Trump Threatens a Government Shutdown over His Wall: A Closer Look

President Trump is threatening
a government shutdown over funding
for his border wall just as he faces
the most serious legal peril of his presidency. For more on this,
it’s time for “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ] It’s worth remembering
that when 2018 began, we didn’t know anything
about illegal hush payments to porn stars, a secret resister
inside the Trump administration, or the fact that Rudy Giuliani always looks like he just sat
on a box of thumbtacks. When the year began, Republicans controlled
all three branches of government and they were celebrating the
passage of a corporate tax cut to line the pockets
of millionaires. And to take a victory lap
at the time, Trump turned
to his creepiest aide, senior adviser Stephen Miller. [ Thunder crashes ] [ Witch cackles ] -You rang? -Miller decided to go on TV and
make the President look good — A, by comparison, and, B,
by calling him a genius. -On the campaign,
I had the chance to travel all across the country
with the President, and I saw a man
who was a political genius. The reality is is the President
is a political genius. All these so-called political
geniuses in Washington, whether it be at the
big lobbying firms or — -The only person who’s called
him a genius in the last week is the President. -Because it happens to be
a true statement. -Ugh. Stephen Miller is
the only person on Earth who’d be less creepy
if he wore a hockey mask. But, hey, maybe
some of Trump’s supporters still thought he was a genius, and yet in the almost 12 months
since that comment, Trump has rambled at length
about how people in Finland rake the floors of the forest, left an umbrella outside when he couldn’t figure out
how to close it, got on Air Force One with
toilet paper stuck to his shoe, and said this about a hurricane. -They haven’t seen anything
like what’s coming at us in 25, 30 years, maybe ever. It’s tremendously big
and tremendously wet. [ Laughter ] -Tremendously big
and tremendously wet sounds like something
Stephen Miller would say about Donald Trump. As we’ve learned this year, the President is just
a weird, weird man. He’s like a space alien
with a head injury who just took
his first bong rip. “It is a pleasure to meet you,
fellow human. I am enjoying the traditional
Earth greeting of shaking hands for exactly one full minute. And now let us all
display our patriotism by engaging in the
customary hugging of the flag. I am normal!” [ Laughter ] [ Applause ] But you’d think
a political genius could at least figure out a way to deliver on the one thing he
repeatedly told his supporters he would absolutely do,
and that’s build the wall. And yet today, Trump threatened the very real possibility
of a government shutdown because he didn’t get any money
for the wall. In fact, it’s finally starting
to dawn on his supporters that the wall
is never going to happen, and they are
very upset about it. -Democrats are
going to win on this. There will be no money for the President and his wall
this time. -Not a penny! Forget wall.
Think border security. -I think that not funding
the wall is going to go down as one of the
worst, worst things to have happened
to this administration. Forget Mueller. The wall, the
wall, the wall has to be built. And this was a scandal
that it hasn’t been built. -Well, it’s very sad.
We needed the wall. -That’s a real fight,
and I don’t know that he minds dragging it out
for a while. -Is it something
he just needs — -…series of
two-week agreements. -It is something he just
needs to give up on, though? -Wow, man. They’re talking
about the wall like they just lost a pet. Trump’s gonna have to have a special chat
with the Fox & Friends. “Mr. Trump,
where’d the wall go?” “It went to a farm upstate to live with
all the other walls.” Because he knows he’s never gonna get any money
for his wall. Trump has been lying and claiming
he’s already building it just by putting up some fencing
