The Wall Official Trailer 1 (2017) – Aaron Taylor-Johnson Movie

You see that? Hit-and-run. Whoever he is, he’s gone. Unless he’s a pro. We got no movement,
not a sign of a shadow. – I’m going down there. That’s it.
– Roger that. You got eyes on that wall? I got eyes on your ass, fancy pants. – Come on, man, talk to me, talk to me.
What do you see? Something’s not right. I’m hit! I’m coming, man! How bad is it? Isaac, bullet went through. I’ve got a man down! Fuck! What’s your position? Over. We got a sniper. High caliber weapon.
Requesting extraction. Sergeant, I mean,
your exact location. Say it again? You got an accent. Not American. You’re the sniper. Where are you, man. You got eyes on him?
Where did he come from? I don’t know! If I were you, I would start talking, Isaac. What do you want? I want to get to know you. – I got one shot.
– No, no, no! The second you touch that rifle,
you’re dead. This is true. When this is over,
his family won’t recognize him. “THIS ISN’T WAR…” You’re dehydrated. How does this end, man? “IT’S A GAME” Death, you will bleed out. The scope is an extension of my eye. You’re fading. You’re fading. I’m fantastic! The trigger is an extension
of my fist. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. The rifle is an extension of me! – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
– And I’ll strike you down! I know where you are now! THE WALL

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Reader Comments

  1. Pawlly

    I have so many problems with this movie already. No sniper could POSSIBLY see John Cena. Its just not possible. I didnt see him the whole trailer

  2. Brent Lamb

    Horrible. Absolutely Regrettable! I would gladly spit beechnut in the creator, director, writer, & john cena's eyes for this tasteless movie.

  3. Justin justintheman

    This movie had so much fuckery the at the end hit two helicopters pilots and all crew members while in flight and hit his water supply and everyone's radio antenna no one can be that accurate

  4. Oldghostskateboarder

    Just watched this movie. All I can say I big mistake exposing themselves in open area when there is obviously evidence of a sniper in the area. Not sure if this was true story. Seems like they would have stayed put and called in air strikes on potential sniper hiding spots first. I'm not a military person, but I know you don't want to walk out in the open when a sniper is present.

  5. Ret Samwal

    This movie sucked! After spending an hour and a half watching this just when you think the good guy won the movie ended with the bad guy winning!!!! F THIS!!!!!

  6. GamingGrass -

    Spoiled Alert.

    This was a terrible movie Isaac and the other guy (john cena) both died at least I think but I don't know because IT DIDN'T EVEN SHOW HIM DIE Isaac thought that he killed the sniper and the helicopter rescued him NOPE SNIPER NOT DEAD HE SHOOTS DOWN THE HELICOPTER!!!!!

    end of movie….. 👿

  7. raygon8

    the premise that you would go down there is foolish. You know the war is over, you know those where long range shots that killed down there. lots and lots not so rational decisions and at the end the worst decision

  8. Mikeylikesit 460

    i just watched this movie, and i just wasted 1 hr and change of my life I'll never get back, stupidest movie I seen in a while.

  9. Dougie Quick

    These guys are SO dumb it is just hurts to watch! WHY oh why would they not call in eyes in the AIR….ya know? a gun ship to COVER them at least? A convoy to come in and clean up? They KNEW something was wrong that it did not add up to anything but a pro sniper! DUHHH I know it is the script that made them dumb but still how can anyone stand to watch STUPID? Man I hope this was not based on anything true What? Supposed to believe these yin yangs watched this site for TWENTY HOURS? Or was it 20 minutes? Either way it is stupid …..stupid they would watch it for 20 hours and never had air support come inand even stupider if they went strolling down after 2o minutes!

  10. Lithuanian GLOCK31_NH420

    Lol… nice plot and story here. Shows how communication in tactical situations is mission critical.

    Also that this senerio is stretched to the limits and so within the hypothetical relm it's not funny.

    This movie did piss me off.. such a stupid sniper… this is the how not to video on military sniping.

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