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The Ugly Duckling On a beautiful summer day, a family of ducks
is taking a swim while another is enjoying a stroll by the bank. But one duck is sitting on her eggs among
the tall leaves. I wonder when my babies are going to come
out. They are taking so long to hatch! It is so lonely, no one has the time to visit
me. But Mommy duck didn’t have to wait too long. Soon the eggs started cracking and the little
ducklings started taking small unsteady steps out of the shells. Quack quack, quack quack. Oooh, my babies are so beautiful! Now come and line up here all of you. One..Two..Three..Four…Five..Hey, there should
be one more. Mother duck looked around, and saw one egg
which had not yet hatched I think I will have to sit again on this egg
till it hatches. It seems pretty large. Soon the last egg hatched, but the duckling
that crept out was large and ugly. This little fellow doesn’t look like his
brothers and sisters. The next day, Mother Duck leads her brood
to the water. Oh! I am proud today that my ducklings are swimming
so well! And how well the youngest one is swimming. Come on kids, that’s enough for today. We must get to the farm before it turns dark. The duck family makes its way to the farmhouse,
where there are lots of other ducks. What is that strange looking creature doing
here? The other ducklings are so cute but this one
is so big and ugly. He is ugly. We don’t want him here. That’s not a nice thing to say. He is still small, and I’m sure he will
grow up to be beautiful too. But the other ducklings continued to bully
and make fun of the ugly duckling. I hope the ducklings stop this nonsense. I can’t bear to see that poor child looking
so sad. But as days went by, things started becoming
worse for the ugly duckling. Wherever he went, everyone was mean to him. Have you ever seen anything uglier than this? Uff! Seeing this creature in the morning, my day
will also be as ugly as he is. Ha..Ha…he seems to be getting uglier by
the day. The Ugly Duckling just wanted to hide somewhere
and cry. Even his brothers and sisters were rude to
him. Don’t come near us. Go away! I wish the cat comes and takes you. Mother Duck was very sad to see everyone treat
the ugly ducking so badly. Nobody wants to talk to me or play with me
because I am ugly. I will run away from here. So the ugly duckling flew over the fence of
the farmyard, and continued flying till he spotted a large moor. He decided to spend the night there. I am so tired. I think I will spend the night here. Next morning, the ugly duckling woke up to
the sound of loud quacking. He opened his eyes and saw a flock of wild
ducks. Who are you? What are you doing here? Can I please stay here for a while? I have nowhere to go. You are ugly….(a long pause) Stay here,
but don’t get in our way. The Ugly Duckling stayed on the moor for a
few days. He felt lonely, but no one bullied him or
hurt him because of his looks. One morning, the duckling heard a noise like
a big bang. He lay still, too scared to move. When he finally lifted his head and looked
around, all the other ducks had fled. The ugly duckling also fled from the moor
as fast as it could. It flew as fast as its young wings would take
him. However, suddenly there was thunder and lightning,
scaring the little duckling. Brrr. I am so wet and cold. That cottage there looks warm, maybe I can
take shelter there. The cottage belonged to an old lady, who lived
with with her tomcat and hen, who found the duckling the next morning. Cluck cluck, meow meow
What is happening here? Why are you making so much noise? What is this we have here? Looks like a duck, though a very ugly one. I know what I will do. I will keep it with me and wait for it to
lay eggs. Then I will have eggs from my hen and from
this duck too. Ah, but I do hope this is a duck and not a
drake. So the ugly duckling stayed with the old lady
in her cottage. But here also, the tomcat and the hen made
its life so miserable! Hey you, don’t you get scared when you see
your face in the mirror? Look at me. My coat is so silky. Look at my whiskers, so long and beautiful. The mistress says my walk is so graceful. You are such a loser. You cannot even lay an egg! Look at my eggs, such lovely big and brown
ones. The ugly duckling continued to be lonely. He would sit in front of the window looking
at the small pond outside. How I wish I could swim in that pond. It used to be so nice when I swam in the cool
water back home. Are you mad? The mistress is not going to let you go. You have a safe house, what more do you want? Behave yourself and don’t anger the mistress,
the cat, or even me. Want to swim, indeed! The ugly duckling felt very, very sad, wondering
what to do. I know this place is safe, but I feel like
