The Worst Thing That Ever Happened to My Hometown

rev up your engines,
bird says scotty since you grew up in Niagara Falls do you remember the Love Canal
disaster, well yeah as a matter of fact Love Canal was half a mile from my
outside, I lived on a island that was on the other side of the Island,
which is what they called the Little rivers where
they were digging the canal, it was gonna be
a competitor it’s the Erie Canal but they only got like a mile and a half and
the guy ran out of money, so I actually have friends that grew up with Love
Canal in Love Canal the filled in part with the
chemicals in their backyard, you can drive around today they got fences
around it, nobody’s living in the houses they’re just sitting there
I guess maybe one day they’re gonna try to sucker people to move them back in but
yeah it was a fast one, I mean it was weird the Hooker chemical company dumped
the stuff in there, and then some of the
property they gave to the city of Niagara Falls and they built an
elementary school on it, it wasn’t such a hot
thing that was done in those day, let me tell you, James Ross says
sometimes I have to go from park to drive like four times before my car
actually stops moving, what’s wrong, well your transmission is wearing out, now
I’ll give you a typical one that it happened to, about 15-20 years ago the
Nissan Maximas as they aged they would all do that, and it was because the oil
pump inside the transmission was starting to get weak, now just like an
engine, your engine has an oil pump that pumps oil to lubricate, well your
transmission automatic ones, they have an oil pump to build up the pressure to
flow the fluid through because they drive by fluid pressure dynamics, what’s
happening is yours is just flat starting to wear out, now if you’re lucky, I’ve had
some people drain a quart of fluid out of the transmission, put a quart of the
Lucas automatic transmission additive in and then they’d actually shift better, so
you could try that if you want, but it’s generally a sign that your transmission
is starting to go out, Simon and he says I got a 2012 Chevy Aveo, the car
wobbles on the highway above the speed of 80 miles an hour, tires are new amd
alignment and balancing has been done, any suggestions, my first suggest would be
driving a Aveo that fast, they’re kind of cheaply made little cars, they’re not
made for going all that fast, if you’re wobbling on a higher speed and you’re
positive that the tires are balanced right, that the wheels aren’t bent, and
the alignment is correct, then odds are you got a problem in your drive shafts,
CV joints could be worn and the faster you go they start to
wobble a little bit, I’ve seen that many times, you can also check engine and
transmission mounts, that can cause bouncing and wobbly, but the drive shafts
are the most common reason that they go if the alignment the balancing is
correct, I’ve seen many people go places they come to me and they’re shaking like
that, and I check it and say, well your tires just aren’t balanced right, because
a lot of times the guys just don’t balance them right, Jacob forces says Scotty
is a manual 2003 Audi TT 1.8 turbo a good first car, I found a TT in great
condition, it’s cheep and has low kilometers on it, Cheers, okay you got
Kilometer so I’m assuming your in Europe or something, and if you are, a lot of people
drive them around, I’m not a fan of them but it’s a manual transmission, and if it
really is low mileage, and if people change the oil enough, then it could be a
good car, but before you buy it, do a compression test, it’s only four
cylinders, to see if the engine is worn or not, because I’ve seen a lot of those
1.8 turbo TTS where the engines out and the pressure
would be too low and they need rebuilding, and it doesn’t take on that
car 20 minutes to do a compression test to see if the engine still has good
compression, have that done before you buy it,
jim-jim says Scotty love the show I got a 97 GMC Sierra and as a slipping
transmission what’s the most economical reliable place to get one, okay here’s
the problem, you’re talking about what you’re talking about a 22 year old
transmission, and of course I mean you could try one in a junkyard, but it’s 22
years old, who’s to say it’s in any better shape, the problem was something
that old is, you’re better off getting a remanufactured one, that’s just the truth
of that matter, you know unless you got a friend owns a junkyard and he’s got one
that he really knows only had 60-80,000 miles or something then you could do
that, but other than that you’re really better off trying to find a good
remanufactured one from a quality rebuilder with a guarantee, cuz it’s so
old going used would be just an absolute
insane crapshoot on something like that hozer says I’m thinking
about buying a 2003 Lincoln Towncar 128 thousand miles for 2,500 bucks, are
they good cars, if they’ve been taken care of
then they can be excellent cars, 128,000 miles isn’t all that much for
that car, it’s got a big v8 engine in them and they can last quite some time if it
was taken care of, now as car especially that which is a more luxurious type car,
you want to pay mechanic like me, we get our fancy scan tools, we plug them in
and we spend about an hour analyzing the car and driving it, and we’ll tell you
what kind of shape it’s in, so if you never want to miss another one of my new
car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  1. Scotty Kilmer

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  2. Veiled Heat

    I don't trust corporations or the government but at least corporations can be sued and shamed in the media. When the government screws up the bureaucrats just promote themselves.

  3. just the tip? band

    did you fix the audio in your intro? the clipping is gone? always bothered me and wanted as an AV nerd and amature recording engineer to help you fix that. did you re-record it? usually digital clipping cant be fixed if its in the recording level and not post gain. and before people judge my channel we have no computer recordings up yet. just live cell phone videos from a cheap cell phone🍻

  4. Alex Burns

    If your auto trans needs time to build up pressure make sure you arent low in fluid first. Ive had a few trans do that. I completely lost reverse and it was due to low fluid.