with existing money. But now supporters
are starting to figure out that’s also a lie. Here’s Trump lying about the
wall followed by a very confused Laura Ingraham trying to
figure out what he means. -A lot of wall has been built.
We don’t talk about that. But we might as well start
because it’s building — It’s being built right now.
Big sections of wall. And we will continue that. -Uh, wh– I must have missed
the wall being built. What wall?
Where’s it being built, Tom? -I think what he means
is they’re upgrading
certain parts of the wall. -That’s not a wall.
Stop saying it’s a wall.
There’s no wall. If you want a wall,
say, “We don’t have the wall.” I know it’s bad
because he made the promise, but they’re not
building the wall. -Wow! She went through all five stages
of grief in five seconds. It’s like watching someone realize they’re in the Matrix
in real time. “This isn’t real!
None of this is real!” So, today, Trump,
the political genius, said at the last minute
he would not sign a deal to keep the government open,
and in response, outgoing House Speaker Paul Ryan scrambled to find a way
to get him money for his wall, which is a fitting end
to Paul Ryan’s career. Ryan had spent all year
loyally serving Trump and ignoring
his many abuses of power, even openly admitting he doesn’t pay attention
to Trump’s scandals. -Mark Sanford yesterday, speaking on
the Stormy Daniels story, said allegations of hush money
are a big deal. I guess first question is, do you agree
with that characterization? -I haven’t put a second
of thought into this. It’s just not
on my radar screen. -This must bother you. “Access Hollywood,”
Stormy Daniels, Karen McDougal. At a certain point,
it must be embarrassing. -Well, look,
I didn’t read the article. -Is it appropriate,
in your view, for the White House to invoke
executive…and deny — -No. I’m not familiar with
exactly what happened yesterday. I’ve been a little busy
with some other tasks. -Man, Paul Ryan might be
a bad House Speaker, but he’d be a great roommate. “Hey, Paul, my friends
are coming over to watch the UFC fight, and then
my punk band’s gonna practice.” “That’s cool.
I’ll be busy with other tasks.” Yesterday in his
farewell address, Ryan decried what he called
our broken politics, but Ryan is the one
who spent two years ignoring Trump’s many scandals and actively praising Trump
in truly absurd ways, like when the GOP passed
their corporate tax cut. -Something this big,
something this generational, something this profound
could not have been done without exquisite
presidential leadership. -I’m sorry. Did you just
use the word “exquisite” to describe Donald Trump? You’re talking about him
like he’s an art installation at the Guggenheim. He’s not exactly a Picasso. I mean, look at him.
If he looks like anything, he looks like he was painted
by Edvard Munch. [ Laughter ] Although, you know what?
He’d fit right in in that Salvador Dalí painting
with all those melting clocks. Watching Ryan frantically
try to scrape together money
for Trump’s border wall is a fitting way
for his career to end. Ryan used high-minded rhetoric about the importance
of our institutions while Trump degraded
those institutions. For example,
Ryan had nothing to say when the President’s lawyer,
Rudy Giuliani, went on TV and literally said
that truth isn’t truth. -When you tell me that,
you know, he should testify because he’s going to tell the
truth and he shouldn’t worry, well, that’s so silly because it’s somebody’s version
of the truth, not the truth. He didn’t have a conversation — -Truth is truth.
I don’t mean to go, like — -No, it isn’t truth!
Truth isn’t truth! The President of the United
States says, “I didn’t –” -Truth is a truth. Mr. Mayor,
do you realize what — This is gonna become a bad meme. -No. No, no.
Don’t do this to me. -In every interview,
every interview, Rudy sounds like a grandpa whose adult children
just put him in a nursing home. “Don’t do this to me! I can live on my own!
