Try Not To Get Scared Challenge: IT Chapter 2 Pop Up

– (Danny) Oh! Oh,
I don’t like this at all! – (Jeannie) This is very…
– (Danny) Yeah, I really don’t like this.
– (Jeannie) Oh, god. okay. – (FBE) Hi, guys!
– Hi. – (FBE) What’s up?
Welcome to Try Not to Get Scared.
We’re doing it again in VR 180. – Amazing. (laughs)
– Not excited right now to be honest. – (FBE) Throughout the experience,
we’re gonna be heart rate monitors on you, so we know
how scared you get. – Well, great.
– Well, we can’t lie. – Can’t even fake it.
– Oh, no! – ‘Cause I’m not gonna be able
to play it off. The heart rate, I can’t play it off.
– Dude, I’m caffeinated right now too, so my heart’s just about
to burst out of this shirt. Hopefully not.
– IT Chapter 1 was scary, so… – Dude, honestly,
scary movies don’t scare me. I don’t get scared.
– I’m putting her in front! She’s going in front of me.
We’re gonna see what happens. – (FBE) It’s time to go inside.
– Oh, I don’t wanna go! (laughs) Okay.
– I’m gonna hide behind her. – I know. I’m gonna
be big body. (laughs) – Hello! Oh, we are
so excited to have you here. Welcome to The Derry Canal Days
Festival and Funhouse. Inside, you’ll find a wonderful world
of terrors and SPOOKS… – Okay.
– …around every corner. Have fun. Be safe.
And go see IT Chapter 2 coming out on September 6.
– Thank you, friend. Thank you.
– Thank you. – Okay.
– You stay out here. – Right this way.
– (Mikaela) Ahhh! – No running
even if you’re afraid! (laughs sinisterly) – I’m gonna hold onto you so hard.
I’m so sorry, Labib. – Go ahead. Oh, okay.
Punching bags? Okay. – We gotta walk through this [bleep]!
– No, we gotta– one. – (Mikaela laughs)
– (Jeannie) Okay, just– we have to avoid these.
Ahhh! – (Danny laughs)
– Ahhh! – No, I don’t like this.
Oh my god. – It’s hitting me!
– (Danny laughs) – Right this way!
– (Jeannie screams) It’s okay.
– (Danny) Oh, no! – (Labib) All right,
all right, all right. – (Mikaela) Okay! [Bleep] the mirrors.
[Bleep] the mirrors. – (guide) Right this way.
Go that way please. – (Labib) Oh, that way? Oh.
– (Mikaela) Are you just… – (Labib) Which way?
– (Mikaela) Oh, he went that way! – No.
– No. – No!
– No. – No, no.
I don’t like any of this. – Oh, god.
– Ahhh! – Oh, shoot! Oh, shoot.
Oh, shoot. – Ahhh!
– (Labib) OHHH! – Oh, okay.
(beeping) – Oh, it’s that kid from Up.
It’s that kid from Up! It’s the kid from Up.
– (guide) Look out. – (Labib) OHHHH!
♪ (eerie music) ♪ (beeping)
– (Jeannie) Excuse me. Excuse me. We’re walking away. Okay.
– Ah. – Gosh.
– (guide) Right this way. – (Danny) Do we have to?
– I don’t like this room. I don’t like this room.
– (guide) Stay to your left. – Oh! Creepy!
– (Mikaela) Wow. – I love the decor.
– There’s a person right there. – I love the decor. Oh, oh.
You’re in there? All right, all right. Oh, [bleep]!
– Oh, right there. – (Jeannie) Oh yeah. Creepy.
– Ah. – Oh gosh! – (Danny groans)
– Hi. – I don’t like it.
– (scared) Hi. – (both scream) – (Labib) Dude,
they’re– oh, man. Bro. – Yup, yup.
You know. (disembodied groaning)
– I hear things. – Excuse me. I don’t–
This is– Something bad is gonna happen.
Something bad’s gonna happen to me. – (guide) Let’s see if she’s home.
(knocking) – Who? Who?!
– (guide) Mrs. Kersh! – No!
– Mrs. Kersh, no. – I don’t wanna meet her.
– (guide) I’m afraid so. (knocking)
Mrs. Kersh! – Oh!
– (guide) This way. – Are we going
into someone’s home? ♪ (classical music) ♪ – (guide) Please, have a seat!
Make yourself at home. (laughs) – (Labib) Please go ahead.
– (Mikaela) Thanks. Let’s just– I’d say this couch–
– (guide) You might wanna check out the family photos.
Mrs. Kersh’s father started the circus
over a century ago. – Oh, wow. What a legend. – What’s gonna happen?
– I don’t know. – (guide) What is that sound?
