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I know London. People pay a lot of money to get high. Dark, white, weed, all of that. Do you get me? In Jamaica, I got this connect. If we do this, we’re back on top. What you saying? Hey, Sully’s back on Summerhouse, ya know? Guess who he’s with? Dushane Hill. They’re shottin’. They got food, ya know? We’re back, bruv. Things have changed. I’m runnin’ the fields now, innit? Nah, fuck that. Ain’t nobody gonna try trouble
Summerhouse. Jamie, yeah? Let me give you
a piece of advice. You’re here to get mine. You wanna sell food, you sell my food. You don’t sell nothing at all. What do we know about him? He’s got them two brothers, yeah? What does Jamie do? He provides for us, doesn’t he? I’m so proud of you. Oi, yo. What about me, though? Nah. Ever since we were kids, bruv, together,
running up and down these streets, trying to get to the top. To do that, we have to get Jamie
out the way. Light him up! There ain’t no trust in this game. I trust you to do the right thing. Whatever mindset, to get to the top,
you have to fight for what you want, fam. If they find you,
you know what they’ll do to you? Sully! The top. Is it worth losing your people? Family? What else are we gonna be?

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  1. RoofLight00

    Compared with the previous series it's clear the gloss and quality has been upped 100%. It was decent in places, stereotypical in others. Some of the acting was incredible, the two young lads (Steph forget the other kids name) were outstanding, Aaron was also brilliant. Some of the characters were a little one dimensional. Jamie's character was interesting (and the guy who played him a really good actor) and Sully's character was much more layered this time round (and Kano was superb) whilst I thought Dushane wasn't as nuanced and therefore harder to feel any empathy with, which was the problem I had with the previous two series was not feeling much empathy or emotional connection the main characters, it was markedly different in this series though. The cinematography/camera work was brilliant. Script OK. Be interesting to see the fourth series if they do one. Sweeeeeeet!

  2. Lady Alba

    This shit is crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy omg i found somthing after power. I loved it so far and that sexy ass sulyyyyyy oooouuuuuu God dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmn.

  3. Alex Martell

    Of the best I've ever seen in my life. And I'm not even into crime/gangs series or movies. But I loved the directing, the violence is so raw but also the other feelings and emotions in characters. The acting is outstanding. I'll keep in my mind a little character, an old lady that appears in the beginning of the story in Jamaica. You can't see that in Hollywood often.

  4. Nad K

    Me… But I must say.. 2 things they got wrong in this season.. 1, these pushers don't use smart phones, they use trap phones (cheap £5.99 Nokias so they can't be traced) 2, they don't roll around in 17 plate Rovers or Wagons, too bait and they can't get a lease with no paperwork 🙏🏻

  5. Ange Journals

    Love this show the writing is beyond amazing these characters have so much depth and substance and its great to see people that look like me having the experiences I'm having this show opened up my mind to so much I learned a lot I'm from NYC and I realize a lot that happens here its happening in England and Jamaica I just want to sing your praises I can't do it enough. You guys are amazing much love to cast and crew job well done . Yo I can't wait till next season ❤

  6. Robin Jormestam


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