Kon’nichiwa everyone and welcome to today’s video so we are out exploring koro? at night and have come across probably the best and the worst thing in
the world that’s because they love so delicious
but bad because they are extremely unhealthy and God all around but let’s
take a look shall we where’s wings where oh my god hot dog the American dog park by a look
at these freaking ice creams the French you want Frenchy one look at all of the
use in the wow are you seeing what is before your eyes children do you see this you wanna see
which one I’m getting how to open mouth that’s my question bed talking about the
plastic smile which well which one do you get a day off it’s right here the jungle why for this slowly a hundred
hundred dollars all that was a hundred fifty wait hold the front door open I need to get out of here whites why is that that’s five million dollar I would honestly like love to see this
in person for a hundred dollar feeling like this and having a deal I
could I would eat this with fresh bomb threat let me to come to Japan and you your mokbong that you interest and you challenge Bob Moore oh
that was pretty the rainbow park pay oh my god it’s just even more inside the
bucket oh god this was something out of like a
princess peach or like mario mario party this one insanity there’s like ice cream calls my heart I like the fake ones like these fake
ones look so well I just want them all around my house to tease me a sec dora the explorer wait door come back already so it is the
next day and we are now headed to the bamboo grove but i’m super excited about
read by it is this beautiful coordinate the river with a lovely bridge across
the bridge to terabithia but super excited because gonna be really pretty a
lot of bamboo sir madam what are you damaged re on his new album
dangerous woman now available on it was not really i will factor lighting yes better I can’t see it might need a
wide shot volume magma and make bad decisions
anyway we’ll see you at the bamboo grow oh this is so pretty ok chest still listening to the area of
the ground a living for so we’re lost we’re still trying to find
out where this bad before says we think that we kind of figured it out but not
working no one around monthly open and lights and bad little
hello thousands of stairs I just saw a sign
that said that there could potentially be monkeys on this trail so hopefully
they don’t come out and attack us and if they do i’m ready here what is it but what’s coming monkeys oh all the boy and his new album okay
just play it and then all come out and we have made it to the magical bamboo
grove all the tourists only they could just
match them here yeah sleeping is more important then
experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime experience is back so this is what the bamboo grove looks
like behind like gate offenses against the wooden fences so when I get really hot I break out in
these hives they’re not as prevalent right now just
because I’m not as hot but when i do get really really wrong I get these hives and still need to go
to the doctor and figure out what exactly that means but if you guys have
any suggestions what that could be please let me know i
think i might just be allergic to my body or something you’re allergic to sweat yeah means I
shouldn’t work out or it was doing with it myself to such top work ok that’s what it means to be lazy makes
sense an indoor type of gal you don’t like the
heart of shade on if you’re going to be shady there to there are invisible mark magical believes in the background open them up now I want to catch one in
my mouth so pretty it’s Oh like tranquil and
serene here i’m going to use the word thank you I’ve been practicing I’ve been
looking at it thing called like the dictionary it’s a really good book you
should get on / Joey again it’s called dictionary it’s really good book alright guys so
it’s a bit later and i want to check out this McDonald but I’ve also joined up with some fellow
English speakers i agree an and and Sam both minecraft youtubers so you guys are probably go check them
out if you are interested in Minecraft Korean does a lot of like build stuff
and he’s like one of the best builders have ever seen in Santa’s role plays he
actually is probably at one of the biggest and best there are because he
brought role plays back so I saw it all sounds like I’m wondering if their
french fries with the same and what do you think that they might
have veggie burger and I make me remember me coming down on me for her we’re going to see if that’s true if not
to go for the fried and try some normal interpretation alright guys so sadly there was no such
thing as a veggie burger I asked and she pointed to one and i almost got it what
time it is actually floor but I could get french fries and i’m curious to see
it if they are any difference oh my you got the shrimp triples and
mine I mean we don’t really have anything to
compare that to you friends in their shrimp back I want to try friend try to see if
they’re just a small team shock both hot honestly taste the same you had
mcdonalds right yeah we did they say exactly the same no because but you have like premium
already in like like the UK don’t they say like that’s better 33
nema gonna book I mean thats a long flat I mean from what I hear like McDonald’s
in the UK is way better than the US isn’t it I don’t like never had it in us right
but you have haven’t had in the UK how about you well it’s fast food and
probably not the best things that we having all she’s going for the seal
their french fries whatever so we are currently just chillin eating
a little knick-knack patty-whack just down by the river flowing life and
everything don’t you of course living our lives Danny Boy are
you doing good you put your feet in the water in
chapter with a cold it was nine you should go fall body I well huh or you gon be any different yeah see ya just chillin by the water so
pretty and just so relaxing just sitting here just fuck you you’ve got your food
over there we don’t know what’s happening flower is
but try it yeah it looks kind of gelatinous is it good no look like it’s very good maybe it’s just particular asian you’re
not going to eat it is plastic and we pull ups and dies we just push them into
the river seine it never happened a little coffee thought that it was cute that I was by
the water so I look like just going right now Joseph what are you doing copy cat don’t fall in or do don’t fall in a big boy I’ll show you a tightrope you’re gonna
get arrested look at him look at him he’s going to fall and know
it firstbank the water I now we are crazy there i’m not taking a picture Genia isn’t he look out look at him ah thank you cutest boy he’s a toddler all the garage kiss my foot it is not a penis i thought it was when
you get smell like fish down there doesn’t it phish tahko to snake all ready guys so we are back at the
place and it is time to end the video so I hope you guys enjoyed it was so cold
meaning of those guys here like fun like traveling and then all of a sudden
there’s like other youtubers there and just getting like I never met them
before in person so it’s like cool to meet them on like these like we’re in
Japan we both speak English it was it was cool they’re really nice
guys and you should definitely check out their channels you guys are interested
in Minecraft stop but anyways i’m going to end the video
here if you enjoyed it please give it a thumbs up and i will see you all
tomorrow good am by shade yeah now that i called them Oh make it ok yeah ok

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