Trump Gets HUGE Border Wall Win

>>The Supreme Court has ruled that Donald
Trump can use military funds to build his border wall. This is, unfortunately, the outcome of a story
that was ongoing. It involved Donald Trump diverting money from
the military for the border wall, after Congressional Democrats refused to give him the funding
he wanted. He referred to the situation at the border
as a national emergency, which allowed him to divert that money, and it was challenged
in the courts. But today, the Supreme Court said he could
go ahead and use that money. The Court’s five conservative justices gave
the administration the greenlight to begin work on four contracts it has awarded using
Defense Department money. Funding for the projects had been frozen by
lower courts. Now, of course, Trump is extremely excited
about this and immediately tweeted about it saying, wow, big victory on the wall. The United States Supreme Court overturns
lower court injunction, allows Southern Border Wall to proceed. Big win for Border Security and the Rule of
Law! Now, just to give you a little bit more background,
a trial court initially froze the funds in May. And an appeals court kept the freeze in place
earlier this month. The freeze had prevented the government from
tapping approximately $2.5 billion in Defense Department money to replace existing sections
of barrier in Arizona, California, and New Mexico with more robust fencing.>>Yeah, okay, now let me shout at you guys. I love it. So I’ll tell you why I love it. Because I’m in favor of the border wall? Hell, no, no, we just set a precedent. Thank you, five Supreme Court justices. Thank you, Donald Trump and all of his supporters
in the Republican Party. Now, you’re on all the record in being in
favor of executive privilege. So you say that the President can do any executive
order he likes. Not only that, he can reapportion money that
Congress apportioned in a completely different way. Whoa, that’s tremendous power for the presidency. And he can declare emergencies, and then reapportion
money out of the Defense Department into any project he likes. Thank you very much for that precedent. Because now when we have a progressive president,
you will not get to complain about executive orders. I know you will anyway, but we’ll roll this
tape back. We’ll show you the tweets. We’ll thank the five Supreme Court justices
that ruled in this direction. And I don’t care how much you cry. We’re gonna do executive order after executive
order. And you know what we’re gonna do?>>I think this is a disaster.>>No, no, no, no, no, look, if you vote for
a moderate Democrat, none of this will happen. They’ll just immediately surrender to Republicans
on any given issue, okay? If you vote for a progressive, the first thing
that I would counsel them is take money out of the Defense Department and spend it on
the American people. The Supreme Court just said you can take anything
you want out of the Defense Department, and it doesn’t matter what Congress said. Just take it out, use it for climate change,
a real national emergency. No problem at all. Thank you very much, Clarence Thomas, Brett
Kavanaugh, Neil Gorsuch and the rest of you, Roberts, fantastic. So be careful what you wish for. If you’re celebrating it today, you’re all
on the record. So when you cry about it later, when a democratic
president does it, I’m not gonna care at all. And I’m gonna take this Supreme Court precedent
and shove it in certain places for you.>>Well, look, I think one party is just authoritarian
by nature, and will take advantage of this precedent way more than the left. And remember, we have to get a progressive
elected in the first place, which is, not to be too pessimistic, an incredible uphill
battle.>>Top two out of three right now are progressives.>>Yes, true, it’s gonna be an incredibly
difficult uphill battle. So with that said, I’m much more concerned
about what the executive branch is gonna do under Republican presidents, especially considering
how much they fight to put themselves in positions of power. They fight a lot harder then the left does. And they’re gonna make some decisions that
are gonna be incredibly damaging, so we’ll see.>>Yeah, I mean, I know it also, it’s existing
sections of border wall that’s gonna be supplanted, rather than the extension of the border wall. And I also wanna note that digital surveillance
of border systems actually, in many cases, is far more effective than a wall itself,
and perhaps even more pernicious.>>But he wants a big wall.>>Okay, and let me just tell you, guys-
>>A big wall.>>Root for a progressive president, and root
for them to listen to me. Cuz I will tell them, move hundreds of billions
of dollars out of the Defense Department to fight climate change immediately. The Supreme Court just gave you a greenlight.

