Oh, I Hate when that happens when you get pushed up of bounds This is completely stupid Hey guys and welcome to another frag video and this time I’ll be playing one of your decks once again this time this wonderful decks comes from a French player named SYL∆RH have your like name displayed right there see ah there you can see it Thank you for your deck. One of the best French players actually so you can see this team – two attack characters two defense characters and one center lucha muerte freeze b Medusa Jack and Mecha Knight seems pretty straightforward. So I’m just gonna go in a game and play this Player sound real quick and hopefully it should all go. Well, I think it’s a pretty Balanced team. So there’s no reason why this should not go. Well, you know what? I mean, you know what I mean? Yeah Okay turbo dog It’s gonna be turbo gone soon starting with mechanized one of my favorites. What are the odds? What are the odds I? Don’t like this Saxon was buy though There you go. Oh Trying to get me from a top Notes not gonna work against make a nice Okay. Okay. Okay. Oh, wait. How do you this? Hey Okay, I’m gonna drop a shell behind me just some safe On one side Jack doing some work and I die from Vlad despite my shells and that’s completely busted Yeah. Oh, yeah my favorite which I went to haha if you guys watch the Challenge video like post and you’re better. You know those guys my favorite I just died with him. That’s awesome. Are you really? Really not good with this guy – I’m good with Medusa though. Gosh, she’s so awesome. What’s this sure and I died I’m not so good, I guess My team is getting completely wrecked right now. Oh my god Dammit dammit, she survived like three HP and she just got killed by. Oh No, wait, she teleported back to base. Okay, jack been a long time jack Can say I’m a huge jack play anymore used to claim way back in the Back in the day, you know back in the first days of the game When his ghost was really broken I’m not broken but really strong and now since his damage has been nerfed lots of shurima and I’m gonna go back because there’s the Mind that you can see and I’m not I’m not gonna get trick bite this so easily Do you think I am hey see I do Literally almost no damage at close range Okay can go attack this target just yet because there’s a volcano but I need to score some points. So Jack is still really good at destroying stuff That’s gonna be a bit of an issue. Nope. Never mind. Okay. I’m just gonna Rancic. Yes Elite Yes. Yes. Ah Thank you jack Oops Bomb Who’s shooting at my a dirty fan guys? Come on only seven points left If we kill this guy and this is the victory Which my I’d say what are you doing? Just kill him look BAM Easy easy Oh instead of Chloe sexually, but uh, we win this game. Yeah It’s pretty, you know pretty common for us That’s going let’s go do another game and then I’ll tell you what I think about this team and what can be improved or changed Problem is Hmm Another thing there is much need you can change. Oh, we didn’t play freeze B last time so we’re gonna play frisbee Now you guys already know I feel what freeze B, of course having Bellator in another team and Things they’re not necessarily go well. Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh boy Okay Looks like you know better aiming since then. Wow, that’s the triple kill Holy cow I’m drinkin real out soon. Not too so a bit somebody I’m just gonna say it, you know How does they have a Medusa – oh, yeah, lucha muerte keep standing around thinking these Kent’s. Okay. She was invincible No, she’s not Oh, I Hate when that happens when you get pushed up of bounds, this is completely stupid this being said We’re winning by and large OHS Oh Jets, it’s revenge time. She’s already dead We’re winning. Okay. So rather the voice saying that we’re winning by a landslide Start losing by uh, not not losing but the the gap closed I Think I got her yeah We’ll see Okay, I think I’m gonna have to go for it you go on the offensive this guy over there You saw me you’re not leaving not for long, but I’m losing him. That’s three coming this way Oh, no No, no, no, no, no No, no, no, no no, no, no someone enjoying any And as three people that and has made you sir which confirms that I did not kill her last time and the Vedad completely missed me with this tornado me and One to Frisbee is doing some work Oh Should have been paying more attention to that Okay, it’s time to play my favorite game kill a guy from the other side of the map. Let’s go buddy Euphy on it now. He’s feeling it Should should have not feeling fair felt it dummy bozo Oh God oh Please do We killed someone so I guess I win again Pretty cool game. I’m gonna check cool game now I’m gonna show you guys some stuff that you might not not know about not not not that You can check Your battle history you go there in your straw beds and I’m gonna check what what which characters help my team the most Obviously in this case, it’s frisbee. Seven kills two deaths Looks like played are a lot but Mick and I did some really good work, too In the previous game, would you also play with same team Jack was the one who carried us frisbee D&D, Sol In both cases Medusa didn’t do that much. Yeah She did. Okay. She need okay, you know I First thing I’m gonna do is definitely review frisbee Five star I Was wrong About ur and No an emoji and oh, come on, oh, well, I’m just Oh Such a fail and looking at this team What could be improved? Well, I’m not I’m not I don’t think lucha Mata is a good character to play in any team See that sounds so mean but As you can see when you don’t play as him he kind of fumbles around it’s not sure what to do And I think there’s a better option for an attacker There’s a wreck rock this Dan as jet as you can see jet and still be pretty annoying Frisbee, I was wrong. She’s right. She saved us she’s amazing Let me do sir. I Guess she’s okay. I Think she got enough pretty heavily and a couple of updates ago, sir. Yeah. Maybe you could pick another defense character I like I like dr. Frogg the most at the moment out of all the defense characters that I play Jack is good If you play him close range any defense, I think with the nerves to his range damage This is where shines best now and make a knight is always a good character to be so what can I say? That’s a pretty good team Yella Si si la nuts killer seal out Thank You French player still out one of the best French players in the world at the moment Not as good as me though, not yet at least. But anyway, that’s it for this video Hope you all enjoyed watching me play one of them field axe If you want me to play the deck that you are playing please tell me in the YouTube comments. What’s the strategy you’re using and Deck your plank and I’ll make sure to play it maybe in a future video the meantime I tip my hat to my really cool frag hat that you can see a really quite fun of it and I will see you guys another time if you want to reach me though, make sure to follow us on Facebook on Twitter I can join the discards and you can even join our sub reddits all of these platforms You can talk to OPP developers on in the meantime I’m gonna play this deck some more and I hope you have lots of fun playing this deck or playing another deck and I’ll see you guys in another video. Bye

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