The Wall – One Rockin’ Free Fall (Episode Highlight)

I’m going to ask you questions. The balls begin to
fly down the wall. You have to lock in your answer
before the first ball touches the top of one of those slots. If you’re right, the
balls turn green. We add money. If you’re wrong,
balls turn red. We take away money. Our highest amount on the
wall is $25,000 right now. You have five questions
to answer in Free Fall. You guys ready?
Do you feel good? – I feel pretty good.
– Okay. Excellent. Here we go. This is our first
question of Free Fall. – Do it quick. – Cockapoo. Come on, baby.
Get that 25. Get that 25. – $5,000, $10,000. So close. – $15,001. Of course you have a cockapoo. Of course you do. – Hey, all right! – Let’s add $15,001 for the
wall, $50,001. Dropping these
balls down the wall, not at terminal velocity though,
which is what, 9.8 meters per second squared? – That’s gravity.
Yeah. [laughter] – It’s time for our second
question of Free Fall. – Inca, it’s Inca.
– Inca. Are you sure?
– I think so, yeah. – I don’t know. – You’re locked in.
– Come on, baby. – You’re locked in with Inca,
$10,000, $10,000. $25,000. – Someone yelled Maya. [cheers and applause] – Someone in the
audience said Maya. They were guessing.
You know what? They were wrong.
The correct answer is Inca. – Yeah, baby! – Oh, my God,
I can’t reach that high. – That’s another $35,001 that
we’ve added to the wall. That brings your Free Fall
total so far after two questions up to $50,002. – All right. – So it’s time for our third
question of Free Fall. – Here we go. – Frequency modulation. Hit it.
– I want to hit it too. – Come on, baby.
Hit that 25. Come on, baby.
Come on. Come on.
– Get in there. $10,000, $20,000, $10,000! [cheers and applause] Very quickly you jump
to frequency modulation. – I let him take that one. [laughter]
– Yeah. – Of course it’s
frequency modulation for $40,000 added to the wall. That brings your total
all the way up to $90,002. It’s time for our next
question of Free Fall. – Calvin.
– Our young cousin Calvin. Yes. Come on, baby.
Come on. Get back down there. We’ll take it. – Yes. – Oh, my God. – Oh, so close. – Really? – So close.
– This is crazy. – This is one of my
favorite comic strips of all time, one of the
most beautiful, poignant, philosophical, and funny
strips, “Calvin and Hobbes.” Which title character
is the young boy? Of course it’s Calvin. – Just like Kevin. – Hobbes is his stuffed tiger.
– Feel good. – That brings your total on
the wall up to $125,003. – That’s 1/8 of a million. – That’s 1/8 of a million. I like that you’re
doing fractions. Of course, you’re
a math teacher. That’s what you have to do.

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  1. Gobu Jothiramalingam

    Vijay TV Spices add pannuvaan …Soga Background, Samooga Sevai background , kanneer vittu katharifying moments, appuram vazhakkam pola "theivangkal ellaam thotre pokum " song …Waiting for "Sirippu Wall "

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