, the court must have two types of jurisdiction: it must have subject matter jurisdiction which means it has jurisdiction to hear this particular type of case and it must have personal jurisdiction which means it has jurisdiction over the individuals involved in the case. There is a quasi-personal jurisdiction called “in rem” in which the court’s jurisdiction over the individual is limited to that individual’s property within that state. These guys have twisted jurisdiction into being so many things that it absolutely is not.

  20. David Parsons

    You have the right to enjoy your life its yours not the agency's understanding your natural God given rights you don't need to answer questions its your rights to shut up and give them nothing to use agents are not a fictional entity you are a natural living born American state national.

  21. thunderbird002

    On the last five years I yet to find my birth certificate on any type of bank account , these people live on a state of confusion more and more. Yet they base most of this on a dictionary written nearly a 100 years ago. They also fail to read the whole writings , they pick only the part they like , the need to stop being jail house lawyers and go to a real law school.
    I love it , no insurance: that means if I hit you with my car I dont have the means to pay for it
    Tinted windows: the claim I couldn't see you therefore I could have not hit you
    Well the seatbelts one , since i am not wearing one i am hoping that this would have killed me and i wouldn't have to pay anyway.
    I guess you didn't read it ether.
    He was not on trial yet , he was being asked for a plea of, guilty or not.
    Once he has entered such plea , then he has a right to get a trial and the. Make his case. What these people fail at they want to make a case before hand . It does not work that way. If it did then it could take years before you ever get a trial. What this amendment does protect you from is the state taking it's time to put a case together and holding you for that time frame.
    In a traffic stop, the officer is the witness, if you ever had a stop the officer is there most of the time, but there cases dismissed because the officer is not for some reason, since the states witness is not there . But if say you get pulled for no driver's license, the judge can look up the DMV records to confirm this , so if DMV comes back and says "No" then you still guilty of this , but say for just running a stop sign, then you have a good chance of being dismissed because most of the time the judge really does not really want to see you again (unless you do this like a lot )

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