(steam whistling) – What’s gonna happen to us? – Is from the kitchen?
– Oh, someone needs to take that teapot off.
– (guide) Oh, a teapot. You’re right. Maybe somebody is home.
– Hmm. Yeah, we shouldn’t be
in someone’s home when they’re not here.
– Nobody’s here right now. – Yeah. – (Danny) Oh! No! No!
– (Jeannie) Oh, no! (screams)
– (laughs) – Oh, oh!
OH [bleep]! There we go!
– (laughs) – (Labib) Yo!
What’s good, bro? Yo, yo, man.
– (guide) I think she’s in a foul mood. I think we
should move along. – Yeah.
– That’s me in the morning. – Yup, yup, yup.
– (guide) This way. Come on in!
Explore the room! – (Jeannie) Oh, god.
– Oh, there’s someone here. – (nervous) Hi.
– (chuckles) – (guide) Ma’am,
if I may get your assistance. – ME?! ME?!
– Yes, please! – (guide) Can I get you
to come over and turn the crank? – Turn the crank?
– (Danny) Turn it! – Oh my god. Okay.
– Oh my god. No. No.
– (guide) Oh, yes. – You know what? Here we are.
– (guide) Very good. (loud click)
– OHHHH! [Bleep]. – (guide) Keep turning it, please.
– No, no, you turn it! – (Danny) It’s all you, Jeannie.
– Danny, can you hold my hand?! – (Danny) No. You can’t.
You know that. Only you. – (Jeannie screams)
– (guide) Keep turning, keep turning! – (Danny) Come on! Go, go.
– (guide) Keep turning. – (Jeannie) No! – (Danny) You got it?
– (Jeannie) No. (screams) – (guide) Ah, more!
– (Jeannie) No, no, no, no! Danny, come here! (screams)
– (guide) More. Keep turning! Keep turning!
Turn the crank! Turn the crank!
– (Danny) Oh! – Danny! (screams)
Danny! – Oh!
– That’s enough of that. Haven’t you caused
enough damage as it is? – (Danny) I think so.
– (guide) This way, please. – (Jeannie) I think I peed my pants!
– (guide) Oh. – (Jeannie) I think I peed.
– (guide) Yellow alert. – There’s a boot in there!
There’s a jacket. – Oh, [bleep].
There’s people around here? – (gasps)
– Hold up. (loud crack)
– Ohh! Oh, they’re here. No!
No, no, no! – (guide) Georgie!
– Georgie! – Ay.
– (guide) Well, I think we should follow Georgie. Don’t you think
that’s a good idea? – I don’t– I think
I saw the first movie. – Not much of a follower.
– (guide) That way. – More of a leader. Ah, okay. – Okay. – (guide) Hurry up!
– (Jeannie) Ohh! Dammit. Where are we?
– I don’t know. – It’s dark.
– It looks like death. – God! Oh, god!
Yo! Dude! – I have fight hands right now.
And I feel like– – (guide laughs sinisterly)
– [Bleep]. There’s some balloons out here.
– It’s Party City . – This is real dark.
– Why are you putting me in front of you?
– I’m holding you. – (guide) Stop there.
– I’m protecting you. – Stop here.
– Stop here?! – Stop here. Stop here.
Stop here. Danny! – Oh my god.
There’s something behind me and in front of us,
so I’m just sort of right here. – I can’t–
(loud thud) – Ohh! What’s going on?!
– Oh! – (guide) It’s time
to float, don’t you think? – No, I don’t think so.
– I think we need just one big balloon
to do it with! This way!
(loud flash) – Bro! What the [bleep] is going on?!
– (laughs sinisterly) – (guide) Keep going please.
– (Danny) Keep going? – (Georgie) You’ll float too.
– No! – No, we don’t have to
go through that, do we? – No!
– Oh, I don’t wanna go through that. – Danny!
– It’s like suffocating. – (guide) Come back to Derry.
Come back. – (Danny) Here we go.
– (guide) Come if you can find the way.
– (Danny yells) (chuckles)
Here we go. Come on.
– Okay, okay. – (Danny) I don’t like it.
– I don’t like this. – (Danny) I don’t like it.
I don’t like it. (laughs) – Oh, [bleep] that.
Oh, god. I hate– I said in the beginning
of the video, small spaces.
– Claustrophobic. – (Mikaela) Ah, [bleep]!
It’s dark! I’m holding onto you.
– (guide laughs sinisterly) – (Labib) Yeah, hold on.
– (Mikaela) Oh my god! – (Labib) OHHH!
– (Mikaela screams) – Oh, I don’t like this at all.
