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  1. Molly Harvey

    Enjoy Florida. We have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. You definitely need to go to down town Disney, it's loads of fun.

  2. Rick Leonard

    Amazing Vlog. I hope u get to let us know how to get a discount holiday as im sure you didnt pay full price. Cant wait to see more of Florida. 🤞you go to harry potter in Universal

  3. somewhatmesmerized

    You're visiting my homeland! You flew right over me though as I'm in Ireland haha. This whole video was a joy to watch. Love how happy you guys are 🙂 Virgin Atlantic is the best airline, always a good experience & comfortable flight (and I love the GU pudding thingys!). & "Oh yeah I'm watching My Little Pony" cracked me up. I noticed you bought some Mini Wheats cereal – good choice 😉 Love you guys and can't wait to see more!

  4. Molly Harvey

    Publix subs are great. Publix also has an International section where you can get some UK favorites. You you definitely need to visit the Dollar Tree Family Dollar and Dollar General and all of them take coupons

  5. Lauren Schaenzer

    Well you guys are at Walt Disney World you should check out the character warehouse it’s a discounted disney store with real souvenirs from the park for cheap

  6. Toria Xxx

    Have an amazing time in Florida holly make sure when you go to Epcot you ride soarin and also buy a turkey leg I did it all last year I'm sure you will absolutely love it !!! Enjoy 💗💗

  7. Vonnie Army

    Flying was never for me, but once in the air I was fine.We went to Italy from Norwich airport and I loved every minute .happy holiday to you all..have a fab your girls,so well behaved as I said last time when getting their hair cut ..Can't wait to see your next vlogg.x 👍🏻💕💕

  8. Amy lUcas

    Amazing vlog holly! So excited for you all! Without sounding cheeky did you get a good deal and will you be doing a video on tips and booking for Disney world xxx

  9. Sarah Tonin

    "Your big noggin head is in the way!"Love it! 😀 Loving the staff's rainbow shirts in the first hotel!Everything is epic!And your makeup is en flique! <3 xxx

  10. Tez Clark

    Aww bless u Holly, feel for you with being nervous. I've got something that may help you the next time you travel. Drop me a message anytime and I'll send you some info 😊and have lots of fun 😊

  11. Summer Thompson

    Holly , I collect pins I have over 400 .the best place to get pins in Florida is downtown Disney there is a shop that just sell pins . Enjoy you time away. You will fine things that are very £££ but it is worth it.

  12. Geeky Carlys

    Omg holly !!! Once again we are so alike !! Ive been addicted to watching Disney pin trading videos and I really want to start it but was worried at how expensive they were ! Have a wonderful amazing holiday you guys you really deserve it !! If you do pin trading please record it ❤️❤️

  13. Frances Sumner

    If you look on tylers travels you will get some tips & short cuts for disney as he is jessica brauns husband and he is a disney travel rep & they go to disney all the time x, looks like your going to have a great time x

  14. Xoxo Xxx

    I was so scared of flying until about 2 weeks ago i got on a plane and was so scared but its worth it when you get to your holiday 👍

  15. Kelly Marie

    Hands down THE BEST DISNEY TRAVELLING DAY VLOG I have seen, and I've seen a lot! So detailed 👏 can't wait for the others 😍

  16. As Lovely

    Oh wow , the land of mouse 🐁 ( Disney ) . I loved the the thunderbirds theme as the plane took off. Holly you are so so brave , I have never been on a plane( I’m to scared to ) . Brilliant vlog X🙂

  17. Cherry Cupcake Creations

    Taking my friend for her first time in October for her 24th Birthday. Watching holiday vlogs to get me excited. Going to the Halloween party, tickets all sorted. Have you been to a seasonal party before, and if so what tips do you have, if not would you go to one in the future?

  18. Ella- Watford- YOU ‘Orns

    First time watching your videos and there abousltley great!
    Edit:Also as I’m new what’s your stomach condition?

  19. Sophie Plays MSP

    Hey Holly, love your videos! I was wondering how much your headphones were bought for and what brand they are? I want to buy cheap but good durable headphones, thank you! x

  20. Rachel B •Farmiga Fan•

    You say "trainee pilot" like that's a bad thing. A pilot flying a commercial plane has had hundreds, more into the thousands of hours of training. It's not like a random person hopping in a car and learning to drive for the first time 🙂


    We've been to Disney 6 times and went this past May with our 13-month-old. We've never stayed on Disney property though. That was lovely of the cast member to give you fastpasses, makes it very magical.

