Top 10 worst neighborhoods in Miami, Florida

Hey welcome back to the world according
to Briggs everyone how is your world spinnin for you? I hope it’s going well
last month I did a video about rising sea levels one of the cities that will
have some problems if and when this does happen is Miami and it was a very
interesting subject what was even more interesting were the comments on that
video some of the comments were about neighborhoods in Miami that it would be
okay if they sank into the sea they all seemed to have different reasons and
different neighborhoods that they wanted to see go away sometimes it was because
it was a dangerous neighborhood sometimes it was because it was an
expensive neighborhood and some were just rundown they thought they needed to
be you know wiped off the earth taking all those things into consideration I
did some research including getting on Facebook and getting into a couple
groups about Miami and I asked the people what are the worst neighborhoods
in Miami what are the most expensive neighborhoods Miami and that’s what this
video is all about or whatever reason what neighborhoods you don’t want to
live in in the Magic City and yes that’s their nickname it’s one of them the
other ones the Gateway to the Americas so one thing to keep in mind here cuz
like I’ve been saying in a lot of my videos lately a lot of the new
restrictions and a lot of the problems that you have on YouTube you can’t use a
lot of video and so maybe not every single picture will be of that specific
neighborhood but they will be of Miami so just give you the warning there that
being said why don’t we take a look at my top ten warts neighborhoods in Miami number ten Coral Way coral wade can be
found west of downtown Miami and just north of Coconut Grove this area is
extremely unaffordable for the average resident that lives there the cost of
living here is about 21% higher than the state average while the median household
income is right at the state average $48,000 a year you really need about
seventy thousand to live comfortably here some of the more expensive
considerations you have living here are transportation 12% higher than the state
average in housing is 68% higher than the state average what most people have
a problem with is the cost of housing they say it’s a nice neighborhood but
it’s not that nice it’s one of those this isn’t the best neighborhood but
we’re gonna charge you like it is and hope you don’t notice type things on top
of that everyone says the traffic and Korell wages blows it’s horrible
number nine Flagler Flagler can be found just south of West Flagler Street and
west of Douglas Road this is a neighborhood people might not know
exists a lot of these neighborhoods most people don’t know them for what they’re
really called most people probably call this one Coral Gables or East Coral
Gables but inside those neighborhoods is a little place called Flagler I used the
proper name the city has for the neighborhood so if someone wants to do
more research they know where it is after all these videos are really for
people looking to move someplace not so much for the locals so if you’re local
and you don’t know it by that name that’s what it’s actually called anyway
back to Flagler the unemployment rate here is about five percent which is
above the national average the median household income is only about $30,000
which is nearly twenty thousand dollars less than the state average the income
per capita in Flagler is 42 percent lower than the national average so this
neighborhood is a B yoi neighborhood bring your own income
number eight Little Havana Little Havana is one of the more dangerous
neighborhoods in Miami but the crime rate doesn’t reflect that the crime rate
here is only five percent higher than the national average now that doesn’t
seem that bad we’ve looked at places in other cities that it was like 125
percent over the national average and actually we just did st. Louis and we
saw some that were like two hundred seventy five percent higher than the
national average that right there is crazy but here’s the thing with Little
Havana most Hispanic and Caribbean cultures don’t involve the police in
their matters and Little Havana in case you don’t know is very Cuban there are a
lot of different reasons why they don’t report their crimes but let’s just say
probably more than half the crimes committed in Little Havana are never
reported to the police and a good portion of those unreported crimes are
dealt with within the neighborhood meaning they take care of their own
justice now here’s what I know about this neighborhood they have great food
everywhere you go it’s been years since I’ve been there but everything you just
