Top Hearthstone Meta Decks For Doom In The Tomb

Welcome to another video guys! I’m Kris O Five and today we will be looking
at the Top 5 Hearthstone Meta Decks for Doom in the Tomb. The new wild cards definitely shifted the
meta a lot so if you want to know which are the best decks right now and how to play them,
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legend this month – Secret Highlander Paladin. It’s pretty fun and quite effective once
you get the hang of it. The mysterious challenger really shines in
this deck and it can thin out your deck quite nicely, while making it hard for your opponent
to play around your secrets as well. Ragnaros and Sylvanas are also very annoying
to play against and give you a powerful mid and lategame push. That being said, you can go fast with the
deck against the greedy decks, but you can also go slower in some more aggro matchups. Here’s what the matchups look like. Resurrect priest won’t be too easy for you,
and against experienced players, tempo rogue and both evolve shamans can be a problem too. Quest druid isn’t too easy for me as well,
but other than that, you should be pretty good with this deck. For the mulligan, you always want to keep
one and two drops like crystology, secret keeper, sunreaver spy, Zephrys and finley. If you already have a 1 or a 2 drop, keeping
a Sentry or maybe even a Challenger won’t be such a bad idea, but make sure to think
if that would be worth a keep in the particular matchup. Currently, the deck is sitting at tier 1,
so if you have most of the cards for it, I’d say it would be worth it to craft it or play
around with it with the cards you own, so you get a feel for it. It looks expensive, but in reality, it’s
4000 dust cheaper, since you have the wild cards for free and on top of that, all of
the legendaries are safe crafts. If you want to see me pilot the deck to legend,
catch me onstream tonight. See you there. Next we have the quest evolve shaman. This is basically the same quest shaman as
before, with the exception of 4 cards – 2 evolves and 2 Desert hares. You can play around with the cards you take
out from the standard list to fit your playstyle, but this one seems to be one of the more consistent
ones. The 2 evolves and hares enable the deck to
have insane turn 4’s or even turn 3’s with the coin and for some decks, that is
enough to take the win. It has a lot of gas in it and even though
you usually finish up the quest later on, you should have no trouble climbing with it. Matchup wise, your bad ones are quest hunter
and combo priest, but I haven’t seen to many of those, so it shouldn’t be a problem. At higher level, the questless evolve shaman
can also be a problem but other than that, you are in the green. Questing explorer, evolve, totem and hare
should always be a keep in your mulligan. Mogu, cable rat, mutate and sludge slurper
are great keeps as well and depending on the matchup, you might want to keep mctechs and
sandstorm elementals. This deck is also in high tier 1 right now
and it is quite cheap as well, so if you want to climb some easy ranks, I’d say it would
be a perfect craft for you. Murloc shaman and questless evolve shaman
are also doing great and they are even higher on the tier list in some ranks, so it really
comes down to what you prefer and what you have the cards for. From cheap to expensive we move down to Malygos
Druid. The archetype got a pretty solid support from
the new wild cards with Kun and Emperor and they make the deck a lot more consistent than
before. It’s a difficult deck to master and I do
advise you to spend some hours watching pros pilot it. It has a lot of decision making, but if you
get it right, you will be climbing in no time. From rank 5 to legend it’s tier 2 but in
legend it’s considered high tier 1, which proves that it has a high skill cap, so if
you are up for a challenge, go for it. The matchups are quite polarized, but keep
in mind that most of the bad matchups are not seen too often anymore. Evolve shamans can be a problem, but the real
threats are murlocs. For the mulligan Crystal Merchant is always
a keep. Against slower decks you want your nourish
and Elise and against faster decks you will want your wraths and swipes. If you already have some of those, Surgers
and starfall are not bad too and Innervate can also speed up your quest completion. Again, this is not a cheap deck and it requires
a lot of skill, so craft it at your own risk. It can feel like a clunky mess, but it is
insane when piloted correctly. Next, we have a class we haven’t seen in
the top meta decks in a long time – Rogue. My friend, Mellowtrix suggested to include
this deck in the top 5 and he’s doing pretty well with it in Legend. Most people consider aggro and tempo decks
to be easy to play, but nowadays, you have to really know what you are doing to maximize
your chances of success. It includes 0 cards from the wild event, but
it deals pretty well with the current meta and it’s not too expensive too. You could also test it a bit with swashburgler
if you want to remember the good old times though. Not too many games recorded with it, but the
matchups look like this. Druids can be a problem for you and evolve
shaman is supposed to be the hardest. Warriors are also on the harder side, but
you won’t see that many of those. Secret Highlander Paladin is 50/50, but the
others should be in your favor. Cats, backstabs and miscreants should always
be in your mulligan. Hench-clan Thug and scimitar are also great. If you have the coin, you could keep SI, Evis
and Edwin too, depending on the matchup. There are tons of variations for rogue decks
right now, but if you feel like playing some fast smorc-intensive games, then this list
should be right up your alley. The last deck I was gonna put in this list
was combo priest, but I already talked about it so many times in the previous meta reports,
so I guess you can check the guide about it from those. Instead, let’s check out resurrect Priest,
which is not better than combo priest, but at least it’s something new. Again, this is quite the expensive deck, but
it goes down to about 10k dust when you subtract the free wild cards. It’s not too simple to pilot, but it can
be quite snowbally when you get the hang of it. Getting an early Infiltrator or Zilliax, usually
is enough to drive your aggro opponents insane and the crazy amount of board refills should
be enough for most of your other opponents as well. Murloc Shaman, Malygos Druid and Holywrath
Paladins would be your worst matchups from the more popular decks. You have other counters too, but you would
barely see any of those on ladder, so it shouldn’t be a problem. For the mulligan, Infiltrator, Zilliax, forbidden
words and penance would usually be enough to bring you to your mid-game. If you already have a 5-drop, keeping Pomp
is also great. Against slower decks, you can even keep the
gallery, but be careful with that. Overall, the situation is similar with the
Malygos Druid. If you have the dust and you are up for the
challenge, craft away, but again, it’s at your own risk. So that’s it for this video guys! I hope you enjoyed the video and if you did
a Like and a Subscribe would be awesome. Don’t forget to check out as well. Thanks for watching. I’m Kris O Five and I’ll see you in my
next video!

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