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Reader Comments

  1. Isaac vitela

    I find it funny that this guy is saying that the progressive president can issue an executive order on dipping into funds. despite the fact that Congress refused to cooperate. not to mention that the president had to get the scotus permission to do so. But then again… I prefer see you guys suffer for my own pleasure >:3

  2. don jonson

    im appalled that my tax dollars are being used for a wall instead of bombing civilians. the us military is used for stealing natural resources and committing genocide, not building walls. i cant wait to have president warren put that money back into eco bombs.

  3. MrBonners

    Not to worry. There is a lot of pre-construction work to be done and many Eminent Domain fights to take place. Setting the precedent is just great. Just prioritize lists personnel and policy cancelations for 'Day One To Do List'' and get them submitted.

  4. jeg5gom

    Uuuuhh… hilarious! OBAMACARE was taken apart because it was propped up with nothing but executive orders and presidential waivers to try and make up for the faulty legislation behind it. DOMA was simply mentioned and taken down (and unenforced) because the Nobel Prize winner unilaterally decided it was unconstitutional (long before any SCOTUS rulings). Don't crocodile tear anyone about abusing presidential powers (and many others from your constitutional professor laureate)…


  5. 476 10 - 8

    The Supreme Court ruled that he could use some of the money untill further review by the lower court. Read the full statement by the court. It's not a total win

  6. Jeffrey Crenshaw

    Maybe when we get a progressive president, we can take money from the bloated military and actually help the poor in this country. We can spend it on food, while they wash it down with conservative tears.

  7. God has NO religion

    It is NOT President Donald Trumps WALL, IT is the WALL of the United States American VOTERS…… Promises made Promises Kept! Other WIN! 🙂

    I actually thought you were NO longer online……. wishful thinking!

  8. L.Corp.

    No one is surprised, Trump got his unethical justices in, you know like Kavanaugh. It's only a small victory in a larger war.Every single thing that Trump has put in place will be dismantled, and after this administration is done next year,it's going to be hard as hell for a Republican to win the presidency in the future. So just keep saying winning because this is your last horah.

  9. Picco bow

    Hey stupid moron! it’s not HIS borderwall it’s OUR BORDERWALL! Remember there was a go fund me and company that worked with the President. Trump tried to get funding from congress but because of your sickening hatred for our Pres, you libturds and Dems out of spite did not allow him the funding for the wall out of spite- calling it ‘manufactured’ crisis. So because of the invasion coming into our borders, he had to get the funding from the defense since IT IS TO SECURE OUR BORDER U STUPID IDIOT!

  10. DR Dubois

    The Idiot in Chief will more then likely divert the money some how into his own pockets. Because the wall is NEVER being built.

  11. Up And Across

    Just more evidence of how corrupt trump is. He really will go down as Americas biggest mistake ever made. IQ tests need to be a requirement to run for president.


    Taking Cenks' advice is going to get the democrat if they win impeached. Take hundreds of billions from the military, he's nuts if he thinks the Republicans will let that stand, and to be honest half the Democrats too.

  13. SJW 4LIFE

    I think progressives are discounting Joe Biden. A lot of liberals had his campaign dead after the first debate yet he is still number one in the polls. He is going to be incredibly hard to take down

  14. Domino

    A wall won't change a thing, in fact I would be glad Americans would be walling themselves up since no other country has border walls, they would do us all a favor… however, I feel so bad for the species of animals that will go extinct because of this… if he even does it, I don't think he will have time to even get it started.

  15. Konqueror 1

    HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA The man just keeps on winning! like the energizer bunny, just keeps winning and winning and winning and….

  16. Konqueror 1

    Dumb and getting Dumber ana tried to chirp in with her no knowledge of the law OR our constitution. Pipe down little girl.. Oh look, a gay Indian progressive has temporarily replaced Drunk-Franchessca and Edna Veganland.

