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  1. GamingBoiTV

    Things I do when I'm bored in Minecraft
    1. I log out and play portal 2 or tomb raider or assassins creed or undertale
    2. Play growtopia for 2 hours
    3. Play five nights at Freddys 4
    4. Make a YouTube video
    5. Code my video game
    6. Play some roblox
    7. Do A Twitch Livestream (maybe..)(without face cam)
    8. Play geometry dash and play Minecraft story mode
    9. Watch Minecraft videos
    10. Um… THATS ALL

  2. •Pom Pom Draws•

    Things I do when Im bored:
    1.Troll People
    2. Grief a village
    3. Spawn 30 Ender Dragons
    4: Spawn 10 withers
    5. Watch them fight together
    6.Make Pets
    7.Build Random Stuff
    8. Jump and run around
    9.Explode stuff
    10. Kill Villagers and everything

  3. Aboushy

    Things to do when I'm bored in mc:
    Place TNT all over the place and blow it up
    Ask my friend to come and play with me then kill him
    Log out and play the walking dead
    Turn of the walking dead play Gta 5 and f*** around
    Play Minecraft servers

  4. TheThunderBoy GamingYT

    when bored in minecraft
    1.join a server
    2.Find a village in Explode it.
    3.join your Freind world in minecraft
    4.stop playing minecraft and play Clash of Clan.
    5.Fight a Mob's

  5. Lily Rose

    Actually I have some REAL ideas, try if you want.

    1) Mine for diamonds or your favorite ore.
    2) Build a new home.
    3) Explore around the place you were spawned at.
    4) Go on servers.
    5)Troll people on servers. Lol.
    6)Make friends on servers/Discover the server a little more with your friend or alone.
    7)Look for a witch house. ( If you didn't know, it actually exists.)
    8)Invent your own thing of Redstone. ( That doesn't count if your a Redstone Noob)
    9)Change your skin all the time and ask people how it is.
    10)Try acting like your a noob.

    These tricks always help me except the last one.

  6. • įshYøBøyŞųbŻērø •

    I think I like herobrine's moves more explodingTNT looks like a Mouse and a Huge Rat eating exploding explodingTNTs foot

  7. Chase Searle

    Spoiler alert! If you really decide to grief your friend's server, make sure they are one to forgive and not rat you out of a job on other servers in which you met them from. That way, they can't get you back that easily! …Or can they?…

  8. shatha playz

    Things you do when you are bored in minecraft
    1. Go out and cut some wood a house from wood
    3.Go and see minecraft world an explore it
    4. Get tools and weapon
    5. Go to the end or the nether
    6. Kill the ender dragon
    7. Visit your friends
    And the last one
    8. Exit minecraft and go to sleep 😎😎
    Hahaha that what I'm doing every day

  9. Azerina Kardaš

    My 10 things to do when i am bored in Minecraft:
    1. Pay a visit to The Ender Dragon
    2. See The Nether
    3. Fishing
    4. Having a boat race
    5. Watching from upstairs somewhere
    6. Swim somewhere
    7. Collect resources
    8. Eating food
    9. Relaxing
    10. Visiting a Temple
    Like it if it is great!

  10. Donut Burger

    Things I do when I'm bored:
    1. Watch MagmaMusen or Biggs87x
    2. Swim around
    3. Upload a video
    4. Watch LIVE streams
    5. Watch ExplodingTNT Or you
    6. Subscribe to some people
    7. Like some videos
    8. Go on some texture packs
    9. Try to find the end portal
    10. Win achievements

  11. Vivian Marquez

    Cactus is useful because if you place cactus in front of a zombie it hurts the zombie and protects you un less you place it too close than it will not work in the game just a sercet thing.

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