The Untold Truth Of Elton John

There’s no denying that Sir Elton John is
one of the most recognizable musicians alive, and he’s come a long way from Reginald Kenneth
Dwight to Rocket Man. Here’s the story of this legendary rock star. Elton John is not a person to shy away from
conflict, and even his closest family members aren’t safe from the drama. According to People Magazine, he even had
a nasty eight-year feud with his own mother, Sheila Farebrother. Their relationship took a nasty bump in June
2008, when John fired two longtime employees with close ties to his mother. Farebrother wasn’t too amused when her son
proceeded to demand that she also cut all ties with the men. She refused, and tempers flared. He accused her of favoring his former workers
over her own son, and she shot back by insulting his husband. That was the last time they spoke for years,
apart from occasional barbs traded in the media. Fortunately, their attitudes mellowed over
time. In 2015, John started mending fences by sending
his mother a massive bouquet of flowers for her 90th birthday. Social media posts and kind public remarks
suggest the two managed to fully reconcile by the time of her passing in 2017. If scores of hit songs and millions of album
sales aren’t enough proof that Sir Elton John was something of a musical prodigy, there’s
also the fact that the Royal Academy of Music in London once offered him a scholarship. The school took notice of the young John,
who had taught himself to play the piano when he was just 4 years old, offering him a scholarship
to attend their youth program when he was 11. However, fate beckoned, and John ultimately
found that rock ‘n’ roll was closer to his artistic sensibilities. At 17, he decided that formal education was
no longer his jam, so he dropped out in order to make his name in pop music. While this was certainly an excellent career
move, John didn’t really intend to rebel against his school, at least not in the long run. He’s very much a believer in higher musical
education, to the point that he endows scholarship funds at the Juilliard School of Music and
his own alma mater. In 1971, John managed to release no fewer
than three different albums. There was the live album called 17-11-70,
a soundtrack to a little-known movie called Friends, and finally Madman Across the Water,
which includes the beloved “Tiny Dancer.” His album from 1970, Tumbleweed Connection,
also charted during 1971. After a year like that, most artists would’ve
had the decency to at least pretend they were slightly out of gas, if only to prevent every
other musician from developing an inferiority complex. However, Elton John is not most artists, so
he immediately followed his insane year with 1972’s Honky Chateau, which included a little
song called “Rocket Man.” When John honored the deceased Princess Diana
with his 1997 mega-hit rendition of “Candle In The Wind,” it didn’t come out of nowhere. He’d been a friend of the royal family since
the seventies, and he even met Princess Diana in 1981 at Prince Andrew’s birthday party. The princess and the musician danced alone
for 20 minutes and became fast friends. Their relationship was friendly and warm until
1997, when John and fashion designer Gianni Versace released a coffee table book called
Rock and Royalty, which featured pictures of the royal family alongside photos of semi-nude
male models. A shocked Diana refused to speak to John for
months, and the two only reconciled when Versace was murdered later that year. Tragically, their rekindled relationship would
only last for a few weeks before Diana herself died in a car crash and John found himself
playing at her funeral. To this day, the musician considers the late
princess “an angel” and has remained on friendly terms with her family. Despite the fact that his style is probably
best suited for arenas and opulent Las Vegas casino shows, John has been known to take
the occasional smaller gig. He played a particularly strange one in 2010,
when he performed at the wedding of Rush Limbaugh, the controversial right-wing radio host who’s
been accused of, among other things, homophobia and AIDS denialism. Since John is a gay man himself and a leading
AIDS activist, it may seem weird that he agreed to play at the wedding reception of a shock
jock who’s been known to downplay the disease. However, there’s a pretty good chance that
the singer knew perfectly well what he was doing and that he had the last laugh. After all, he reportedly charged Limbaugh
$1 million for the performance and sent every last cent of the profits to the Elton John
AIDS Foundation. It’s impossible to talk about Elton John’s
career without mentioning Bernie Taupin. They’ve been songwriting partners since 1967,
when the two men both answered a job advertisement that Liberty Records had placed to find singer/songwriter
talent. John was a prodigious pianist and could write
a mean tune, but he struggled with lyrics. Since Taupin happened to be a prolific lyricist,
Liberty decided to pair the two. As a result, they wrote about 20 songs before
they even met for the first time. But John and Taupin collaborate in an unusual
way. Taupin writes the lyrics first, and John composes
the song based on the text. The whole process is remote; they’ve only
ever worked on a song in the same room a couple of times. The different ways they’ve handled fame and
fortune have been equally peculiar. While John has embraced the limelight, Taupin
has managed to dodge the kind of celebrity that usually follows when you write dozens
of iconic songs and sell millions of records. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Grunge videos about your favorite
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Reader Comments

  1. Deborah Fairbanks

    I love love LOVE Elton John!!
    I'm grateful to live in a time when so many musical geniuses have existed. Elton John is one, and Bernie Taupin's lyrics are more than inspirational.

  2. stan broniszewski

    Elton played a part in the movie Becoming Mick, starring Elton John & Mick Jagger. They showed Elton's estate in England. It was the ultimate vulgar display of wealth

  3. 3rd World Farmer John Ham


  4. L Martinez

    I saw "Rocketman" only a few days ago. It is extremely psychedelic and like a rock opera. The loud musical numbers are overdone. It seems to distort much of the true story of Elton John.
    It depicts Elton John as being about 11 years old when he first started playing piano, but from what I read decades ago, Elton was a toddler when he just walked up to the family piano and started playing skillfully.
    The movie also skims over Elton's youth and teen years. It does depict Elton's father as distant but the character of Stanley Dwight ( Elton's biological dad) is so opaque and the excessively overdone musical numbers take away from the chronological story-line.
    Also I found it odd that Elton's mother Sheila was depicted as a woman who looked no older than about 30 years old throughout most of her life until much later in the film where she is depicted as looking like she is about 45. I recall seeing a photo of Elton's mother back in the mid 1970s when Elton must have been in his very early 30s or very late 20s and his mother did not look like she was 30.
    Spoiler alert, Rocketman was essentially about Elton's struggles with alcohol and drugs and his torment over NOT having a close relationship with his father . In the past Elton has said that his father was strict with him . The movie does not actually depict that. Also the character of Bernie Taupin is essentially just a necessary bother, a prop in the movie. Not much about him is depicted other than the very necessary parts such as how he and Elton met and how they worked together to write songs.
    Furthermore, the movie is some 2 hours and 1 minute long. It could get more done and be a more effective bio-pic if it was shorter and more direct. Also Elton had a point in this life when he took up residence with a woman who was dating an abusive midget who beat her up and the woman in turn beat Elton up. There is only a quick shot in the movie depicting Elton moving into the house with the woman and there is literally only one quick shot of the midget who was her boyfriend. Elton, made a half-hearted attempt to kill himself by putting his head in a gas oven once. It was very early in his music career but Bernie Taupin came in the room and pulled him out of the oven and yelled at him for making such an attempt but the fact was that Elton left the windows open and was not entirely serious about taking his own life. The movie Rocketman, depicts Elton as attempting to kill himself by jumping into a swimming pool while drunk and disoriented at a poolside party. I am not sure if this also happened besides his gas-oven attempt years back.
    It was an enjoyable movie in other respects. The sex scenes were absolutely unnecessary.

  5. Dixiele

    It was a movie that skimmed a lot of his life. It was great but most of us wish it could of been longer!βœŒπŸΌπŸ‘πŸ’₯πŸŽΈπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ‘

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