smells so great and there’s just so much good food everywhere around here but not
everyone’s making money in Little Havana the income per capita in Little Havana
is 47% lower than the national average number seven south Coconut Grove unless
you have a job paying more than double the income per capita of all of Miami
you’ll find it hard to get by living here South coconut groves homes are
extremely expensive the average home price here for let’s say a 1200 square
foot home is around 600,000 even a two-bedroom apartment that’s just an
average complex it’s nothing special will cost you about two thousand dollars
a month and it can get so much higher if you could find a house for under three
hundred thousand in South Coconut Grove I promise you at one point that house
was used for various forms of Elah Gillig illegal illegal T legality
illegalities legality some bad things were going on
there one person responded to me and said that if you live here you’re
extremely rich extremely poor or you got your house from a dead relative or
actually one person said you could be a squatter that’s the only way you live
there everyone said it’s just a matter of a year or two before all the old
homes are gone in South Coconut Grove but basically this place is too
expensive to live for most people that’s why people say it’s a bad neighborhood
cost number six Little Haiti not to be outdone by those Cubans with their
little avanná you have little haiti and like the island of Haiti this is another
place that is also known for its incredible crime rate just like the
island the crime rate here is 66% higher than the national average with that
equaling out to about one in every 22 residents being the victim of a crime
every year and again I’m sure the crime rate is much higher than reported here
the area is no stranger to shootings drunk driving deaths and hate crimes
like the racist graffiti that was spray-painted on a food truck in August
way to go Haiti now this community is facing some serious gentrification these
days and as you can imagine the locals are little pissed so here’s some advice
for Blaine and Tiffany don’t move here they will steal your Beemer and probably
spray paint some racist graffiti on your windshield while you wait in the
drive-through it’s Starbucks the whole time tiffany is telling Blaine do
something do something in Blaine is frozen staring straight ahead saying
under his breath be calm muffin he’ll be finished in a minute we can get our
lattes yeah it’s not a good scene in Little Haiti right now number five
downtown Miami the crime rate downtown is out of
control most locals when you tell them that the crime rate in a
downtown area is bad they want to argue it because they don’t see it but it is
happening the crime rate in downtown Miami is one hundred and sixty eight
percent higher than the national average but what’s even scary about those crime
numbers is it’s been decreasing year over year by 12 percent the year before
last it was actually eight percent now the crime rate is believed to be getting
better which might have to do with the shutting down of some public housing the
city of Miami has just had to close its second public housing complex just
outside of downtown because of rampant crime taking place on the property they
told everyone to leave and put up the fence around it and you know they gave
him like Section eight vouchers to go get new housing and stuff like that but
the place was so toxic with crime they had to do something I was reading up on
it a lot of the residents were shocked that this was happening how how could
you be shocked the crime rate has been high forever in these housing projects
the city’s been pouring resources into keeping the good people in those
projects safe and it’s just not working out eventually they’re gonna cut the
cord and they did number four Upper East Side Miami right
next to Little Haiti you have the amazing and extremely safe Upper East
Side totally joking unlike New York’s Upper East Side neighborhood Miami’s
sucks this one is a twofer high crime and high cost living not only is your
life in danger but so is your bank account one lady said she was walking
her dog and a homeless man walked up grabbed her dog and demanded money
when she said she didn’t have any money he said her dog down gave it a charley
horse and walked away that’s what she said she said it gave her dog a charley
horse what is the world come to anyway crime here happens so often nobody
really blinks an eye anymore unless of course someone dies there are places in
Los Angeles that are like that if there ain’t a body a cop might take a report
over the phone if there’s not a body they’re not showing up there’s no way