  5. Name

    Pick me scotty! Whats the best used toyota model to buy? And what mileage should i look for? And is there a model to avoid? My jeep just isn't cutting it

  6. Slav Zabicki

    Off topic a bit but Scotty, what do you think about 2008 lincoln navigator. I’m interested in your opinion about 5.4 3v triton engines especially the latest once 2008-2014 (regular spark plugs)

  7. 335i101

    Scotty, when it is really cold out, 0 or below, my Lx470 makes a whining noise.

    Sounds like it is a rotational sound, as it gets louder and higher pitched as I accelerate.

    I recently replaced the serpentine belt, idler, pulley, and alternator….so I don’t think that it is coming from the belts.

    Only when cold
    Higher/louder as a speed up
    Goes away after the car is warmed up

    Any ideas?

  8. Mael-Strom

    The corporate sector always wins …they have all the money, the ordinary citizen has all the toxic waste …usually running through their bloodstream.

  9. mjolnir, but pronounced Jonathan

    I'm turning 18 in 2 months and want to buy a cheap reliable car, currently saw a 95 Nissan sentra for 500 that smokes blue from exhaust and want to repair it, would you recommend

  10. Khan Imtiaz

    Scotty, I have 2 questions: Why ALL the car manufacturers do not provide a sound or the light alarm for high water temperature? They give a little analog pointer and that's it. If you have a radiator water leak and you miss that tiny indicator, your engine is burned or the head gasket is broken. Why don't they provide temperature alarm in addition to the temperature indicator? 2- Can I purchase a high temperature alarm from somewhere? Thanks

  11. Samuel V. Bardadin

    Hello Scotty, my sister has a 2008 Lexus gs350, she maintains it at the dealership since she bought it brand new from the dealership (she already put 133,000 miles on it, still running like a champ). And when she brakes, the front of the car wobbles. Could it be warped brakes? It feels like the wobbling is coming from the wheels

  12. dalesworld

    I grew up in Western NY too – I remember driving over th skyway in Lackawanna when the still plants were still running and you could not see or breathe. Roll up the windows and horrible stench still came into the car.

  13. Mike Mexico

    Hey Scotty, I have a 1993 Dodge Dakota 6 cylinder truck, it's old and I usually only drove it every month or tow for short distances for the last 12 years. Now I have to take it on a long trip of 3000 miles. What should I check besides belts and hoses to have peace of mind for the drive. Thanks for your advice.

  14. Shoaib Ahmed

    Hello sir. I need your suggestion. I accidently put 1 litre (quart) gear oil instead of ATF in my car's auto transmission, Because there was some leakage.
    What should i do now. Although gear oil was thinner one than other gear oils. But i am still worried. Will it affect transmission?


    A wobbling driveshaft should be repaired immediately. If the front end comes loose, it can drop to the pavement and cause the vehicle to flip. Bad enough at 20mph, at 55+, deadly.

  16. Jesus Hernandez

    Scotty, how much will your charge me to program a new key for my Toyota Camry 2007, it’s cut with the transporter but it’s not program yet

  17. pauljs75

    Mmm… The smell of DOW chemical by Niagra Falls. (/s) Been ages since I've been to upstate New York, but something I remember from going up there as a kid.

  18. Andrus Pihel

    Scotty, now you talking a BS. Audi TT mk1 1996-2006 does not have a automatic transmission as you mean it on mickey land. It have a 5,6 speed manual and 6 speed tiptronic aka. manumatic. Tiptonic is not the mickey mouse regular drive automatic. Yes mickey mouse have a big ears but between these ears are almost nothing. The same love as you Scotty sharing, I share back. Stop hating European cars!!!

  19. Eric Van Eck

    Scotty, what are the top four newer automatic transmissions made and we know Toyota will be #1:). We are looking for a toad for an RV and I hear 4X4 Toyotas can’t be towed.

  20. Ro Brown

    It’s very sad what happened to Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls is a huge tourism area and whenever I visit I see cars from every state but the population in the city began to plummet after that Love Canal situation and the city never really bounced back. Niagara Falls had the potential to be a bustling community.


    I asked a friend if he rembered the LOVE canal (environmental incident), and the young people thought i was talking about a hippie love fest.

  22. Box of Rocks

    Re. Love Canal – I know there are people who will, for the right amount of money, stick a steak knife in their mother's eye. Call me naive, but I simply cannot understand how someone could KNOWINGLY poison their neighbors and fellow citizens.

  23. 1qwasz12

    I used to drive a 26 foot straight truck. I would shift to the next gear by raising the rpms until it shifted to the next gear without using the clutch. They call it "floating". Can one float gears in a car?

  24. Elton Veloso

    Scotty how are you? I have a 1987 nissan hardbody 4 cilynders 4.2. It's over 30 years old, standard shifting runs very good it doesn't drop one single drop of oli on the ground. But this noise started on the differential like a knock specially when downshifting. Do you think it could be the pinion bearing. I recorded a video with it lifted and it comes right from there at the differential.