– Danny?! – This is very–
– (Danny) Yeah, I really don’t like this.
– (Jeannie) Oh, god. Okay. – (guide laughs sinisterly)
– Ooh. [Bleep]. – I didn’t like that.
That one, I did not like. – So, just stop through his room
or something? – (guide) Welcome.
– (Mikaela) Thanks. – (guide) I wanna remind you,
don’t touch the fences. They’re usually
electrified around here. – (Mikaela) Don’t touch them? Okay.
– All right. I– okay, sir. – Oh, [bleep].
There’s gate– – (Labib) Gates?
– (guide chuckles sinisterly) – (Mikaela) Oh god, oh god, oh god.
– IT TOUCHED ME! I hate that [bleep]! Goddammit! I can’t–
– It gets you every time. – It gets– every single time.
– (guide) Look, a light. – What are we looking at? Oh.
– (Jeannie) Oh, look. A light. – (Danny chuckles)
– (Jeannie) A light? Oh, it’s cute.
It looks like a little squid. – Is it gone yet?
– Oh! (electricity zapping)
– Oh! Okay. – Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo. – We’re at a rave right now! – Oh!
– Whoa, whoa, whoa. We’re in LA. – Bro.
– It’s– everything is shaking. – Not a fan.
– Everything is shaking. – Not a fan!
– No, no, no, no, no. – Oh.
– No, no, no, no, no. – No?
– I feel like I’m on edge, like, where do I look?
– Yeah. – We’re supposed to get under a table.
– I know. Where’s the table? – (guide) I think that’s it.
– (Pennywise) I’ve missed you. – WHOAAAA!
– Okay. – BACK UP! BACK UP!
– Hey, hey! – What’s happening?!
– Um… – It’s an earthquake!
– I don’t know. You’re definitely
squeezing me very tight! – I know! I’m holding–
I gotta! (squeals) – (Danny) No?
– (Penny) I’ve missed you! – (screams)
– Oh my god! (laughs) Nope.
– NO, NO! Oh, god! [Bleep] that [bleep]. – (guide) You’ve survived
the IT experience. This way. (chuckles)
– (reactors exclaim in relief) – (FBE) First of all, how are you?
– Good now! – Yeah, good now.
I wasn’t doing so great at the end especially.
In the beginning… – Yeah.
– It wasn’t going smooth whatsoever. – Your girl was
a little sweaty during that. (laughs) – I’m okay. I’m a little… shook.
– Yeah. Like– – Pretty shook.
– I feel anxiety, you know, kinda shaky.
– (FBE) So, your highest heart rates were Labib, 116,
which is the lowest out of the both groups.
– Okay, okay. – (FBE) Mikaela, 127.
(buzzer) – Listen, I just– I’m sweaty.
I’m excited. There’s a lot happening. – I’m surprised. Yeah, dude.
The last part, it had me shook! – (FBE) The highest
your heart rates went, Jeannie, you were at 130. – Yes!
(buzzer) – (FBE) Danny, 121.
(buzzer) So, you guys were pretty far up there.
– Did I get the highest? – (FBE) Yes, you did.
– So, I won. – Yeah, no one’s shocked.
– So, I won. – Try NOT to get scared, Jeannie!
– Whatever! – You lost.
– I just wanna see how all the little puzzle pieces
are coming together, like, what I saw in the experience
and how it translates into the plot and the story.
So, I just am really excited to see it all unfold.

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  1. FBE

    For the BEST viewing experience, grab your headphones and use your phone to move around. Are you using a Desktop/Laptop? Drag the video with your mouse to experience all 180 degrees of action.

    ❤️ The FBE Team

  2. chantalbrown81

    I love the fact that Mikaela always seems so calm, however her heartbeat proves otherwise.
    I would’ve been just as horrified as Jeanne and Mikaela. I will say that you all did a bloody fantastic job at getting through that.
    #Scaredmakaela #cooldanny #horrifedjeanne & #terrifiedlabib
    Love you all and what a great video.

  3. Mike Ferguson

    Labib and Danny's heart-rates weren't high because they were scared, they were high because Jeannie and Makaela were hanging all over them

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