they don’t have time schools are the biggest concern here some of the schools
are actually putting bulletproof backpacks on the school supply lists and
are putting firearm detection systems in the hallways number three over town over
town it’s not the area to go looking for jobs another place you want to be
looking for any thinks that maybe if you’re into a beating that could be
something you could find there also a vacant lot to sleep in always good
options the unemployment rate here is 9.2 percent that is a buttload higher
than the national average and the median household income is almost $30,000 less
than the state’s average so even if you do possibly happen to obtain a job here
it’s likely an entry-level position and your beginning paid minimum wage like a
majority of the people that live in this neighborhood this place sucks if you
feel the need to see this neighborhood do it from a jet as you leave Miami
International if you’re heading east look out the left side of the plane just
north of the Marlins stadium you’ll see it it’s there look for burning tires
you’ll find it the overall crime rate in Overtown is 351 percent higher than the
national average like I said from a plane number to model City just west of
Little Haiti you have model City and it is anything but a model city and have
you noticed so far that everything seems to be really bad around Little Haiti
it’s like Little Haiti is the hub of suck anyway it’s not a model city unless
you’re trying to make a model of a city that has a bunch of run-down apartment
buildings and homes with bars on the windows then yes it’s a model city most
residents here live in poverty and the unemployment rate model city is about
124 percent higher than the average making most the residents feel
like it’s impossible to get out of the hole that they’re in the American Dream
doesn’t exist in model city you got to get out of model city to achieve it the
overall crime rate in model City is 121 percent higher than the national average
now what’s really cool while I was doing the research for this
I found Miami Police Department has a YouTube page and they do a vlog about
patrolling the neighborhood which i think is a great idea kind of shows that
they’re actually working in the community and might you know might turn
things around they’ve only been doing it about a year so maybe it’ll work maybe
it’ll turn one person around so they can see that you know there’s people trying
to help them anyway yeah model City it sucks right now and
number one win would win would is located right between highway 95 an East
Coast Avenue and surprise surprise it is bordered to the north by Little Haiti it
is honestly like Little Haiti is the center of the Miami universe when it
comes to suck instead of shutting out in public housing that has crime problems
why don’t they just shut down Little Haiti and see if it works itself out
when wood is known to be the worst area you could live in in Miami the housing
is incredibly high for what their residents can afford the schools are
awful test scores here like 30 percent lower than the national average
according to area vibes and the crime rate is 152 percent higher than the
national average about 1 in 15 residents will be involved in a crime this year
that’s not good odds the only reason you should go here is if you want your
family to get that life insurance sooner than later the unemployment rate in
Wynwood is 47% higher than national average the only one that is doing well
in Wynwood is probably the guy that sets up the fences and puts bars on windows
look at this you know it’s bad when people are putting their
air-conditioning units in cages this dude caged his air conditioner but not
as windows it’s like I’ll fend for myself ain’t getting at my air
conditioner it gets hot in Miami all right so that is my top 10 worst
neighborhoods in Miami I hope you guys enjoyed hope you got some information
out of it I hope more importantly you know where not to get off the freeway at
in Miami it’s a dangerous place in a lot of areas of Miami stay out of them but
honestly that’s just some of the people most the people in these neighborhoods
are good people like I’ve said before it’s almost like they’re victims to the
a-holes that run around their neighborhoods and cause all the troubles
and make them a bad neighborhood those people you got to feel sorry for the
other ones they need to be thrown out of the city I don’t know what you do it
anyway don’t forget to subscribe and hit that little Bell notification so you get
the alert whenever I upload a video and we can all watch it together anyway
everybody have a great day be nice to each other

