Top 10 Scary Teletubbies Theories

Whats up people hope youre having an awesome
day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video here at most amazing
top 10. Tinky winky, dipsy, lala, po. Teletubbies, teletubbies, i dont know the
rest of the words but i used to love it when i was a wee little human. But were these colourful fat smiley creatures
really as innocent as they appeared? And is anyone gonna mention how creepy the
baby sun was? Im not saying the baby itself was creepy but
the concept was weird. And im about to ruin it for you so lets go,
this is the Top 10 Scary Teletubbies Theories. Starting us off with number 10 are Genetically
Engineered Slaves. Nowhere in the show do we ever find out where
the teletubbies come from, where they are, how they got there, nothing. The only thing we do know is that they arent
in control of their own destiny, theyre controlled by 3 factors. The first is The Voice which is the maternal
voice that blasts from the speakers below them and tells them when they should eat,
when they should say goodbye and when they should sleep. Since this voice is there in every episode
its clear that something bigger than the show is monitoring the teletubbies and what theyre
doing. The second factor controlling them is Noo-noo
the anthropomorphic vacuum cleaner that literally follows them around cleaning up after them
and then scolding them when they make bad decisions. Thats what Nu Nu is on the surface but really
its more of a watchdog and the tool used by whoever put the teletubbies there to control
them. The final thing is the mysterious godhead
pinwheel that the teletubbies worship. Whenever it spins the teletubbies drop whatever
theyre doing and run to the hill and perform a ritual for the gods trying to be the only
one thats favoured. The one that gets chosen has their genetically
implanted TV screen activated and its seen as a reward because theyre the teletubby that
gets to deliver the message to the others. The screen itself shows an indoctrination
video showing the world of man and how one day the teletubbies are going to serve us. The sun baby is something the teletubbies
wont fear, theyll understand it and like the baby when really the baby is just hiding the
totalitarian eyes that watch them from the outside. Either way its clear that the teletubbies
are cut off from outside influence and are being controlled and courted into becoming
our slaves. Coming in at number 9 is Their Height. Now on the show the teletubbies look like
cute pint sized creatures who you lowkey just wanna cuddle. But it turns out theyre not little at all,
theyre gigantic. The whole group ranges from being 6 foot 7
to 7 ft 11 in real life. Theyd be gargantuan in real life bigger than
Barney and Barney was massive and even bigger than Big Bird. Tinky Winky is 7ft 11, Dipsy and Laa Laa are
both 7ft and Po is 6ft 7. Which makes the whole show a lot more sinister
because they went from miniature cute creatures to ones that tower over you and pummel you
if they wanted to. Their costumes weigh more than 30 pounds and
theres a danger of carbon dioxide buildup in the suit if performers have them on too
long. So moral of the story the teletubbies are
sinister massive giants that could very well kill you. And after now knowing how big they were, then
you may also want to know that the rabbits in Teletubbyland were also bloody massive
to try and look like normal sized rabbits next to the Teletubbies. The end. Enjoy the rest of your day. At number 8 we have The Home. So the show is filmed in this luscious greenland
area where the grass is never not green and the sun is always there. A utopia but not anymore. Rosemary Harding the owner of the land where
the exterior shots were taken got so fed up and angry with the amount of trespassers that
would come to her house because they wanted to see where show took place and what not,
that she couldnt take it anymore. People used to jump her fences, cross the
cattle fields, just have no respect for the area whatsoever. So she ended up flooding the whole thing and
turning it into a pond so no one would bother her again. Bit savage im not gonna lie. Filling our number 7 slot is The Harry Potter
Crossover. No there was never a massive harry potter
and teletubbies crossover that you missed but Emma Lord theorised that JK Rowling was
inspired by watching the Teletubbies. So the show first aired in 1997 and 2 months
later the first Harry Potter book came out. Now just imagine JK watching Harry Potter
with her daughter and yes i know the first episode aired after she had completed the
first draft but first drafts can always be changed. But it was actually Harry Potter and the Deathly
Hallows where the crossover came to fruition. According to Emma Laa Laa was the best teletubby,
so Harry Potter is Laa Laa. Then comes Tinky Winky as the invisibility
