TRUTH OR DARE Trailer (2018)

I have to ask you Truth or dare? Are you aware that Olivia, is in love with your boyfriend? No she’s not Will you stop? Uhh… Penelope Dare Make out with Olivia Let’s get this party started Ohh Tight Carter… Truth what are your intentions with our sweet Olivia? I needed to find someone with friends that I could trick into coming here I could tell Olivia was an easy target I brought you all up here cause, I’m okay with, strangers, dying if it means I get to live What the hell? The game’s real Okay, where ever you go, whatever you do… it’ll find you You okay? Yeah Something really weird has been going on ever since Mexico Oh come on I’m serious, I’m seeing things Truth or dare? Dare I know it sounds insane Just a little This fine young lady here dared me to show you my business seen it before, not impressed Carter said tell the truth or you die, do the dare or you die Refuse to play You know what? Screw this, man you, die (screams) We’re, not playing the game It’s playing us So what do we do? Only choose truth Truth or dare? Markie’s constantly cheating on Lucas Lucas, wait I’m sorry Touch me again and I’ll break that hand Truth! That’s not how this works Only the game decides Break Olivia’s hand You have to do it Look as pissed as I am at you right now, there’s no way I’m going to break your hand Well you don’t really have a choice god just do it (Screams) This game is too smart, half the people in this photo are now dead We need to find what started all this How do we get out of this game alive? you can’t It only ends with all the players are dead And your turn’s next Dare me to choose which one of you to kill No! Truth or dare?

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Reader Comments

  1. XXX Tentacion

    This is the second on bc i saw the first one and this wasnt in it.😔😔 AHHH OMG THAT WOMAN IN THE THUMBNAIL SCARED THE CRAP OUTTA ME

  2. Blue Moon

    I was think about this of TFP
    Starscream: Dare me to choose which one of you to kill..
    (He puts this smile:

  3. Aesthetically Pleasing

    Wow. I hate the hate in the comments. I actually watched the movie and it’s really good. I bet half of these people haven’t watched the movie and still hate on it. Yeah yeah the names kinda bad, but it’s still a good movie. Not giving any spoilers but… You can never win unless you die or find new players

  4. Mark Williams

    Brilliant movie that is a lot of fun to watch, my advice is ignore the professional reviewers they are dead wrong on this one.

  5. Arya Juneja

    umm idk if i should watch this…can someone help me?
    basically the scariest thing ive watched is riverdale and i was kinda scared…

  6. Daniel Cutbush

    I found this in the bargain bucket, where it belongs. Rubbish plot, bad acting, unlikable characters. The cast all look too old to play their characters.

  7. texing pro girl 9898123

    Them: truth or dare me:picked or them there's no or:me u said truth or dare I say or duuhhhh:them is it or IT DOESNT MAKE SENCE me:not my problem so u can't tell me nothing and I will not DIEE


    I watched the full movie and the seen where they had to cut the hole body parts of I still have nightmares from that and the part where one of the characters had to hang there self’s thank god it was just a movie…

  9. it's dude123 I think

    Please god don't let there be a sequel I'd rather watch the infinite warfare trailer on repeat for 3 years then knowing that there is a sequel to a pile of garbage like this

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