Throwing a Party in an Ugly Backyard

Bongiorno! I’m Barbara Kelley, and here’s
how to throw a party in an ugly backyard. Forget about the backyard. It’s not about
what you have or what you don’t have, it’s about hospitality…and welcoming your guests
and making them feel good that they came. So let’s forget about the yard and transform
this into Italy. We’re going to Italy! The star of the show is going to be the garden’s
bounty — basil. Here we have our centerpieces with candles and fresh herbs. We’ve got basil
right here. We are going to make lots of pesto and have pasta and focaccia bread, and Italian
wine. And nobody is going to notice the yard because the ambiance is all around the people
and the tables. The sun has set, the lights are low. Everybody has enjoyed the food and
the conversation, and the wine. And nobody has even noticed the ugly backyard. Salud!

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