Tips and Tricks – 5 Tips for Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion

[XBOX SOUND] Shmowzow! Someone donked up! The land of Ooo has been flooded with water
& overrun by pirates! Join your favorite heroes Finn, Jake, Marceline
& Beemo as they traverse the vast sea, battle bad guys, and save the land of Ooo once again! So, here here, ya’ scallywags, we’ve got
5 tips for Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion. Tip #1: Collect Everything
Money AKA Dosh will be in somewhat short supply. You’ll earn Dosh and items through winning
fights, but you’ll still need more to get you through the game – so the best thing
to do is to smash everything! There’s plenty of stuff lying around just
waiting to drop coin and useful items. Oh and those chained up treasure chests will
give you a lot of goodies too. At the overlooks, Finn can spot all the treasure
chest locations for that part of the world. Then when you find one, Marceline will be
able to crack ‘em open and gather the goods! Tip #2: Fight! Fighting in this game is turn-based, so you
won’t be able to hack and slash your way through! Before you hop into a fight, approach your
enemies slowly to reveal what level they are. This will help you avoid enemies too tough
for you to handle! Once in battle, each hero on your team will
be able to attack, block or use a special move – but this will also end that character’s
turn. So if you want to use a special item from
Finn’s backpack, grab that first! Another thing to keep an eye out for is a
prompt for each character’s ultimate ability! This is a powerful move that can turn the
tides of battle! However, if you find yourself in a little
over your head, just remember you’ll typically have the option to run! Tip #3: Backpack
By the way, there are a lot of great items you can use in battle. Head into the inventory tab to familiarize
yourself with what each item does so that you’re ready to act quickly during battle! If a fight really kicks your butt, you’ll
want to heal up afterwards – you never know who will try to fight you next! You can head to your inventory tab to choose
which item you want to use to heal your heroes. Otherwise, if you heal from the Heroes tab,
it’ll use your Big Heart vials first, which can be wasteful! Tip #4: Energy
Your team earns energy over the course of a fight, and you can spend this energy on
special attacks. Just remember that this energy is used across
your entire team, so spend it wisely. If you use Beemo to discover the enemy’s
weakness, you can put together a better plan of attack! Tip #5: Upgrades You can use the Dosh you’ve collected to
buy items from Choose Goose’s stand, or you can spend it to upgrade your characters’
skills. You can access this via the Heroes Tab in
your journal. Click “Start Training” to bring up your
heroes and choose where to spend your Dosh! Training your heroes will get more expensive
as they level up. And since money’s can be a little tight,
you’ll have to pick and choose where to best spend your it! If you’re a fan of Adventure Time, you’ll
want to check this game out. Think of it like another episode – except
you get to control where the adventure goes! So, don your pirate gear and ready your pirate
songs, because with Jake the Dog & Finn the human, the fun never ends! Adventure Time!>>Finn: Good Guys 1, Dingus’ 0. [XBOX SOUND]

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