The Truth About Fences 😂COMEDY😂

Mr. Washington can I talk to you for a minute? What the hell you gotta ask me? Sir, every day you break my sprinklers I don’t know why. I just fix them. Every day I just fix them. You break them, I fix them. I never even make you pay for them. Now I truly apologize if I may have said something or done something to offend you I don’t know play my music too loud but I just get the feeling that you just don’t like me. Like you? Yeah i mean if you break somebody’s sprinklers every damn day you know they kind of get the impression that you don’t like them. Who the hell said that I gotta like you? Come on Mr. Washington you don’t have to be nasty about it. what law is there say I got to like you want to stand up in front of my face and a damn fool ass question like that. Talking about liking somebody. Okay see, I was trying to be nice because i like your movies all right. I’ll tell you what, break one of my sprinklers again okay and I’m gonna break my foot in your behind!

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