  22. wing kan

    😱 is it just me but I’ve never knew about the draw of stuff… loo paper, hand soap, sink and a fast exit in case I got sucked in the loo is all I knew about… that mum said don’t go snopping around ppl draws 😂😂😂😂

  23. Sheila’s Beauty/ Hair/ Nails/ Fashion

    So cool. Enjoy. That hotel is the perfect place for kids, never seem anything like that before, beyond cool. I love the little mermaid x

  24. Megan Telford

    I love this video holly! It's so good! I watched all your Orlando videos a million times and they get better everytime! xx

  25. cochise007

    Been frightened of flying for years but to get to these awesome places it's a must. Learn about how lift and how simple engines are really. It can help a great deal, did for me.

  26. Jaxx Life

    Yay I’ve found another mummyvlogger that has a collection of Florida vlogs for me to binge watch whoop whoop!!!!!
    Great vlog guys, we’ve sat on the upper deck premium economy before & had the front seats – now they were really good!
    Art of animation hotel looks sooooo super cool! Looking forward to watching more of these, I’ve subbed of course xxx

  27. Paula Kaochari

    I love your 2 little daughters, are they twins? You're a sharp woman catching onto how high prices were in that little shop. If you want good bargains, try Walmart of course, Publix where you were is among the best of our grocery stores. They cost a bit more then, Walmart, but the polite workers make it worth it. Plus, they're a lot more careful about food quality and freshness then, Walmart. Walmart almost never offer coupons, and nothing goes on real sale. Anyway. Great video, I hope you had a wonderful time. Don't be strangers.

  28. Disney Village Fans

    What a delight to watch! An instant subscribe from me! I loved seeing what it's like in Premium Economy because I'm booked to fly with that when I go on my first Florida solo trip next year. Can't wait to watch rest of your videos now!

  29. 1000 subscribers without Any videos??

    I just wanted to say EVERYTHING in an airport once you go past security, is VAT free. I don’t know how holly couldn’t have noticed this. So for example that sun cream would have been cheaper because of it being VAT free. I’m not sure about the food though I hope this didn’t offend holly in any way. 😃

  30. Wag wan Sizey

    I've been to Disney world every year since I've been 3, and I went with Tomas cook ( we usually go with vergin ) with Tomas cook the Film selection was crap and we payed £5 for extra films and we got 2 more films it was awful never going with them again

  31. Jess

    Hey Holly I also have a stomach condition, I am a very nervous flyer too and I take a whole lot of food friendly meals for myself that I make or sandwiches I always ensure I take something like incase my stomach is bad too! Can you do a video on youre stomach condition? x love your vids xx

  32. Chere Goddard

    I hate flying too…you are so brave to just do it…I am flying tomorrow to Florida with grandkids, hope I am as brave as you…was the flight okay ? lots of turbulence ? what about coming home could you sleep…I am from Norwich so it is nice to hear a Norfolk accent 🙂

  33. XGhostPrimeMinister1.1X 1,000

    I assume your flying from North Terminal because of the Harry Potter section I’ve got to admit I was kinda surprised 😲 when I saw the Harry Potter section I was like no way

    He’s behind you 3:23

    On the top the husband/dad is wearing says Pika is that a subsidiary of Puma

    Is the destination your at Disney arts of animation resort

  34. Paula Kaochari

    Buy, Zephyrhills Spring, or Crystal Spring water, it wonderful.
    And, there's no tax when you buy food in the supermarkets like, Walmart.
    Only candy, coffee, tea, soft drinks like Coca Cola, Kool Aid, and juices that say, Juice drink, (100% juice is real food and not taxed), is taxed.
    It's considered a junk food.
    Stay away from cereals like Captain Crunch, Coca Puffs, (kids cereals), there is little nutrition and Filled with sugar. Some have sugar as the 2nd, or 3 ingredient.
    I am not being a bossy boots, I just don't like seeing anyone taken advantage of.

  35. Paula Kaochari

    Beer, liquer, sugar, candy, sometimes cookies, (bisquets), carbonated drinks like Pepsi, are taxed.
    Real juice such as, 100% apple, or orange, or 100% mixed juices are not taxed, if they say fruit, or vegetable drink, they are taxed because they have added sugars and flavors, or only like 10% juice, the rest is, water, sugar, etc..
    Bottled water is taxed too.
    Try Zephyrhill Spring water, Publix Spring, or Crystal water, It's very good.

  36. robertian1959

    love it , love it , love it . great vlog just makes me wish i was going back soon . as i tell all who are going for the first time don't be shy try everything and above all enjoy yourself , as it says on the world gateway it's where dreams come true , for all. even a 60 year old as myself and i've been numerous times .

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