THE WALL: A Hopeless Situation

The wall at Jericho was an impenetrable force
to any army that was trying to overtake the city. Before even dealing with the wall, the
attacking troops would have to navigate their way across a 27 foot wide, 9 foot deep pit
that lined the outer edges of the city. Then, there was the wall itself, a 17 foot high,
5 foot thick pure mass of solid stone. If the attacking army managed to get this far
without being shot down by archers, all that was left was to defeat the well-trained Canaanite
army that was waiting within. This was the reality for a young leader named
Joshua and his ragtag Israelite army. These Israelites, who had seen an entire generation
live and die while wandering through the desert, were tired, hungry, and facing what seemed
like an impossible task, a hopeless situation. Now, I haven’t lived very long, but I’ve lived
long enough to know this: that running into walls is a part of life, and the bigger the
wall, the more hopeless the situation can seem. The large walls of sickness, loss, divorce,
addiction, they pop up all around us, and they seem impenetrable. And just like the
wall at Jericho, these walls rarely stand alone. The walls of our lives are often accompanied
by a deep pit of pain, suffering, and despair, and all the while, an army of hopelessness
attacks us on every side. The question is asked all the time, if God loves us so much
and is so powerful, then how could He allow these walls to pop up around me? Now, I don’t
pretend to have the answer to any of those questions, nor do I pretend to understand
just how deep or dark your suffering has been. I simply want to suggest that maybe God does
His best work from seemingly hopeless situations. When I read the Bible, I read about people
and characters, all who faced seemingly hopeless situations. In fact, I cannot find a single
person who walked faithfully with God without first facing a hopeless situation.
Adam and Eve ruined Paradise by inviting sin and death into a perfect world – a hopeless
case. Joseph was betrayed by his brothers for his
pride and put in prison – a hopeless case. Moses was cornered on the banks of the Red
Sea with the most powerful army in the world breathing down his neck – a hopeless case.
Gideon was three hundred against three hundred thousand.
David stood across the valley from a blood-thirsty giant.
Esther was a woman trying to gain a word with a prideful king.
Daniel’s roommate was a lion. His friends were thrown in an oven.
Jonah sucked at his job and got stuck in a whale.
Peter was a coward. Paul was imprisoned.
The five thousand had no food. Lazarus was dead.
Timothy was too young. Abraham was too old.
The youngest son was too stupid. The walls of Jericho were too strong.
And Jesus was humiliated, hung on a cross, and buried in a tomb, burying all hopes of
the revolution that was hoped for for thousands of years.
Now everybody was ready to close the book on these stories, the end, game over. But
if there’s one thing we learn from the Scriptures, it’s that we can never place a period where
God has placed a comma, because when all other options have been worn out, when circumstances
couldn’t get worse, when everything else has failed, get ready, because that is exactly
where God shows up. Because Joseph became second in command.
The Red Sea parted. Gideon won without lifting a weapon.
Goliath’s head was on a plate. Esther spoke and the king listened.
Daniel tamed the lion. The oven felt like room temperature.
Nineveh repented. Peter became the rock.
Paul rejoiced. Twelve basket-fulls were left over.
Lazarus was just kidding. Timothy built a church.
Abraham built a family. The youngest son came home to a party.
The walls of Jericho came a-tumblin’ down! And Jesus Christ pulled off the resurrection,
defeating sin and death and the creation that had been marred so many years ago was now
restored for all time! With God, what seems like a hopeless situation
is not only possible, it’s favorable, because only God can turn a mess into a message. Only
God can turn a trial into a triumph, a test into a testimony, and a victim into a victory.
His power is made perfect in weakness, so let us rejoice in our trials and hold unswervingly
to the hope we profess, because He who promised is faithful, was faithful, and will always
be faithful, no matter how hopeless the situation.

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Reader Comments

  1. JonJorgenson

    Hey friends! Thank you for watching. Don't forget to subscribe to the channel and follow me on instagram:

  2. si si

    I'm facing a huge wall now, big things happening in my life. I'm completely frightened. And in same time, I feel like I'm very weak in my faith. Today I just prayed a long time. In the beginning I was a mess, and I'm still a mess but I think God has it. Whatever is happening, He's got it and in the end everything will be great. Thank you for encouragement, Jon.

  3. Cadence Dallas

    I'm not Christian and don't go to church but I always wish i could. My friend takes me to her church when she can. But he is my only dealt connection to this topic. Jon gives me hope. He makes me believe i can do something good. I'm only 11 but kids have the world in there hands. Our future depends on what our generation choses to do

  4. Magnolia Lee

    I can’t thank you enough for allowing yourself to be a vessel in which God speaks to all people… the words are always perfect because they are His. Thank you very much:)

  5. EastSideBlitz1337

    I dont know. I've failed God many times and it just feel like he's angry at me. I just suck man. Im struggle with sin and many bad things are happening in my life. Its like im being punished. I try to not sin but fail over and over. God may do great things for others but im not one of them.

