Tree Climber Rescue | Vertical Single Rope Pick-off | Hunting Tree Stand Accident | Block and Tackle

…distressed sound… …grunting… HELP!!! HELP!!! oh man…I broke Tom’s tree stand he is going to be so mad …distressed sound… hey…hey, Tom…Tom…I need help man I was in your tree stand…and I fell and I’m just hanging man and I can’t get up copy that dispatch alright what we have is report of a hunter whose fallen out of his tree
stand and is hanging by a safety harness now it might sound a little comical but
this is a life-and-death situation both because of the recent snow flurries
and because of harness induced pathology we do you have a GPS
coordinates all get out there as quickly as we can hey guys help…hey over here…hey Hey Garrett can you clear this rifle…
we gonna shoot a line up there to you and be up there in just a sec…
…um did to get hurt on your way down? do you have any numbness or tingling in your fingers? aim for that branch over there…ready? okay Matt…red line is ready to go up
Adam can you tie a no-knot around this tree and we use that as my anchor Matt can you grab me the ascentree
out of there and a foot tape? pulley, carabiner and anchor strap for change of direction up there …just a sec… hey Tom can you rig up the butt block
down there…and we’ll do a change of direction off of that and then we’ll set up a mechanical
advantage in-between this tree and that one over there okay…Adam will you grab a swivel pulley on a locking beaner and put it here for a change in direction
…got it grab me a piece of webbing and put a wrap
three pull two on that juniper tree over there Garrett get the Aztec bag run the pulley system out full length as a five-to-one connect the ID the end of it
we’ll use it as progress capture on the raise and then lower off of it…alright okay Dan…while they are setting that up I’m going to come down and put this harness on you and we will lift you with this harness can you hold that for me? could you help me run this out? okay Tom the CD is ready…great here’s the ID alright we’re ready to raise…okay are we rigged to raise?…rigged to raise riggers ready…raise ho-ho-ho-ho-ho…stop…okay stop now lock it off Garrett can you come and receive him as he
comes down…alright… Matt are you ready on the I’D for the lower I’m ready to lower…great…ready to lower LOWER!!! put all your wait on the harness right here…
… just lean back and I will keep you away from the tree Slowly alright as we’re going down get your back against the tree get your feet on the ground how you feeling? ok…can you stand?…I think so…alright take a moment…as get your barring just stand up we will get some slack on this line and we can get you unhooked…ok doing alright? yep…yep…I’m okay…alright oh…good to be down Garrett, why don’t you and Matt walk him out to his truck and lets get
him checked out

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