Try Not To Say WOW Challenge.. (SUPER HARD)

Try not to say WOW… The hardest challenge of 2019. Well, not really- but for me, it’s pretty hard apparently. I made a video just like this- part one of “Try Not to Say WOW Challenge”- and I sucked, Alright? This challenge is actually pretty frickin’ hard. I’m not gonna lie. It’s hard- but I think we can do it this time. I failed last time. I lost five out of six lives… WOAH WOAAAHHH WOh Wahh Woah… *slapping noises* Gah! *slapping noises* aH! AGH! *sLaPpiNg nOiSeS* Urgghh DAh! But this time I will not fail. I will complete the challenge! I will not. Say wow. Ever. Again. Or- or I’ll try not to, okay? That’s the challenge. Try Not to Say Wow Challenge Part Two. In part one I did say if the video reaches a hundred thousand likes, I will dye my hair pink. – one hundred thousand likes and I’ll dye my hair pink. Well the video DEFINITELY reached a hundred thousand likes… so I kind of have to dye my hair pink. That is a thing. I will do that. Okay? I promise I will do it. Just give me some time to reflect and think about what I said. Anyways, let’s get into the video, No more stalling. Subscribe if you’re new. Turn on those notifications, because we postin’ every single day in 2019. Let’s go! Editor, please put 5 lives on the screen right there. Boom We got 5 lives. If I say wow, a life is taken away. So I cannot say wow. I better not say frickin’ wow! Alright, we got this, I’m not saying wow, Let’s get into it. In 3, 2, 1, Try Not to Say Wow Challenge What’s this? Ooo, that’s pretty cool. I would never say the W word about it though, definitely not. 100% no. That was- that was cool though. What the heck- rainbow shots? What is this, glue? *gasps* It’s so beautiful! The W word, though, doesn’t come to mind, so… it’s fine. What is this? *sharp inhale* He just went YEET and it- and it hit the other one- oh my god, that was insane. ooOOoo! A Insanely big egg omelette? Okay… that looked delicious. Okay. That was pretty cool. Okay, that was pretty cool Okay, THAT was pretty cool! Not gonna lie, that was pretty cool. Whaaat? So this is how they make fences, I guess. That is actually really cool. I had no idea that’s how they did that. OOO Instagram pic! Eyyy. By the way, go follow my Instagram @infinite_lists – so do it now! What is this? Are those magnets or- what’s going on? *GASP* There’s a picture! What? Whoaaaat? I didn’t say “wow”, I- I didn’t- I said “what”, alright? Don’t even try. Okay, that is super cool. Whaaat? BRUH, actually how though? Woaaaa- -AHHH! AHH! Ah! I said it. Dangit! Ah! Take away a life. *stammers* I’m an idiot. Ooo. What? Did they just vape on that drink? That was pretty dope. Ooo mango. You gotta love mango man. I love mango. Do you guys like mangoes? Let me know. That looks so COOL, dude. What- *whipping sound* No! There is no way that’s real. Was that real? No, I don’t think so. Okay. That was pretty cool I don’t know how the heck he did that. He’s just flipping around a pencil. She’s- *gasp* Whoaaat? De- That was really cool. Okay, you’re gonna get poop everywhere with all those birds. *chuckle* Anyways. What- is this dominoes with cards? How do people think and do these things, man? It’s pretty cool! Whoa- -AHHH! What am I doing, dude? Why do I suck? Take away a life. We got three lives left. I don’t even care. Ooo, noodles. I love noodles. Noodles are my favorite food, not gonna lie. They’re pretty great. That was pretty satisfying, not gonna lie. *lil gasp* What is this? Is this how they do the c- cake things? What? I’ve never seen that. Okay, come on. Chill out with the cake. I’m on a diet. What? How do you- how did you even do that? How- how did you balance that many coins on top of a wineglass? I have so many questions- -SECRET BOOKSHELF. I’ve always wanted one of those. That’s super cool. Honey, man. You gotta love honey. Who doesn’t like honey? If you don’t like honey, you’re… …not a real human being. *snicker* ROASTED. Okay. Yeah, I would never be able to do this in my LIFE. Too uncoordinated. I would probably Catch my whole body on fire. Wow, that guy’s brave. WOW. Okaay. Ha- Did I just say wow again? *slapping noises* Agh! I literally suck. I don’t even notice that I’m doing it until, like, ten seconds after I do it. Oh my- I’m stupid. Anyways, take another life off. That’s a really cool tattoo. Okay. I cannot say the W word. I can’t say it. Ah, why do I suck at this? Whooaa- -PFFFFFFF. I didn’t say it. Did I say it? Ugh, I totally said it. Okay, I am an ACTUAL idiot. Take away another life. But I have one life left, I think. I’m not saying it. I’m not saying it! None of this impresses me! It all does. It all impresses me. That was pretty satisfying. Oh- is this a cars- car floor? Clean your frickin’ car dude, what the heck? That’s gross. Nasty! When Jimmy never cleans his car. And then you clean it for the first time, boom. So much dirt, man. I almost said it. I almost lost my last life, dude. Guys, drop a like, comment below what