This phone case is ILLEGAL…

Before we get started, I want you to know
the product I’m reviewing today is illegal in Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New
York, and Rhode Island. But it’s still pretty interesting. Let’s get started. [Intro] On my channel I’ve talked a lot about protection
for phones. Today we’re going to talk about personal protection using a stun gun case
for your iPhone. This particular case can protect your phone, obviously, it’s also a
power bank, and it has 7 million volts of stun gun protection, which is pretty crazy. So this particular case is the teal case,
and just out of the box it is super super thick. And check out this warning: “This
product can cause severe injury or potentially death. Read user manual before use. Never
leave unattended around minors.” That’s probably pretty important. “Only use if
you are in serious danger.” I like that they mentioned check your local laws before
carrying a stun gun because these are illegal in several states, like I mentioned earlier.
But like always on my channel, we test a lot of different things, and so we’re going to
test out the features of this stun gun and then take it apart and see how it works. It comes with a screen protector, and the
case is detachable which is kind of cool. I’ll go ahead and slide my pristine condition
iPhone 8 inside of this case, and slip it into the housing and it should start charging.
So I press this button on the back twice and these LEDs lit up, and now the phone itself
is charging up here in the top corner. So that part of this case actually works. [Buzz sound] Oh man! There is the stun gun.
That is pretty scary. Okay, so in order to activate the stun gun part of it, there are
actually two safe guards. So first of all, I have to flip this switch right here up.
And then I also have to slide these metal prongs out the top of the phone, which then
releases the 7 million volts of electricity through those two points. One thing that I should mention is that when
you do switch it into taser mode, it does stop charging your phone. So you can’t defend
yourself physically while charging your phone at the same time. No multitasking going on
– either zapping people or charging your phone. You got to pick one or the other. So even though there is 7 million volts pulsing
through these two needle-like connections at the tip, it’s not the voltage that kills
you. There’s not a whole lot of amperage flowing through with those volts. So technically I
should be fine zapping myself, but remember this is illegal in quite a few states. So…let’s
see what happens. [Buzzing sounds] Ready? I don’t want to do
this anymore! Oh boy. Okay. So I am in…okay, I’m going to do it this time. [Laughing] So right now we are locked into taser mode
with the safeguard. The metal prongs are stuck up. [Buzzing sound] Ugh!!! I could feel it
like all the way through my fingertips…like it made my fingertips curl at the very end,
and I could feel it probably…oh, I’m getting goosebumps over my whole arm…I could feel
it all throughout this range right here. That was so crazy. Okay, let’s not do that again. Now I vote we open this thing up and see what
the external batteries like inside, and see how these prongs of doom extrude from the
case each time. Batteries in electric cars have been on my
mind a lot lately after listening to a book on Elon Musk by Ashley Vance. Audible is kind
of my way of productively filling my time while driving or traveling. One of Elon’s
quotes that stood out to me the most is, “If other people are putting in 40 hour work weeks
and you’re putting in 100 hour weeks, then even if you are doing the same thing you will
achieve in four months what it takes them a year to achieve.” It’s pretty motivating
stuff. Audible is one of my ways of motivating myself to become a better person. Audible
is giving out a free audiobook with 30 day trial membership. So if you don’t know who
Elon is, now would be a good time to check him out. Just go to
Or even text the word “jerryrig” to 500-500 to get that free book. J E R R Y R I G. And
thanks to Audible for supporting my content and sponsoring this video. So like I mentioned earlier, this does have
an external battery charger as well, like it charges your phone while you’re using it.
And it’s charged with a micro UBS port that charges this battery right here, which is
a 3800 milliamp hour. And then from there, that goes into the proprietary lightning port
that Apple uses with all their phones. So I’m going to disconnect that proprietary lightning
port. So obviously a normal battery can’t produce
7 million volts, so there has to be a couple other components inside of here that do that.
So a transformer can step up the voltage to that 7 million we were talking about. And
all of that circuitry is probably inside of this box right here. There also could be an
oscillator that fluctuates the current and produces that buzzing noise you hear on the
back. And a capacitor which actually stores the electricity and releases it in that pulse
pattern. All of that happens inside of this box here while sending it out of the electrodes
up at the top, and the electrodes can slide in and out just like that. It’s a pretty sweet set up. At risk of getting
shocked again, I vote we take apart this component, because this is the part that most cell phone
cases don’t have. But it looks like we can’t get inside because it is a solid block of
plastic. I imagine this is where we stick the transformers, the oscillator, and the
capacitors that allow the electrodes to zap someone. So there is no taking this apart
because it is a solid block of plastic. Overall, this is a pretty interesting device.
I’ve never seen something quite like this that, you know, protects you physically as
well as your electronics. Now as far as the damage it can afflict, it was more of a, I
would say, like a distraction for me. Getting zapped was a surreal experience and like,
you know, I definitely don’t want it to happen again, but it wasn’t like an immobilization
thing. Like I was able to use my hand right afterward. To be honest, it was the sound
that was mostly the deterrent. [Buzzing sound] That sound, coming from the voltage off of
these electrodes made me not want to come anywhere near those two points. So that’s
what would be the biggest deterrent if I was a thief and I was going to go rob somebody.
Just saying. I’ll leave a link for all this stuff down
in the video description, and make sure you check out Audible for your free book. It is
a service that I use regularly. Let me know if you want to get zapped by 7
million volts down in the comments. And thanks a ton for watching. I’ll see you around.