a prisoner here, being punished by not being allowed to swim. I want to swim – I want to be free to swim
and fly as I please. I have to escape from here somehow. So one night, the duckling quietly crept out
of the cottage and went in search of a new home. Soon he found a beautiful lake where he could
swim and dive. Ahhhhh! (Splash) This is such a lovely place. It feels so good to swim after so long. I hope the other animals and birds here are
friendly so I don’t have to move away from here also. But alas, here too the other animals did not
want to be friends with the ugly duckling. Why does everybody keep avoiding me? Just because I am ugly, it doesn’t mean
everyone has to be mean! No one wants to play with me or even talk
to me! So life continued in this miserabke way for
the ugly duckling. Soon, the seasons changed. Autumn set in, and the colour of the leaves
changed from red to orange and then gold. Winter followed. The forest turned white, and a very cold wind
set in. The dark clouds made the duckling feeling
even more gloomy and sad, so the duckling decided to go to the lakeside. And what a lovely sight he saw there! What are these beautiful birds? I don’t think I have seen them before. How beautifully they spread their large wings! It looks like they are not flying but just
gliding through the sky. Though the winter grew colder and colder,
the duckling continued to swim despite the freezing water, and then finally took refuge
in some bushes. Finally, it was spring again. Plants started sprouting and the sun peeped
down from the sky. The duckling was so happy that it was becoming
warm again. Everything around me has become so beautiful. My wings have also become strong and I can
now swim in the pond close by. Suddenly, the duckling once again saw the
same beautiful birds that he had seen at the start of spring, and quickly ran and hid behind
some bushes. Those birds are so beautiful. I better not go near them, or they too will
make fun of me. I am so scared that they might even kill me! I am so tired of being picked on by everybody,
first the ducklings at the farm, my own brothers and sisters, the hen and tomcat at the cottage,
and everybody else. I wish I had never been born! (Sob sob sob.) The duckling went to a quiet spot on the lake
where nobody could see him. He was very, very sad, and big fat tears rolled
down its face. Suddenly, the duckling saw its own reflection
in the lake, and couldn’t believe its eyes! For staring at him in the clear water below
was his own reflection, no longer a dark, grey bird, ugly and repulsive to look at. Instead, he had turned into a graceful and
beautiful swan. The ugly duckling had transformed into a beautiful
swan!! All the other swans came to greet the newcomer,
and stroked his neck with their beaks. Finally, the ugly little thing was accepted
and loved by his new friends, to whom he belonged, the beautiful and graceful swans. A family with two children came to see the
swans swimming. Look, there is a new one. Father, mother, come here, there is another
swan. A new one has arrived.” The new one is the most beautiful of all. Oh, he is so young and pretty! The swan did not know how to react to so much
praise. He felt shy and tried to hide his face. After being mocked and taunted and bullied
for so long, he couldn’t believe he was being appreciated and accepted! And he was actually being called beautiful! I never dreamt that I would see a day when
someone would call me beautiful! I wish I had received the same love and affection
when I was the little and ugly creature, I wouldn’t have spent such a sad childhood. Why do people treat others according to their
looks? That is so, so sad!

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Reader Comments

  1. Shirtless

    So the liberals are using this story as a case against buillying? Actually, it is a pretty good argument in favor of racial segregation. First of all, the little fellow was not a duckling. He was a cygnet (baby swan). Someone played a dirty trick on Mama Duck by putting a swan egg in her nest. It is not reasonable to expect ducks and swans to get along with each other, or to think that either of them can coexist with hens or cats either. If the cygnet had been raised among swans ("his own kind"), he would not have been considered ugly, he would have been accepted, and he would have had a much happier childhood. As Southern preachers used to say in their fiery sermons supporting racial segregation, "you don't see red birds associating with black birds, do you?"

  2. ArticWolf Wolfe?

    Thi s is my favorite book yes ever you knows? My mommy always reads this to me and she calls me the ugly duckling she said it s good./ She aalso cuts all my hair off when I look ugly she said ugly mean yes really cute

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