cloak because apparently no one cared about tinky winky. Which in tinky winkys defence is very harsh
someone had to be the oldest of the group we cant hate him for it. Then comes Dipsy as the Elder Wand because
Dipsy was always screwing things up at home and is the most stubborn of the group and
lets face it the Elder Wand was problematic. Last but not least comes cute little Po as
the resurrection stone. Despite her being the youngest of the group
she clearly had the hunger to live forever. And there you have it, crossover complete. Utterly ridiculous but plausible. Now at number 6 is Tubby Custard. Honestly i used to love watching them eat
tubby custard or throw it around it looked so good i wanted to devour it. Or maybe because im fasting right now im finding
it more appetising than it actually was. But anyway redditor poob-spelt-with-a-q has
quite an interesting theory about what tubby custard even is. It doesnt have the same colour or texture
as custard so clearly it isnt proper custard. It looks sort of like liquified chewed gum
so the user theorised the hover chews many packets of gum all at once and then separates
them into 4 even moulds while the teletubbies are out. If that doesnt tickle your fancy the user
came up with another theory. He went on they theory about how sometimes
the government uses cartoons to promote unhealthy eating practices so what if tubby custard
was the pink fake meat from mcdonalds. The meat from there is just random bits of
chicken blended together becoming pink from leftover blood. The kids watching the show wouldnt know the
difference so it would subliminally promote the message of eating things like that. Coming in at number 5 is The Demon Face. So im sure everyone watching has watched the
show but if you havent, the baby sun appears in every episode and it rises during the intro. We’ve all seen it, nothing new there. But one user decided to watch it late at night
one day just because he was bored. Fair enough we all love a bit of nostalgia. But he realised about 20 seconds in right
before the baby sun disappears it morphed into demonic form or shape. And it wasnt that oh while the screen was
stretching out the sun it just started looking strange, no it morphed into something and
then stretched and disappeared. Thinking maybe it was just late and he was
tired and saw something that wasnt there he decided to watch another video to confirm. And it was there again, he watched another
one and it was there again. And now im like whats up with that? Why does a childrens show have subliminal
images of horror inside of it thats being fed to young children via teletubbies? The user went on to digest the episode even
more and realised most of the episodes have an endlessly spinning windmill that he reckons
mirrors hypnotic imagery. Childrens minds arent has developed as ours
and so its easier for their minds to get manipulated by watching something. Maybe your child doesnt just like the teletubbies
and wants to watch it everyday, maybe they were subliminally hypnotised into liking it. At number 4 is See Saw. So funnily enough an episode titled See Saw
ended up getting banned from being aired because of parents and kids complaining about how
creepy and scary it was. The episode features the lion and the bear. The scary lion has big scary teeth and both
animals were made out of wood and travelled around on skateboard looking things rather
than being animated. The episode gained a lot of controversy because
the animals looked too uncanny, weird eyes and ears, they moved on their own, they spoke
in scary voices and ultimately they were too much for the audience. At the end of the episode theres a chase sequence
and it traumatized some kids so much that they started suffering from anxiety. It was us watching a chase sequence in Planet
Earth where we’re really rooting for the prey except it was kids watching a lion chase
a bear. I can see how it couldve been scary but also
they were wooden for gods sake how scary could they really be. Filling our number 3 slot is The Comeback. So this article by the Sydney Morning Herald
was published in 2014 and it was about the shows comeback. Its not surprising a comeback happened because
the show was iconic back in the day, everyone liked it but it ended in 2001 and TV has changed
dramatically since then. The producer of DHX MEdia Steven Denure said
the show depicts them interacting with technology in an indirect way. I mean they have TVs on their belly, their
best friend is a vacuum cleaner etc. but many claim the show encourages kids to play with
technology more instead of going outside and playing. A US televangelist back in the day even said
Tinky Winky was a concealed gay role model because he carried a handbag and was encouraging
homosexuality amongst young kids who didnt even know what it was yet. Critics also said the shows dialogue is mostly