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  1. Danish's Gachalife and other videos

    I'm from FBI your arrested
    Don't think this is fake
    I just hide my profile
    So nobody can't know me
    If you wanna be free give me the check of 6000$!
    Or people from Las Vegas will come and arrest you give me the check

  2. Abhay K

    "Its not the voltage that kills you". Really bro you have to go and touch the transformers outside your home because it says "blah blah blah volts danger" not current.

  3. Mareos42

    BTW That book by Ashley is very good. Only book ive finished by getting addicted to reading it. Went through 200 pages in like 2 weeks, but at least learned more about my idol

  4. Pablo Hernandez

    Jerry, if you need to protect yourself you don't buy a stun case, you buy a firearm.

    Please note that is also illegal in the communist states of HI, MA, NJ, NY, RI and the Socialist Republic of California!

  5. Pick Me

    False information. 7 million volts!!! Air brakes down at 14000 volts. To be 7000000 volts the prongs would have to be 3.5 meters apart! And if that touched you, you would D I E

  6. postersm 71

    There is no way that’s anywhere close to 7,000,000 V. I have a 700,000 V stun gun that shoots lightning bolts. After I fire my stun gun you can immediately smell the O-Zone in the air that is produced by lightning. This stun gun the probes are way too close together therefore there is no potential. My 700,000 V stun gun the probes are about 3 inches apart. It’s huge and it takes four 9 V batteries. If it was even 60,000 V it would’ve literally knocked you on your ass. I know because I’ve been hit with a 60,000 V stun gun. This thing is a joke. By the way I love your videos but this thing is dangerous because if anyone was trying to use it for self-defense they would get the shit beat out of them

  7. postersm 71

    Again the electrodes are way too close together therefore there is no potential and no high voltage. A real,, powerful stun gun will have probes much further apart to give you that potential. You should hear the sound coming off of my stun gun it is literally deafening. And it will knock you on your ass and you will be disoriented for several minutes afterwards. This thing is a joke I hate to tell you.

  8. John Carvell

    I'd get one even though it's illegal in my state. I don't care about the laws if I want a case like this I'm going to get one no matter what.

  9. Ryan Smith

    I'm impressed you actually tazed yourself. It's not that bad. Me and some friends of mine use to hit each other with cattle prods all the time when we were younger so I know exactly how it feels. My friend lived on a farm and his dad had several cattle prods for the cows. We used to have fun going around and hiding while also hitting each other when we found each other (Ah the good times we had as kids lol) His dad wasn't too thrilled about it but oh well that was a different time then now

  10. Ema Carvalho

    Ahhh,Now I get it why it’s illegal. That thing is scary. Why do people sell those things?I only clicked on the video because I was intrigued by it. I found it weird that a phone case is illegal, so curiosity took the best of me.

  11. Animiles

    "either zapping people or charging your phone. You gotta pick one or the other"
    Damnit. Then what's the point of the charging feature if I can never use it?

  12. Stevey Canuck

    7000000 volts is total bullshit – the gap potential of the probes is at max 7000 volts – what a load of BS do your homework Jerrrig

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