  17. Uproar

    Gen 5 nuclear reactors designs exist which run at 1 atmosphere, VERY safe, melt down prove, burns current waste, it's own waste is manageable/useful, tiny footprint, less of a terror target than a coal plant but when cenk talks about saving the environment he means building tens of thousands of wind turbines.

  18. Colin Farrell

    Build that wall and let the refugees enter USA legally…every country needs to protect its border…there is nothing wrong with that…trumps a dumbass but you need to protect your borders

  19. Bayonne Blasphemer

    Another nerve in a rotten right wing tooth is irritated (what few they have left). The trolls are here, barfing out their sparse little brains in the Comments section. Precious.

  20. King Scottish1194

    Taking U.S. Military Funds to build the East Berlin – West Berlin Wall on the American Border??????  How very Un-American!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Would you expect any less from President Manbaby????????  I guess after the 4th of July "Military Parade" Mr. Trump wasn't satisfied with some his "New Toys", so he did what he always does, steal some more. This time Mr. Trump "Stole From the U.S. Military". This will go over like a loud fart in a church with closed doors on a warm summer day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. midnitebo

    It's so satisfying watching these idiots have their smug looks wiped off their faces and still try to act like they don't care. Lol, we all know you're seething inside because big Don just smacked your asses again. 😀

  22. CABdosdos

    When a progressive president gets voted in you storm in and burn that house down. Republicans get shit done unlike crybaby dems. 🇺🇸

  23. Simple Logic 90

    Ummmm you do realize that as the comander and cheif the president does have a say in the money that is under thr military right? You have to make a case that climate change is in fact a national security issue that can be solved by the department of DEFENSE!!

  24. Matt Warboys

    I’ve watched this video five times already and when Ana is reading trumps tweet at the end when it read “ this is a huge win for the rule of law” Ana sounds as if that’s a bad thing

  25. Renegade2786

    Trumpy finally gets his Berlin Wall. I thought Trumpy was the President of the United States, not East Germany.
    And you saying that Trumpy is not Putin's bitch, when the Soviet and East Germany communist governments build that shit to keep capitalism (immigrant/cheap labor) out.

  26. T.L. Hughes

    Cenk's suggestion asserts that a progressive president would use this ruling to stick it to the GOP when they want to do a project. I hate to be a downer on the subject, but a progressive president like Bernie and Elizabeth would likely reel in acts of executive privilege like what the Supreme Court ruled on, so they'd be more likely to codify that you can't reappropriate money without Congressional approval for the hell of it as opposed to actually doing that.

  27. Mark Mitch

    LOL ! Damn.. Don't you Fool's get tired of The Great President Trump making you look like … well… FOOL's ? on a daily basis ? Damn !
    That sound ya'll continue to hear over & over again and that refuses to go away is the sweet..sweet.. sound of The Great President Trump laughing his ASS OFF at you Fool's !
    LOL !

  28. Windy Richardson

    3 big points, Immigration, National Security & the Military all fall under Executive Branch in our Constitution & are specifically mentioned. There is no climate change language in our Constitution so it would have to be argued under something else. With the 5/4 Conservative Supreme Court for the next 20 years it won’t ever happen.
    Again & again you see why Trump won & why he has this loyalty, he gave Conservatives huge Supreme Court wins for decades.

  29. Ghost Guner

    What a big waste of money that’s not going to stop them no matter what they do they always find way in to the USA just wasting so much then we as the American people got to pay for it >=[

  30. Sin City

    And there will never be a progressive president, never! The left has gone too far left to ever have another president in office that’s a Democrat.

  31. Bob Steenson

    OBAMA got a huge border-wall WIN but, nothing was done then and nothing will be done now

    The Mexican anti-american anti-white racist criminal illegal-alien sleeper-sells continue to give all Americans the 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  32. Andres Leon

    good luck having the supreme court rule in favor of the progressive president lol, cenk is so dumb, supreme court precedent doesn't automatically mean the supreme court will automatically rule in favor, it's a case by case basis, military budget and border security are actually related, military budget and health care or climate change are not related, virtual walls are effective in detection, but you need physical walls to slow them down till border security gets there, that guest is so dumb

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