Touring My (Modded) Minecraft Home

(soft rock starts) Welcome to my Minecraft house. These are my doggos, Escalus and Mercutio. They’re cousins and good boys. I am very proud of them. These are the bee trees. Bees live there! Downstairs is storage, and the display case
for the legendary airship ‘Shipy McShipface’. Up top is my wall of good boys, where Escalus
and Mercutio have their pictures up. Over here are furnaces and apiary processing
machines, as well as a couple items I use regularly. This is my walk in refrigerator/freezer: it’s
full of meats, treats, and fabulous cheeses. Next is the kitchen/dining room, with all
the relevant food preparation stations. These are various jellies, peanut butter,
and cooking oil. And I have a table to eat at. Upstairs is my room, with some more classic
paintings and a couple bookshelfs. This is my favorite painting in the house:
Two Ladies by Winslow Homer. On top of the house is my smeltery, as well
as the throneroom of King Hamster, the ruler of this fine land. He is also the sole producer of electricity
in the area, which makes him very impressive, indeed. The house is composed primarily of redwood
planks, with the support beams as well as furniture, fences, and decorative items made
from cherry wood primarily. The windows are black glass panes and the
roof is brick stairs in addition to black glass blocks in the center of the single story
roof. The two story part of the home also has a
flat brick roof for convenient future expansion. (music ends and fades out)

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