Top Hearthstone Decks in September 2019

Welcome to another video guys! I’m Kris O Five and today we will be looking
at the Top 5 Hearthstone Decks in September 2019. The nerfs really did shake up the meta a lot,
so this video should help you in choosing a great deck for climbing ranks. Like always, I will give you an overview of
each deck and their matchups and mulligans. Don’t forget to drop a like and a subscribe
if you enjoy the video, it really helps the channel a lot. Now let’s get into it. As I predicted in my last video, after the
nerfs, we saw a big drop of Control Warrior players and Mage is totally off the charts
right now, even though high legend players are still doing pretty good with Cyclone Mage. The lack of control led to aggro taking the
wheel. By the way, if you were wondering how much
dust I made from my tips for nerfed cards from the last video, I got more than 13k dust. I opened 3 extra Dr. Booms and 1 Extra galaxy
from 40 packs which was quite lucky, so if you have some gold lying around, you still
have 6 days to open Boomsday packs for a chance for extra nerf dust. Anyway, onto the decks. I’m sure nobody is surprised Murloc Paladin
is at the top of this list. It was a solid list before and it’s even
more solid now. It has a lot of win conditions and you can
cheese your opponent with insane boards as soon as turn 4. A lot of people say that you only need to
get prismatic lens on 4 to win with this deck, but in fact, you can win most of your games
without even getting the lens. The deck is very well rounded and you get
to curve out nicely just with murlocs alone. Sure, the lens is huge help, but if you don’t
get it in time, you will still have a good chance of taking the game anyway. The deck is at the top, because it has amazing
early game and amazing mid to late game, so even if you don’t kill your opponent with
Tip the Scales, you get to use Nomi and Zephrys to seal the deal. Also don’t get discouraged if have a super
unlucky game with the deck. You will high roll a lot with it, but there
will be the occasional game, where you get both of your tip the scales and lenses before
turn 4. I even got that horrible hand last night on
stream, but overall we did good with the deck. Here’s how the matchups look like. Warriors, Warlocks and Shamans are kinda unfavorable
matchups for you, and Token Druid is a bit on the harder side. Other than that, everything else is pretty
good for you. The mulligan is pretty easy with this deck. Most of the time you will throw everything
in hopes of getting Lens, but keeping Tidecallers and Murmys is also something you should be
doing. If you get a nice curve going in your mulligan,
it’s not a bad idea to keep it and against Priests, I tend to keep a 1-drop and a Toxifin
so I can stop their early tall dudes as well. Overall, the deck is pretty solid and if you
enjoy it, I think it’s not a bad craft. I do suspect we will see a second wave of
nerfs in 3 or 4 weeks from now though, which might hit either Lens, or maybe even murloc
warleader again, so keep that in mind. Next we have Combo Priest. Again, I did say in my last video, that I
don’t believe that the extra arms nerfs would kill Combo Priest, and indeed, combo
priest is still smashing, sitting at tier 1 at high level play. The deck is still pretty good even without
doing any changes to it, but some people are finding more success with Beaming Sidekicks
instead of the Extra Arms. Holy Ripple is also finding its way back into
the deck with so many aggro opponents, but it’s up to you if you want to include it. There are so many micro synergies in the deck
and it takes a while until you understand all of them, but it’s a very rewarding deck
to play and it’s not at all expensive too. Pyromancers are really shining right now and
it’s crucial you utilize them to the max in this aggro meta. Here are the matchups. Fast decks like Murloc Shaman, Tempo Rogue,
Aggro Warrior and Zoolock tend to be a problem and Hunter secrets aren’t fun either, but
other than that you should be good. Even your bad matchups aren’t that bad when
you master the deck, so don’t get frightened. These win percentages are getting skewed from
unexperienced players and since this is a deck with a very high skill cap, you can have
a lot better results than this. For the mulligan, you always want your Cleric,
Lightwarden and Injured Tol’vir. If you already have a minion in hand, keeping
Power Word: Shield is also pretty good and circle of healing can also be a keep in specific
scenarios. If you are going second, keeping an early
Amet is great as well. Against aggro decks, Pyromancer is a must. I still think this is a great deck to craft,
so if you enjoy the playstyle of this deck and you wish to put in the hours to master
it, you should definitely give this deck a try. Moving down from complicated to pure and simple
– Murloc Shaman. This deck successfully transitioned from the
old expansion to the new with minor adjustments. Before, it was a super expensive deck, but
now it’s almost considered budget, since we don’t run the expensive mid and late
game package anymore. It’s a fast agro deck with a token feel
to it and you can take a lot of games with it and fast. This is also a tier 1 deck in the current
meta and it has all of the murlocs you need for Murloc Paladin as well. It is lacking card draw, but the Underbelly
Anglers make up for that big time and tasty fins help out as well. You can take the game either by chipping away
