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  1. Erik Thebro

    Can you add an extension pack where if you land on a half green half blue piece on the dice( on top it has to be flat ( and someone has to be green team and someone has to be blue team( there'll be blue pieces and green pieces))) so this is how it would work for examples you were on the Green Team and you got that on dice you would place down a blue piece anywhere and Only The Blue Team could place there. And for the blue team it's the other way around

  2. Ivan Sinder

    I have a question. What if all the brick was placen by a yellow tumple and theres no place you can put that brick? And wht if you get the yellow tummple in the beggining but there is no brick yet , where can i put it?

  3. vincent28

    Oh its Jenga.
    Except its reversed.
    And its not in a fixed pattern.
    And you choose where it goes.
    And theres a 12 sided die.
    And there multiple types of pebbles doing certain actions.
    And the die can dictate orientation of the block.
    And there's more strategy.
    And the base is customisable.

    So its nothing like jenga except thye both have wooden blocks.

  4. Pet Cheetah Jason

    1. Get a Jenga game
    2. Get some pebbles or those fluffy/fuzzy balls
    3. Congratulations, you just made your own DIY Tummple game

  5. Sonti FiveSixty

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