  25. Riezig

    Best truck I ever owned was a 96 Chevy z71 with the 350 engine. Had 356000kms on it original everything. I Sold it and the new owner has almost 400000kms on it now.

  26. TheSpiral01

    Wobbly wheels are not necessarily a drive shaft issue, check your tire pressure. Learned this years ago, to much air will cause the steering wheel to shake and then the car at higher speeds, like 45-65mph. Check your drivers side door jam for the correct tire inflation psi. Go to the dollar store and purchase a tire pressure gage.

  27. Alan Cheung

    I tried the Lucas transmission fix. After 10 days or so the transmission started to shift better and the reverse is not slipping as much. Mazda MPV with Jatco trans is just bad at 120k miles. Everything else seems fine.

  28. Alan Cheung

    Thanks Scotty. Without you videos and advice I would have spent too much $ on repairs or have to buy another family car already. Let's see how much time o can buy with fix.

  29. Cole Leah

    I just got a 2003 grand marquis from my grandparents. It has a 4.6L V8, only 137,000 miles, and it’s never been in an accident. Thoughts on the car?

  30. lithiumkc8

    Scotty. I just struck gold and I want to fulfill my dream of Getting a 1996 Hummer H1. My plan is to swap the engine and tranny with ones from the 2016 Ford Raptor is this possible? How much stress? I know it’s not a perfect plan but what would you do?

  31. Richard Person

    Scotty, I enjoy your videos! I'm an old fud born in Buffalo but moved out in '57 due to my father's transfer. I remember LC like it was yesterday. My oldest sister's husband worked for Hooker and they also lived near the site.

  32. James Costello

    Scotty, I live in Buffalo and about two years ago I got off at the wrong exit for the Robert Moses and ended up on some of the old Love Canal streets. Believe it or not there are actually still a few hold outs who still live there. Only about two or three but the houses are still there and there were people there. They deemed some of the areas "safe" and build a new residents section called Black Creek. There was word last year the clay cap they installed in the 70s is becoming breeched. The entire county of Niagara and especially the city of Niagara Falls is an abomination. Absolute shame.

  33. brs rafal

    I put Lucas in my camry and 2 days later transmission goes it would still been my daily driver today b careful ppl car had over 300 k but driving decent most parts original

  34. Andrew Jawney

    Hey Scotty,
    That shaking at high speed has happened to me in the past. It turned out it was mud that had stuck to the inside of the wheel. I thoroughly cleaned all the mud off and the shaking went away.

  35. Enrico Jesus

    I worked with a guy who was dumping chemical waste into that place too! Crazy. I went to elementary school in Niagara/canada and we were all taught about that place.

  36. Thomas Melnick

    Well first things first :
    I am sorry what happened in Up State New York.
    As any story there are 3 sides. If you do the research you will find out that Hooker Chemical was straight away up with everything they did.
    The truth yes Hooker made cement canals of chemicals under the ground that were 14 feet from the surface. The local town got the land free knowing not to dig or disturb the cement canals. To make a park . Now if a politician sells the land to a housing developer who then does exactly what Hooker said not to do then the wrong people payed full price.
    Looking back Hooker should have never given away the land and made it a park . Some men did have integrity and some knowing hurt people.

  37. Esteban Rápido

    I had a wheel that was too dinged up but no one could tell. So I was chasing a out of balance tire for years. I finally bought two refurbished wheels and even one of those was too banged up but problem solved.

  38. Clee Torres

    My parents got suckered into buying a Chevy Aveo. Those are built in Korea. It was by far the worst car I have ever driven. Flimsy everything and a certifiable death trap in an accident. Thankfully, they switched to a Honda CRV recently.

  39. Joseph Smith

    DON'T BUY THE 2003 TOWN CAR. I had that car. It drove fine. Then all hell broke loose. Head gasket leak. Ignition coils went out like Christmas light. Radio stopped working for no true reason. Driver window would not go up or down. All this and more in under 18 months after riding great for 3 years. The flood of 2016 took it. Full coverage.

  40. Leah Bender

    Hey Scotty, could you do a video of your top five SUVs/AWD vehicles for those of us who legitimately need these things? I don't really want a pickup truck but I need to be able to haul things that can be kinda dirty sometimes, drive in the snow and still carry passengers comfortably. I currently have a Honda CR-V and love the vehicle but it's starting to get quite a few miles on it and needs some suspension work that I don't much want to put into it.

  41. Gardy Marra

    Hey Scotty I don’t know if you also know about chautauqua lake near Gowanda, NY where they also dumped chemicals into and it was deemed unsafe for people to go swim in.

  42. airplane george

    I used to work for Hooker Chem Co. in nj back in the 70s. the story they told us employees was they sold the land with the understanding that it not be dug up. Then the developers got a hold of it and built a school and houses. Now I don't give ether one a pass but I was 19 years old and it was a great job. Bought a 63 and a 67 corvette while working there.

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