Just get me a stair lift!” Also, can we go back
to this part real quick? -This is gonna become
a bad meme. -Chuck Todd, why are you talking
to this guy about memes? He doesn’t know what a meme is. Rudy probably things a meme
is one of those guys who pretends to be trapped
behind an invisible wall. Well, truth is truth,
and now the truth is starting to catch up
to Rudy and Trump like when we learned recently
that Trump and his former lawyer,
Michael Cohen, had lied about plans to build
a Trump Tower in Moscow during the 2016 campaign. After insisting that he never had any business deals
in Russia, Trump went back on all that
and admitted he did try to build a Trump Tower in Moscow but insisted it wasn’t
that big a deal. -It was during
the early part of ’16 and I guess even before that. It lasted
a short period of time. I didn’t do the project.
I decided not to do the project. So I didn’t do it. So we’re not
talking about doing a project. We’re talking about
not doing a project. We decided — I decided
ultimately not to do it. There would have been
nothing wrong if I did do it. If I did do it, there would have
been nothing wrong. That was a project that
we didn’t do, I didn’t do. It was just reported very well
by Catherine Herridge, who’s a terrific reporter
on Fox. She talks about a letter
that he signed. I don’t even remember it. And it specifically
talks about this deal. -Trump only knows three words,
and then when he runs out, he starts drawing invisible
squares with his hand. I guess you could call him
a French meme. The Trump Tower project
was apparently so serious that there was actually
an official letter of intent signaling that Trump
wanted to go forward with it. Now, you heard Trump there say he didn’t really know
anything about that letter. And on top of that,
Rudy insists that the letter wasn’t a big deal
for one important reason. He told CNN there was
a letter of intent to go forward but no one signed it. Oh, come on, Rudy.
That’s your excuse? No one signed it? What’s next? “He tried to mail it, but he
doesn’t know Putin’s address.” [ Laughter ] Well, you will never guess
what happened. This week, we found out
that Rudy was either lying or very wrong when he said
no one signed the letter. -This is the letter of intent for the proposed
Trump Tower Moscow. All right?
It is signed by Donald J. Trump. It’s a lot of pages, man,
with a lot of detail about what they wanted
and how they wanted it and how he’d be paid. And there’s his signature. Okay? -So Trump lied
about the letter, too. Mr. President, let me put this
in a way you’ll understand. You went on TV and said
you didn’t sign the letter. But now the feds might bust down
your door and put you in a cell, and then we’ll be stuck
with President Mike Pence. [ Cheers and applause ] So… how did Rudy explain the fact
that Trump’s signature actually does appear
in the letter? He said he was confused. -Rudy Giuliani is commenting
to our Dana Bash, a new comment. I’m seeing that he was wrong if he said that the President
didn’t sign this letter. He said,
“I haven’t seen the quote, but I probably meant to say
that there was never a deal, much less a signed one.” So some very, very confusing
statements from Rudy Giuliani. You don’t want a lawyer, especially one working for the
President of the United States, who is going to say two things completely opposite
of one another. -You wouldn’t,
but that’s exactly the kind of lawyer
Donald Trump wants. He thinks he’s
psyching everyone out by putting a crazy person on TV. Trump watched “Lethal Weapon”
and thought, “I want a lawyer like that!” Every Rudy interview
basically goes like this. -Joining me now
is the President’s attorney. -Yeah, you want to see crazy? -Trump is in serious
legal jeopardy just as Democrats prepare
to take over the House, and he’s hoping he can
salvage his presidency by threatening a shutdown
over his wall. I’m not saying he’s scared,
but his pants are… -Tremendously wet. -This has been “A Closer Look.”