singsong and is barely verbal which is damaging to an audience thats still learning how to
speak. So there was a nasty fight between TV consultants
arguing against the shows come back as unnecessary and damaging to the youth. Now at number 2 are The Tiddlytubbies. So if you dont know theres actually a teletubbies
spin off series that started airing in 2015 and its called Tiddlytubbies. And yes the tiddlytubbies are the kids of
the original 4. There are 8 tiddlytubbies living in the home
dome with the original 4 and their names are Baa, Ping, Mi-mi, Umby Pumby, Daa Daa, Nin
and Duggle Dee. they all have their own colours and honestly they are quite cute. But when people found this out they were shook. First of all most audience members thought
all 4 teletubbies were guys, second of all they didnt even know they could have intercourse. I mean how do they even do it? Who did it with who? You can kind of guess by the colours, one
of them is orange so im guessing that was Po and Laa Laas doing even though theyre both
girls so like how. I dont think adoption is thing where they
live so people have actually theorised they have intercourse from the appendages on their
heads. I have no idea which one goes in what and
what the process is but im willing to go with it. And finally at number 1 is The Backstory. Scarlet Siren claims she found out the backstory
of the show and its horrific, long but its worth it. The show was based on a mental institute in
Bulgaria nicknamed Lalaland. The children inside were treated horribly,
abused, locked in cold dark rooms, carers would forget to feed them it was bad. And each teletubby was based on a group of
kids that all died the same day. First was a girl called Lala, she had a facial
deformity that stretched her face so it looked like she was permanently smiling. She was locked away and isolated for 5 years
so her mind had just gone. She would dance in her room with no music,
would mutter gibberish because she couldnt speak Bulgarian and she turned quite yellow
because of zero exposure to the sun. yet she was always smiling even when abused,
even when her legs broke and she couldnt dance. All the time. And this of course was the inspiration behind
Laalaa. Another kid called Towotei was 7 at the time
and would spend all his time rocking back and forth and speaking gibberish too. He was deaf and he also had a similar facial
deformity as lala which meant he too was smiling all the time. He was stubborn, he used to hit his head against
the wall until the stone chipped off so the carers used to tie him to the fences outside. They left him there so frequently and for
so long hed get frostbite often and his limbs turned bluish from the ice. This was the inspiration behind Tinky Winky. Next comes a 6 year old boy named Donka. He couldnt speak because no one ever taught
him and he was sick all the time. Half his life he was starved because hed throw
up anything he ever ate. He was so weak he couldnt even walk so he
spent days just lying in his own vomit too sick and weak to move away. No one knew what was wrong with him and the
carers never called a doctor to find out. Donka was the inspiration for Dipsy. Last was a 3 year old girl called Polina who
spent her whole life at the institute. She had the same deformity as the first too
so she always smiled as well which horrified her parents and thats why they sent her there. One night she fell asleep near the logs for
a fire and the carers threw her into it not realising she wasnt a log. Her skin was melting her flesh was burning
she was screaming and the carers got her out but it was far too late. Her skin was burned a raw red colour and never
recovered yet she still smiled. And that was Po. You may be thinking this is so tragic how
did these kids even live each day, well the only thing that made them happy were the TVs
that showed them happiness and a life outside the institute. One day they realised the carers wanted to
get rid of the TVS cause they were too expensive so all 4 formulated a plan to hide them before
they could. That night when the carers werent there they
took the tiny TVS but realised they had nowhere to hide them. They decided to swallow them like they had
swallowed their toys to hid them too. The next morning the carers came into their
room heaving from the heavy stench of blood. The 4 kids had clawed out their stomachs and
the bloodstained TVS were there in the middle. Their organs were spilling out, flies were
all over them, yet they were smiling. And there you have it guys. The teletubbies ruined for me at least. I genuinely actually really liked the show
when i was young so i never even thought about any of these things even when i get older
but it does open your eyes a bit. Let me know what you thought below and as
always im your host ayman Hasan and ill see you next time.

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