Trim Lines Using the Fence Option

Have you ever used the Trim command with the
Fence option? Use this technique as an easier way to trim lines around odd shaped objects.
Let’s say I have this part. I’d like to trim all the centerlines to the same length.
I can do this using Trim. Here’s how.
First I’ll create a circle to use as the cutting edge or trim boundary. Next from the
Home tab I’ll select Trim. I’ll select the circle for the trim boundary and press
Enter. Now I’ll right-click and select Fence. I can also press F for the Fence option. This
allows me to select objects to trim by drawing a line or fence that crosses the object. Any
object that crosses the fence will be trimmed. When I finish trimming the lines I’ll right-click
and select Erase and select the trim boundary. Now I have all the centerlines trimmed to
the same length.

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Reader Comments

  1. Alejandro Sosa

    thats extra work, just made the circle and then trimp,then erase the circule its just
    C, neter, T enter, enter, selec, then erase circule

  2. Hoàng Vũ Đào

    I have a problem with trimming lines using the fence options in command window (not pick point on the screen because I use "setq" in autolisp file to set value to the points). It seems like I get some very different results when I adjust the zoom level. If I zoom just enough to see the whole trim line then I use this technique, I achive the right things like your video. But when I scroll to see the whole drawing before I trim the object, It doesn't trim the hatch lines. Could you help me please?

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