TUTORIAL: Installing HQ Catalog (beginner)

On this tutorial we will install HQ Catalog for Forest Pack First, run the installer downloaded from the web Forest Pack Lite or Pro 3.6 must be present in your computer If HQ Plants models was not installed before unpack them in any folder of your harddisk This models are sold separately from Forest Pack, to purchase them, visit our store Remember the install path, you will need it later Now we can use the HQ Plants with Forest plugin Open the Library browser After installing HQ Catalog, we will see new folders Click any plant, you will asked for the location of models Select the directory created in the previous step Now the catalog is enabled and you can add trees to your scene

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  1. Shabeer Mv

    I am trying forest pack. Does this work with models bought from mentor. My company have hq plants 1. I have downloaded & installed the catalog with forest pack lite. I tried to show path, but it's not working. It says "The selected directory doesnt contain HQ Plants 1 library". Is that because it's forest pack lite or it only work if bought from itoo

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