  6. si si

    Here I'm again, desperate and crying. Please pray for my loved one to stay safe. 🙁 There is a chance, I know this isn't a dead end, and I pray, but 3 years of pain and waiting has made me sick. Uncertainty is killing me so bad, I have no idea what will happen next. May God bless this crazy world and all of you who are in situation like us…

  7. sd.WhoIAmMakesADifference

    WOW! That was Epic!!
    Thank you.

    "And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them." Ether 12:27, The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ

  8. Eternal

    Good job Jon, I shed a tear. God is and always has been great, perfect,loving,loyal and so many other things to all of us who were undeserving. Amen brother!

  9. Nyisha Haney

    @JonJorgenson bless you and Glory to God 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾! This just truly ministered to my soul! Thank you for your content and I pray that God continues to pour into and refill you 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾!

  10. Anugrah Pandi

    I absolutely love this.. !! I keep coming back again and again.. Praise be to God!!! Thank you brother for sharing, encouraging and helping me get up Everytime I feel like no no I am a gone case.. and that the walls are too thick to get through.. whenever I listen to this I know I am not alone and that Christ is the sole source of encouragement that can help me get through and through it all..

  11. cynthia g

    It is true. Things could not have gotten worse. I was ready to take my life. He showed up at the last moment and I am here to tell you, he helped me, and all is fine now. Please call on Him in your darkest hour. He will hear you and show up when no one else does!

  12. The Lion and The Lamb Daniel Joseph Chiasson

    Hi peoples, I have created a youtube channel for the purpose of sending
    The Gospel to all parts of The World, as Christ had commanded. My way of
    Evangelization is music. I need help with subscribers to start off my
    channel. Very much appreciated and may God Bless and Keep you.

  13. Aya Elias

    i needed to hear this today. i saved this video not long ago to my ‘watch later’ playlist and i’m glad i decided to stop procrastinating and watch this because i needed to hear every. single. word. you just said. and this is. amazing. i love this video so much and im so thankful that there are people like you who put their time and effort to make up videos like these. you are saving lives, keep going💛

  14. Tom

    This message had me in tears! Man, may God bless you so much, I don't even know you, but I can tell that I love, what a powerful message! I'm from Brazil, and this is the first time in my entire life I have cried watching something in English! Thank you brother!

  15. solisluv

    Even Jesus faced a hopeless situation in Gethsemane before dying on the cross, but he rose up on the 3rd day putting the enemy to shame. It is exactly what we all face in our lives, a hopeless situation. But none knows the plans of God, even not knowing, He is the only creature that is uncreated and that can be trusted. Thank you Jon for this amazing message, I am so happy to know God through Jesus Christ, his only begotten son.

  16. Given Manda

    Today,tonight,a student played this video during our worship session and I was struck unaware by the words In this video.i could not help but realise that all this time,God has it all planned out and there's hope,light at the end.i take pride in the walls in my life now for its through them God's glory is made overwhelmed !

  17. Charlotte Lesa

    Can anyone help me please? I'm trying to figure out what the word is that he is saying in the beginning sentence…"The wall at Jericho was an ? force…" what is the after 'an' and what does it mean please?

  18. Di Bn

    Oh…How I love this sermon….!! I was just slipping down my lane of life just this moment & couldn't decide to pursue or run back… hopelessly….Thank you so much in the name of Jesus…

  19. Grace Upon Grace

    Wow when I lights went on I got so shook😂 awesome vid, he was smashing in it with Bible references like bam bam bam! One of my fav vids from u keep up with crazily creative work Jon! ❤️

  20. Kuya Dhoy

    My Facebook is blocked for 3 days and my current situation is I am lost… I don't know what makes me satisfy. I don't know what I really want. I am lost. I am Purposeless. I am nowhere to go. My soul is thirsty. Netflix. YouTube. Book. I tried to find myself, my satisfaction even my identity to things irrelevant of sufficing me. Finding comfort. Finding peace. Finding what makes me feel fulfill. I am lost. I don't know where to go.

    And I land on this one. Video after video I watched, I finished, I enjoyed. Man, my soul's thirst has been quenched. I found my soul longing in desperation to meet Jesus.

    I know him. I used to serve him. But I ran. Now I am found dead end. I found myself empty. I found myself in need of a savior.

    I found myself hoping for Jesus second chance.

  21. Angel Rock

    Thank you for leaving these messages I love to listen to your videos with my grand daughters. They think since your younger your message can be trusted. In this world having encouraging explanations are invaluable to the younger generation.

  22. Edmund Singleton

    Oh, how easy it was to convince some Americans that the
    start of drug addiction came from across a border, the building of a wall would
    be a cure-all and an end to new druggies, when all a along we are our own best drug

  23. Shantha George

    I thank God for bringing you Jon into our lives to let us hear from you the message of hope to our desperate, hopeless situation for 39 years now. To see our "unqualified" son qualified and being used in the hands of Jesus Christ.



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