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Reader Comments

  1. Hm Grraarrpffrzz

    Sometimes I think they should build the wall… like a testament to ignorance, a reminder on what can happen… It will be known as the Great Wall of Shame.

  2. Reuel T

    Talkers vs. Trump the doer.
    About 40 miles of NEW steel "bollard-style wall" 18 feet high (out of 100 miles already
    funded for) have already been built. Another 115 mile long contract was given
    out by POTUS on the 24th Dec 2018 which for anti-climbing 30 feet
    high top-pointed "steel slats". The President is asking for another
    $5 billion to complete another roughly 500-550 miles that will still need
    barriers. I believe concrete walls have been abandoned because of a "DELAY
    TACTIC" court case citing concerns for wild lives. So President Trump has
    now settled for see-thru anti-climbing "steel-slats" barrier instead
    of concrete wall that taking into account environmental concerns. Perhaps
    that's why he asked for ONLY another $5 billion.for the next 550 miles.

    Globalist traitors vs. patriots.

  3. FAD

    I don't what you people are talking about. If Trump has peanut brittle over the house of representatives. Believe me, if he has done so tremendously by tuna fish sandwich con carne. Don't be fooled by the fake never sail boat on a bun. I mean, they know many, many good people. People train refrigerator on the hill to watch the deep fried turkey in the pool. The parking lot is full of them. You can bet the yam by the pale concoction and place it on the hood of the thing for that matter. I saw them. If there were any noodles to ponder for ransacking the cobra with whiskey in the jar, then I will find that fuddle docker snooker to build the spelunking with butter. And mark my word, for one day the latter-day Washington sufficient funds in a breakfast for two. His followers with sails unfurled cast iron pan and eggs benedict with tremendously fine-tuned four-wheel drive. You understand, don't you?

  4. Robert Quick

    "On some great and glorious day the plain folks
    of the land will reach their heart's desire at last, and the White House will
    be adorned by a downright moron."  
    ~  H.L. Mencken

  5. Black Peixera

    "It was during ahm, the early part of '16 and i guess even before that and lasted a short period of time…i didn't do the project, i decided not to do the project, so i didn't do it, so we are not talking about doing a project, we're talking about not doing the project. We decided, i decided ultimately not to do it. There would been nothing wrong if i did do it. If i did do it there would been nothing wrong. That was a project that, we didn't do, i didn't do. It was just reported very well by Catherine Harris who's a terrific reporter on Fox. She talks about a letter that he signed, i don't even remember it. And it specifically talks about this deal."

    Ladies, Gentlemen and others.

    Your fucking president.

  6. BigGuyBoleslaw

    Trump wants a wall to prevent brown people from Mexico and points south from entering the USA. We don't need a wall. Trump's policy of letting destitute refuge children starve to death and/or die of thirst effectively dissuades people from attempting to enter the USA.

  7. veethika Singh

    Members of the Republican Party a ring of steel surrounds your rotten inner circle, we will crush all who dare defy the Mueller investigation, abandon your seats, abandon your wealth, abandon all hopes, ura.

  8. bentpressowner

    'Truth is truth'' – really Chuck? Tell that to innocent black folks rotting in prisons across the deep south 50 years ago, or European Jews of the mid to late 1930's, or the many political prisoners right the way round the world today. 'Politically correct' was the term coined for any such instance of an obvious lie that was required to be re-branded as 'truth' to achieve a political end. It was politically correct to find black men guilty, the Jewish race guilty, and political opposition guilty. In each case it was considered truth, but this does not mean that it actually WAS true. This was the case Rudy was making.

  9. nelda blanco

    Mexico is going to pay for the wall! tRump said so! Obama was in charge when his shutdown was going to happen. tRump said leader (Obama) should be fired, "because problems start from the top"! REPUBLICANS LIE, just like their so called president, #VoteTrumpOut2020!

  10. Henggao Cai

    Border security and the wall are not synonymous. Most immigrants actual come into the United States by planes and last I checked, PLANES fly over WALLS.

  11. ODIN GOD

    Hey there this is King Odin god of wisdom coming down from Asgard to save you guys from Nuclear war.  The Alien from Blue Book Interview in 1964 was correct.  Alien was pointing to a man that will lead people with fear.  He stated that the guy was alive at 1964.  He said that in half a century the Nuclear war would start.  It is that time now.  Lets stop our Public Servants (our president or kings from leading this country with fear tactics & punishment.  Ego & pride are a form of Sin.  Lets not fight with our neighbors lets learn to love one another.  Also there is already a large fence in the border we can use the 5 billion dollars to pay our taxes double or do something positive with that money.  Jesus died on the cross because he stood up to a King that made decisions ruled by fear.  For fear of Jesus taking power he got killed.  Jesus knew he would get killed.  Jesus purposely got killed to show humanity that a bully cannot control him with fear.  Lets not fear this public servant of ours.  Asgard's King Odin

  12. Robert Simonton

    Evil people will always be evil and when you run with dogs that have fleas you get fleas. The Bible says flee from them get away from them and abolish them. People can change. If they do not they will go to hell.

