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Hey everyone, in the last episode from my low poly tutorials we had create a different tree. And in this episode we are going to create this nice low poly fence in blender. Let’s go. We are now in Blender and like the other episodes we delete first the lamp. In the last Episode we had worked with the cylinder but now we worked with the cube. And now we switch to edit mode.. and press Z on our Keyboard to go to wireframe Mode and start now with scaling our cube on the y axis. Only Press S and Y to scale only the y axis. Then we scale with S and X the x axis. Scale it down on these two axis until you think it’s great. Then i bring my Cube a little bit higher. And move it to the left, so our fence is in the middle. Then we create two loop cuts with Control Key and R Key. Then we use the B Key to Box Select the Vertices from the top. Scale it a little bit down and here also. Scale the Edges so it looks like you will.. But for now i think, it’s okay. Maybe a little bit more on the z axis, so it’s not to long. So it look’s like this.. When you will you can scale it more so it look’s a little bit better and lay perfectly on the ground. Now we switch to Vertex Mode and move our vertices a little bit. You can use the arrows or the keyboard for this with the G Key. When you think it’s fine, we switch now to Cycles Render and go to Material View. Now go back to Object Mode. Now click with the right mouse button on your object and press Shift-D to duplicate the plank. Make sure you have right-clicked your plank. Then press the Y Key to move the duplicated Object only on the Y Axis. Great! Then we press G and move the second plank a little bit on the y axis so it looks fantastic. I think it’s to long so i scale it a little bit more on the z axis. So we have two nice planks. When you will you can rotate the second plank on the z axis, so it looks a little bit different. But in my case i leave it like this. Now we duplicate the plank another time Now we start to rotate this plank, my cursor looks weird. When you have this problem, write a comment and i can help you to fix this. But now we working with, because it’s not a problem. Bring it a little bit up on the Z Axis. Then we move it a little bit to the middle from the planks. Now we press the S Key for scaling and the Y Key for only the Y Axis. We want the plank to look a little bit above the left and the right side of the planks Because it looks above from front and behind the planks, we scale it also on the X axis. Then Move it more to the middle, so it look’s great. Now press Shift-D to duplicate again so we can create the second plank. Move it down on the Z axis. I move some Vertices a little bit on the second plank so it look’s different. So.. We finish it, i think. Now you can give your fence a material when you will. Name it maybe.. fence? Give it a nice brownish colour for the wood effect. We must give the other planks also this material, so we switch to the other cubes and assign the material. Great. When you will you can also create a third plank for your fence. But for now, it’s fine. The last one i will add is a nice bolt for the planks. So we create a Ico-Sphere in the object mode Change the Subdivions on the left Side to 1. Scale it a little bit down And move it to the place where the bolts can sit. Bring it on a good middle place from the planks. Give it also a Material and name it like you will.. and add a nice dark grey colour to it. Now we press Shift-D to duplicate the bolt so we can create the other bolts and move it on the z axis to the other plank duplicate the third bolt and bring it on the left side and duplicate the last one and move it on the z axis up. Now i think we finished the fence But when you will use it for Unity maybe add bolts on the other side of the object. Now, i make the Render Setting and see how it looks.. And here is our finished Fence. I’ve added some low poly grass, only for the render. I hope this tutorial helps you. Write a comment if you liked this kind of tutorials and want to see more. Don’t forget to subscribe, and i see you next time. Bye.

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Reader Comments

  1. KAOZTAINMENT - Graphic and Motion Design

    Sehr schön! Bin schon drauf gespannt wenn es dann zu einer ganzen Welt zusammen gesetzt wird 😀

  2. OCPyrit

    0:37 man kann shift+z drücken, um auf x- und y-Achse gleichzeitig zu skalieren.
    1:04 man kann während dem setzen der Loopcuts das Mausrad drehen um die Anzahl der Loopcuts zu ändern.
    2:40 man kann die Geometrie auch im Edit Mode duplizieren.
    3:20 das passiert weil der Objektursprung noch bei 0,0,0 liegt, aber das Mesh im Edit Mode verschoben wurde. Entweder im Edit Mode rotieren, oder den Ursprung des Objekts per strg+shift+alt+c in die Mitte der Gemoetrie setzen.
    4:50 man kann den gesamten Zaun auf einmal einfärben, indem man die einzelnen Objekte vorher mit strg+j zu einem Objekt vereint.
    6:44 um Polygone für Unity zu sparen kann man die Hälfte der Icosphere im Edit Mode löschen.
    7:05 um die Spitze des Grases zu machen, kann man die Spitze des Grashalms per alt+m zu einem einziegen Vertex kollabieren.

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