Tutorial How to Build THIS Suspension Bridge in ARK Survival Evolved

well hello everyone welcome my name is
Fresonis and welcome to ARK Survival Evolved all industry you are going to show you
how you can build this bridge that you see behind me some of you asked me to
show you how to build his rates because I have shown some of the building
techniques are used which is bridge but yet some of you wanted to know how I did
building this rich well I’m not gonna show you how I totally build this bridge
from scratch because they can’t wait too long cuz you can use the techniques are
used and I will show you a little bit step by step and the rest is all up to
you so let’s go let’s get thought it well some of you asked me to build a
bigger breasts well that was the thing I tried first to
bill the measure brits that side or the other side and as you can see I came
with a dollar and be softer breaks all the way to the outside and then I
started with a second thought and then I had problems because you can’t see it
when I do it but if I gonna place a wall or ceiling here then the framerate drops
from 3025 old way to one so it takes about 30
to 50 seconds to play schwantz you doing so that’s why I didn’t finish building
but yet I wanted to show you so let’s go on with the tutorial on how to build a
suspension bridge well for the start you always start with
choosing your location and then you start with bill technique I have shown
in the previews videos video I mean so you have to do this from one side to the
other side so I’m not gonna show you how I did this because you can she did they
might its building technique video so yeah that’s not so hard to do just build
it and connect everything and you can start doing the rest and once you’ve
done that so once you’ve all the pill isn’t feeling well then comes the next
what you have to decide what is the middle of the bridge well I just simply use it with some
ceilings so let me fly and I built shootings from one end to the other end
its like race issue see and have to 10 ceilings I played Baylor forward to the
event and as you can see I have 12345 so that borders 50 shootings wide so this
would be the middle 25 is the middle so I choose those who knows you concede
this is the middle rates so low in the middle of rich and Daniel gonna place a
pillow from the bottom you can use this evening of course and place it all the
way down to the bottom then you’re going to play it up to hide where you think
well by British going to be this high that high so that’s up to you to decide
how high you want to have your bridge and as you can see here 1234567 7 walls and then congress low Bruce so
80 miles above to honor so you can do the same you can do a different that’s
up to you well what you gonna do is cut from year old way to the other side
again and all the way to that side and of course you have to decide what you
Brits is going to look like so let me play some ceilings and I’ll be right
back so from this pillar and this evening
extended the ceilings into shape I want to have to bridge so underneath here as
you can see over here then to going in then to go out again and another tree
walls so that’s the shape of my brakes and over here I extent shootings out because i dont have this
will create it so it’s not Wall small Tinto when it goes down it gets bigger
and bigger so that’s what I decided to do just little bit as the blue completes
well then you displace yeah well spoil the way down and you can decide like this and if you want to recreate
what I did over there and you just have to play samples though the ceiling and
then you can place a slow to move so you can get this effect so it’s not all that you know how to
build and as you can see in the inside on the inside a place using says well
and you can do that as well to strengthen your bridge and you
definitely don’t want to have it standing on one pill so you have to
build more pillows so you can use for example will hear all the way down and
you can do the same on this side and I think I did did it as well you can see you know you can see my ex
Seppala so it won’t be logos are owned and not the whole brits is going down so
you can do this with all and yes woody structure I suggest you shoot what’s the
bridge technique video so you can create the same so just place on metal ceilings
on this site to the other side you decide how big it’s going to be later on
your place the storm warnings to make the throat of rich and once you’ve done
that then you can create the rest of the tower so just building up and you decide
where you gonna have despot I have received 1234567890 909 was high
on the Brits going up and then the sloped roofs and
then we have another let me see any real 123456789 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 so
from the slow Bruce its 17 miles high and then you get caught up on whether
she thinks you are always on the wall and this bought this tree roles high and
its four walls white just you can copy mine if you like but
if you have some fantasy and imagination just used it and make your home so this
part is four walls and despite his five balls just so you know and for the
orange fell from the top it is six walls down and then to up then
go to the airport nearest as well so it’s 643 and if you do the same on this side as
well of course everything is connected so did his part you can finish it up
with some metal fences or stolen or whatever you like cuz I used metal down here as well and
for the sport of this suspension cables also check out the bridge building
technique because I explain how you can do it just have to take in mind how well
you’re going to start and how high the tower is going to be so if you copy
districts noticed that year it is every two ceilings gets one electric cable
going up so let me count for you it is 123456789 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 16
ceilings and then comes the sport and despite the risks it isn’t so on already have seating here and yet to see
things on the inside as well as you can see you just place whilst all the way
down and just be created and used is bought three walls hi just like I did
over at the top of the tower and three roles high entry roles wide and then dangerous build-up Bruce well you can
also see the video I made I also used lo puse so you can take that out as well so
did I shown you everything well of course I’ve been reading zone not gonna
build his old tricks again it’s it’s just yet so you have an idea how to
build it and with this guidance you should be able to create it just watch
the movie movie just watch the video shows a couple of times the time that
video you can use this video you can build it yourself up here is false I and
down here it is six miles higher mean four walls white and here it is six
miles wide do what you like you can do it I believe
in you and for this point here I didn’t use the same wall height so I just
picked up some random ya feelin high cause of all the connections you can
choose whatever you like so this one is a little bit higher as
you can see over here so yeah I think if I would redo it would make them the same
but you also have to look where you build it because you have breached of
course so I didn’t like this walls white and three roles hi and put the finishing touches as you can
see here I used stone ratings so you can place them I did the same of there and I
use to enhance the corners here and there can be a problem I had a problem
with somebody like this all the way down into the ground and ceiling and it will
stand well here I had problems when I demolish the ceiling as you can see it
is in around somehow collapse I don’t know it just doesn’t recall that it’s
it’s in the ground so what you need to do if you have that shooting lasers
shooting down here place friends foundation can be stoned
gimme wrote that doesn’t matter cuz it you can cover it up well and then all is
well then you can use a technique to have the guts to the nation so now you
don’t have the problem and you can just continue building so wall and ceiling of course like that well then you can finish the
ratings if you like so that’s how I did Mike on approach with us yeah you can do the same here with the
big ones from the top you can use the technique with assuming then you have to
go all the way down into the ground that’s what I did here or you can use
the technique of information technique so that’s up to you and if you use
offensive dating technique hear it and you don’t have to play spills all the
way down so that’s up to you what you like and you have to go all the way up
to play those pillars I use also fence Foundation is pleased to hear on the
corner and you can’t see them and then you can just place the pillars and they
keep loading and for those feelings here well you already have a mobilization
well you already have ceiling so pure so please fill us all the way down as far
as you like and then you get ready and here I did the same with those corners yes so just place some pillars and it
will look a little bit better at least I think it will look a little bit better
and sometimes you have to governments placing them I said yes to use all
scaffolding a question for this since it is a little
bit finicky I don’t need showed her how I did it and I think it’s way better for
the talent so it does look like a box so it looks a little bit more details but
that’s up to you so that’s it guys know you know how to build this tower brits
with suspension cables and struck ships on the need it so if you have any
questions about is let me know in a comment below and as always leave a like
and comment and if you haven’t already done Smith it subscribe but like maniak
and I will see you all in the next video

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