  13. XxDarkManaxX

    Is it just me or are american news super emotional sometimes? I mean, I don't know every countries news, but I know the ones from germany (I'm german) and bbc news and these aren't nearly as emotional as the news on Fox, nbc or CNN. I'm not trying to say, our news are better, I'm just wondering, if this is a cultural thing… 🤔

  14. Doms

    LOL isn't this dude a comedian? Look at his video feed… it's only trump political stuff.. bro I get it you're mad about the presidency, but I could use some variety. Am I wrong?

  15. Jen Beasley

    Trump should not be allowed to do everything he’s done and will undoubtedly. Trump is behaving in pure dictatorship ways and he has the power to. The wall is nothing but a further way to divide people against each other without good reason; it’s a symbolic representation of racism. Nothing more. He is not a genius, he is extremely manipulative due to his lack of any empathy (his malignant disorder) it’s not anything to do with intellect but evil deceit. He is onto something now as he was all his life. Living a life of deceit and lies in order to benefit himself and his image no matter the countless individuals he is affected negatively and the same way he is now hurting the American people for personal gain at whatever cost. His life has been so pathetic he’s had to make up everything he is and was to project a false illusion that he is this god-like superior and better than others when he is far from it, nobody is. He is a disgusting human being. He is true evil in flesh and bones. This man is sick and this seriously needs to stop now. People need to continue mobilizing or he will be the hitler of our time. Mark my words. This is not an understatement. If you want safety and your rights to continue to be protected. Stand up because as I’ve said this is the last chance at survival for us citizens and the rest of the world really. Take every move he does and say seriously; read between the lines because he will do it or is planning to. His slogan “make America great again” was not only misleading but this was his way of stating “Make America white again” Hitler made uncanny similar comments on his way up his rule whom killed millions of innocents. This could be our country soon. He’s already alluded towards changing laws if he wanted to and surpassing the 2 term presidency. He is trying to rewrite the constitution and he very well can. If he’s already gotten away with so much, there’s nothing to stop him from doing the ultimate damage and he knows that. That is why he’s already been rallying up his base well before the 2020 elections. That is how a dictator comes to power, through manipulation and corruption as the current president of the United States is doing in plain sight which makes this situation all the more horrifyingly alarming.

  16. InfinityDrawings

    Just one more year and then it's all over. TvT And, is it just me or is Trump the living embodiment of a bad American Stereotype?

  17. Xtoriez Novel

    If you hate Trump then you like big government. I HATE government! For example, I just paid off my car. Did Chevy send the car title to me? Heck no! They had to send it to the state first. Why?! What business is it of theirs? I'm still waiting. Did you also know that paying property tax is essentially paying rent to the government, and the government can tell you what to do in your own house, much like a landlord? You do NOT own your own land unless you have a Land Patent. Will the government tell you that? Heck no! Will they let you have one? Even less of a chance! And healthcare is fine, but it's not government's job to force it on us. So, I hope Trump causes the entire government to implode! Every time a Democratic politician sees Trump and gags, or a Republican politician quits, I run around my house singing Joy To The World to the tune of Uptown Funk!

  18. Middle Class Life

    Giuliani is so sick from deep brow-noses to the Trump posterior. "Truth is not truth" really, by your own words: Rudy you are so smart and beautiful and making good your articulation.

  19. BlackDiamond

    you're an awesome person Seth, and you're doing a great and much needed job, although I hope one day you will bring your talents back to Holland again. yes we remember you 🙂

  20. uwezink

    My question is: Since TRUMP is the self-proclaimed authority on border security technologies and Drones, why doesn't he tell us that you can use a 200$ Drone to fly a couple pounds of cocaine over a 20billion dollar wall or is he building the wall also 2000 miles high?

  21. Persiansweetcat1

    This proves yet again that trump is not a politician and will never learn how to be one. He doesn’t have any idea how to run a country, be diplomatic, not cry if he doesn’t get something he wanted and try to be patient. This proves that trump has always been and will always be an narcissistic 6 year old who will never grow up!!!!!