hp from your opponent or bursting him down with the help of Soul of the murlocs and bloodlust,
so you have to decide if you want to trade so you can keep a wide board, or you want
to go face. Your worst matchups are Control Warriors and
Token Druids, but anything else is ok or pretty good for you. You don’t see that many Control Warriors
nowadays even though the deck is still strong, and I haven’t seen a token Druid in quite
a while too, so you should have no problem climbing with this deck. The mulligan is pretty straight forward. Tidecaller, Underbelly and Murmy are always
a keep. If you already have a one drop, you can afford
to keep other 2 and 3 drops as well. Sludge slurper is an okay keep and early toxfin
can also come in handy sometimes, but other than that, you pretty much mulligan everything
else away. The deck is not too expensive, so if you want
to climb some easy ranks, I’d say this would be a good craft for you and you can make it
even more cheaper if you cut the Scargil out, since he isn’t that essential anyway. From cheap and simple, now let’s move down
to expensive and complicated a.k.a. Quest Druid. When the new expansion came, a lot of people
were excited for this deck, but it didn’t turn out to be as good as people hoped for. After the nerfs though, things really changed. Quest druid rose to the top of tier 2 and
people are smashing with it in high legend as well. There are a lot of decisions here that you
need to be making, so it’s not too easy to get used to and it’s one of the most
expensive decks in the current meta too. You can find cheaper versions of the deck,
without Nomi and Zephrys, but so far, Pros are finding most success with it with those
2 included. I’m not a big fan of the Nomi inclusion,
since you will very rarely find yourself at the end of your deck, but it’s nice having
one more game plan in your bag of tricks. You can find a lot cheaper variants of the
deck, but if you have the cards for this version, you might want to give it a go. Matchups look something like this. Faster decks tend to be a problem, but if
you manage to stall out the early game, most of the time you should have no problem sealing
the deal. Mulligan wise, if it’s under 3 mana, it’s
probably a keep. The best keeps would be innervate, Crystal
Merchant and wrath. Expedition is not a bad keep and Nourish is
very important for your midgame too, so you might want to try to keep that too. Do I advise you to craft this deck? With a price tag like that, probably no, but
if dust isn’t an issue for you and you enjoy the Druid class, then sure, why not. It’s a great deck with a high skill cap
and tons of variations. And the last deck on the list is Aggro Warrior. This is another fast deck with a lot of interesting
synergies and it’s quite powerful in the current meta. It’s really annoying to play against and
things go out of hand with it pretty quickly. The main card that enables this strong deck
is the new Bloodsworn Mercenary. With it, you can have insane boards as soon
as turn 3 and if you save it for later on, you can do crazy bursts with it instead. This particular version isn’t too expensive,
since it’s not running Gromash, but if you have him, you might try to fit him in as well. It’s doing quite well and a lot of people
have used it with success to legend and beyond. Your only bad matchups are other warriors,
but you really don’t see to many of those after the nerfs. Other than that, you should be pretty good
against any other decks. With this deck you always want to keep your
Town Crier, Rover and Temple Berserker. The new Lance and the Mercenary are great
keeps most of the time too, especially if you already have a 1-drop. Flunky is also pretty good, especially if
you are going first. All in all, the deck is pretty solid and if
you enjoy fast games and the warrior class, I’d say this deck would be right up your
alley, so craft away. It seems like it’s gonna stick around for
a while, so it should be a pretty safe craft. Other decks that are also pretty strong are
Highlander Hunter, Zoo and Highlander Warlock, Quest shaman is doing okay and Control Warrior
is still seeing a decent amount of play too. Even mech paladin is having a good time in
high legend now. There are several other decks that ain’t
that bad either, but their overall winrate is lower than the ones I mentioned so far. So that’s it for this video guys. I hope you enjoyed this top 5 and this new
format I’m trying out. Thanks for watching! I like and a subscribe is always appreciated. I’m Kris O Five and I’ll see you in my
next video!

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  1. Claudiu Chitic

    What's your opinion on highlander zoo? I didn't play more than 20 games after the nerf, but I got like 75% winrate with it around rank 5. Also haven't lost a single game against tip the scales paladin and got a positive winrate against shaman and warrior. So basically it seems to be countering the meta pretty well.

  2. Vekata156

    Kris I really want to craft control warrior but you said it's not that good as aggro warrior but i don't really like aggro variant so if i craft the control one will I win or lose every game

  3. Zane Hoppie

    So, I have every card for the Druid list except for Phaoris. Is he essential for that deck, or can I sub him out for something else? Thanks for all the content and keep up the great work!

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