life you’re on right now. Okay, this is sad because the water’s just gonna ruin it… eventually. And it’s gonna be- its beautiful artwork’s gonna be gone forever. Sad day. Real- that was really cool, though. Okay these are so satisfying to me, just peeling things off. I don’t know why peeling is so satisfying. It just is, alright? Aaahhh Cake and ice crea- or is it like brownie and ice cream? Dude, chill out! I’m on a diet. You can’t be showing me this, dog. Ooo. That’s rea- I said “ooo” by the way, don’t even- don’t even try. Okay, that’s really satisfying though. I’m not gonna lie at all. That is so great. That’s such a- that’s such a cool color, like that bright green and blue. What is thiiis? Freakin’ noodles everywhere, man Okay, I don’t know what this is this, like, slime… and… fork colors. I mean, I like it a lot Sledding- Ooh! I said “oh” not “wow”, don’t even mix it up. This is a ski jump hill, guys. But it’s in the summer. So there’s no snow, obviously. So this guy took his sled down that. That is actually SO cool. I would hundred percent do that. Who would- who else would do that? That would be so fun actually. What is this light pine cone thing? Www- -wwhhhhh- -what? What. I didn’t say it. I didn’t say anything. What are you talking about? Oh! Oh no! Ohh no! Ohhh no, don’t you dare! Ah… uhh… No, stop it. *sigh of relief* Oh my- There’s always got to be that one clip, it doesn’t- doesn’t it? Yeah, great. Okay. This is great. What is this, frickin’ lava? Ooo. That’s really cool. Whhhh- -hhaat? What. What? WhAt? What? I didn’t say it. I didn’t say anything. You- did you say it? Yeah, you s- I didn’t. Just- just- Okay, this is- this is pretty- it’s pretty great. It’s a good thing I still have one life left. ‘Cause now- ’cause uh… yeah. Pouring things on things, very satisfying. It actually is, I love it and- I don’t know what these are, I think it’s cake? I’ve seen so many of these clips. I don’t know what it is, though I’m guessing it’s like chocolate and cake and stuff. That is so cool. How did they do that, man? Whaa- -what? What. Said what. Bread… I’m on a no-bread diet, guys. I mean no carbs diet. It’s- it’s impossible, it’s really hard and they’re showing me bread and stuff, like, come on. Wh- Whaaaat? Whaaa- *slapping noises* -aaahhh- -aaaat? What? What? I’m just saying “what”, guys. I’m not saying the other word. Huh? This is the hardest challenge ever, by the way. Aghhh- why is it so hard? That’s really- that’s really good actually- whAt? That’s SUper well done! I kinda want that sign right there in my room, that’d be great. Ooo… little water droplets everywhere… That’s nice. That’s- that’s very nice. I don’t know why it just- it’s just pleasing to the brain. That is the brightest color of paint I’ve seen. That’s so coOL! What? What kind of paint is that? I want it! I want to color my room in that paint. That’s actually such a cool flower, bro! Okay. I don’t know why it’s so cool. It’s just so vibrant. Okay, this- slime. I need slime. I need slime in my life. I never thought I’d say that, but I do. I do need slime in my life. What’s this? !!! Wh- Excuse me. If I did that it’d just, like, crumple everywhere. I don’t think that works like that. Ohoho! He just did a flipping dab thing, dude! That was impressive. Whaaat? Keep almost saying it dude, I swear- stop. Can I just block that word out of my life… forever, please? That’s… kind of weird. 3-D Pac-Man. I don’t know how I feel about that. Ooh, that reminds me of a Subway cookie- and I want one right now! Subway cookies are the best. Whaat? Ha 3-D animations. I don’t even know how- what’s even happening, uh- and I think that’s it. Did we pass the test? I think we passed the challenge, guys. With one life left. Okay, I- I know I was extremely close to saying it. Some of you might think that I said it, okay? But I didn’t, I- I didn’t say it, all right? I didn’t say it! Editor, can you vouch for me? How many lives do I have? One life. I’m- I’m good to go. I got one life guys. How many lives did you end up with? If you guys want a part three, make sure to drop a fat like. If this video can somehow get 50,000 likes, I will make a part three guys. It’s actually much harder than you think, because halfway through the video I forget that I can’t say “wow”. And these things are super cool looking, so I say “wow”! It’s just- it’s impossible, guys. But if you did enjoy, make sure to drop a like, subscribe if you do, turn on those notifications. Road to 10 mill, guys. Anyways, click that first link in description to cop the hottest phone case ever. Also, we got- we got a ton of merch and stuff. New merch very very soon. But anyways, guys, I’ll see you guys all in tomorrow’s video. Peace.

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  1. Kheng Ju

    Well you said that you want slime… I think it will get mouldy. Cause I didn't play with it for a long time so mine did.

    Like if yours did.

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