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Reader Comments

  1. John Roy

    I move anywhere if they got more single women more jobs and good food a little bit cheaper rent and state is not too dry that's where I'm moving to I don't care what city and state gots more disasters long as I'm safe and I'm alright I'm good Denver is not good place to live and trust me I say you should talk about it and don't say Denver is a good place cuz it's not

  2. Naomie Moore

    Bulletproof backpacks for kids??? People, what is this world coming to? No kid should need to live like that. I get the parents can't just up and move, they all have my sympathy, but that doesn't solve the issues. Thanks for the eye opening stats.

  3. Syzygy

    Wynwood has completely changed over the past few years. It’s been redeveloped and has a huge art scene, people come to Miami a now to see Wynwood. Little Haiti is by far the worst area, Wynwood although right next to it, is NOT the worst area.

  4. teeni baby

    You totally missed your calling πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£stand up should be your next milestone β€οΈπŸ™πŸΎ

  5. anonymous watcher

    Live PD films in Florida and it's fun to watch. I wish they filmed in Miami. They film in Tallahassee and it will make you feel things.

  6. Shawn M. Kouri

    No way! Wynwood is an up-and-coming area right now. New mixed used developments are going up there right now. Also downtown Miami is undergoing a big real estate boom with new high-rise towers going up and are under construction. Now downtown Miami has a big mixed used development that’s going up right now and it is crazy.

  7. robert montoya

    Little Havana is not very Cuban at all. They make up about maybe 40 percent. 60 percent are Honduran and Nicaraguan ( central American ). That's why no one talks. Cubans talk a lot actually lol.

  8. Howie Hannigan

    If you couldn't confirm the pictures with the actual locations, perhaps you shouldn't have rushed the video? Idk stupid me I guess…

  9. William

    My first and only impression of Miami when I was there for a week..that city is garbage. It should fall into the ocean. I couldn't wait to get the F out of that place. I stayed in Wynwood. The only saving grace honestly was J Wakefield Brewery. I spent most of my time there.

  10. IsThisTheKrustyKrab?

    Model City is not Liberty City. Most Miami locals just call it Liberty City. Look up the 1980 Liberty City riots. Also, Wynwood has undergone gentrification the last 20 years.

  11. Mean Jean Art86

    Finally a city close to me in south Florida! Personally I was never a fan of Miami, their different from my city Fort Myers but I could have a bias because the first time I ever went down to Miami in 1995 our car got stolen from the mall parking garage! A week later it was found stripped and burned πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ. Insurance covered it but I definitely wasn’t a fan after that. South beach is the best part if you don’t mind fake bodies and expensive EVERYTHING. The β€œreal” (cultured) Miami is outside of south beach but it gets a little tricky if your not from there if you know what I mean, better you have someone to show you around πŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸŒ΄πŸŒ΄πŸŒ΄

  12. Emigdiosback

    the problem with Little Havana is that it's where the valseros first live in. those with brains tend to move to Hialeah or Fountainbleu

  13. Donnie Hursey

    Correction, you need an income around 90 to live in coral gables if you compare your rental ( because it will be a rental) to other rentals around. Buy a home there and you’re looking at needing a salary of 200k

  14. John Nguyen

    Planning to go to Miami next month wish me luck.Β 

    Wanted to visit some of these areas, but paranoid of the crime. This is coming from someone from Metro Detroit, but to be fair Metro Detroit is actually safer than places like the Las Vegas Metro Area.Β 

    Also thought Wynwood was a gentrified art district?

  15. Jon T.

    Hey Briggs, I know you don't get a lot of views on your positive videos but can you throw us a few nice places to live when you can? Thanks.

    We really enjoy the content, keep it up!

  16. Desert Dragon

    I know you like rural Pennsylvania. You should visit Mifflinburg. It is my hometown. It has a car dealership, a bank, a museum, and much more. Plus one of the top rated bridges, the Hassenplug.

  17. Ari Basmajian

    My dad lives in fortlaurdale Florida I know it's not Miami but he hates Miami he would have to go to Miami for the va because fortlaurdale doesn't have a va he hates the traffic. Briggs do a top ten best and worst neighboorhoods of Denver if you haven't already.

  18. Efren Rojas

    the worst neighborhoods in miami are liberty city and opa-locka due to crime and violence. wynwood isnt as bad as it used to be as it has changed and it is where the art district is located.

  19. Christine Clark

    I've been seriously watching ALL of your Florida videos cuz lately I've been considered moving there and from what a lot of people have been telling me is to just avoid Miami altogether!

  20. John Labus

    Wynwood is not the worst neighborhood in Miami. It's one of the hippest, most happening districts in the city. It's filled with art galleries, new housing units, young Millennials, and cool bars and shops. Also, downtown is exploding with new development and investment. Some of the other places you've mentioned are spot on, but some of these on the list are head scratchers at best.

  21. Dale Slover

    I always like watching Miami Blues with Alec Baldwin, that's what Miami used to look like. Station in Key West ETS in 79 fantastic memories.

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