    I'm not saying it's true, but if a foreign government or domestic movement were trying to discredit, dismantle, and weaken a country, this is exactly what it would look like.

  23. Dan

    Federal employees are constrained by Hatch Act when it comes to partisan political activities. AGFE 's Law Suit against Government for violation of the FLSA is evidence a majority of Federal Employees not supporting this Shutdown. Instead of following the rule of law and bargaining (negotiating) in good faith, the President is disproportionately punishing the little guy with this Partisan Political shutdown. By politicizing government operations, the President is showing how unworthy he is to be the leader of the USA. U. S. Presidents are supposed to be trustworthy and honest, not fickle and dishonest. Tragically, the Republican Party is being complicit in the lies, crimes and inability to govern in a civil manner. One of the primary jobs of the President and Congress is to operate the government in a non-partisan manner. There should never be ANY government closures based on budget matters. Holding employees hostage and forcing them to work without pay violates the FLSA – as noted herein, there are law suits regarding the FLSA matter right now. And, forced labor is a violation of the 13th Amendment. Any Supreme Court worth its salt would immediately issue an injunction stopping the forced labor without pay. Any Congress worth its salt would pass veto-proof government funding bills to get the government functioning. Any President worth their salt would never allow a shutdown for partisan political reasons. Note: while compelling work without pay is not as brutal as the slavery of old, compelling work without pay is one component of slavery. If there was a law requiring payment of salary, even in the event of government closure, there would never be any closures as there would be no reason to shutter the government. And a closure based on partisan politics is not only illegal and wrong, it hurts the poor and lower income folks A LOT more than the rich. For 2020, if you want to get out the vote, get involved by leading the way on getting a Statewide citizen generated referendum onto your State's Ballot. Get one referendum onto the State Ballot that people care about and that impacts them as individuals and the citizens will vote!

  24. Paul Rutter

    What a great point on why wasn’t it approved of being built when Trumphole also had the GOP strengthened Senate and Congress. It tells me the GOP isn’t really supportive of a wall.

  25. Chris Garcia

    What kind of invasion requires Trump shifting our tax dollars from other departments for the wall when, so far, only three cans of tear gas, tossed over the current fence have been warding off the immigrants?

  26. Tracor3k99

    But but but but… Trump said mexico was paying for it!!! I'm shocked! Who knew he was going to lie about that and many many many many many many many many many many many other things… Jeees
    Bubba J

  27. Zeek M

    For all of you who believe mexico is not paying for the wall you're greatly mistaken.
    We're taking the money from EL Chapo and friends.
    For those that believe President Trump is AN EMBARRASSING ,,LYING DEMENTED , PSYCHOPATHIC BUFFOON.
    Those are the very reasons I voted for him, in the hopes that he would actually kill you.

  28. Zeek M

    To all those that hate President Trump, The truth is I want you dead and President Trump helps me accomplish that objective much faster.
    So keep running your mouths, whining and lamenting – It's music to my ears.
    Without you seth has nobody to feed his narcissism.

  29. Rich Pasquin

    Clown talk about real issues,traitor paid by deep state. JOHN PODESTA CAUGHT UP IN MASSIVE TREASONOUS ACT, INDICTMENT COMING? Mueller is in a MAJOR conflict of interests,every conviction could be overturned by the courts. No walls no borders, no USA. Lived 10 years in Florida where illegal Latinos used Mexico as a revolving door to the rest of Latin America, in and out of Florida. WE WANT JUSTICE for the abuse of Trump and the 63 Million people that voted for him. Both Pelosi and Schumer are dangerous for the country. Deep state and Soros paying for the destruction of America via the Dems.

  30. Shawn

    4:04 theres $600 million of money the trumpf criminal administration already secured to build 30-35 miles of the wall OVER PROTECTED BUTTERFLY RESERVE AREAS

    LOOK IT UP! :((((

  31. Moop Poop Zippp

    Politicians in this country will become polarized for a wall when Millions of Americans Are dying in our own country From Vietnam type tactics Already threatened by Venezuela's acting president.

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